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It’s Friday, then it’s the weekend…

Posted on: October 10, 2014

Happy Friday Widdershins.  It’s the weekend and I’ve found some out of the ordinary items for your weekend perusal. Enjoy!

Broken BadlyBreaking Bad

Three terrified people screaming out of an upper-story window at a house in Dothan, Ala., on August 24th drew police in a hurry. They were trapped, they yelled–unable to escape because intruders were still inside, shooting at them. One “victim” said she had been stabbed–and the blade broken off inside her.

With their own shotgun, the three had blown out several windows and walls defending themselves. They had even ripped out an upstairs toilet and sink and dropped it on an intruder, outside. Police calmed the situation and later told reporters that there never were intruders–that the “hostages” had imagined the whole thing except for the estimated $10,000 damage and the woman’s superficial, “defensive” stab wounds.

The home’s methamphetamine lab apparently remained intact.

Homeland Security

Apparently, there’s growing concern that the Islamist State of Iraq and Syria could attack the United States from within — cops just don’t believe that terrorists will start by hiding in cars on Mississippi school property.

That allegedly didn’t stop Lisa Carol Roche from using ISIS as an alibi. The Hurley woman is accused of burglarizing cars in the parking lot of her children’s school, then telling officers that she was “looking for ISIS terrorists,” according to Gulf Live.

Roche, 41, was allegedly caught stealing sunglasses and other items from cars at East Central High School, FOX 10 reports. She remained in Jackson County Adult Detention Center Friday.

She’s been charged previously with careless driving, felony fraud and felony embezzlement. She faces up to five years in prison and a $10,000 fine if convicted of commercial burglary.

Gawker points out that it’s unclear whether she’ll be questioned about her terrorist intel in court.

I’m gonna need more Kleenex

Whale spoutingThe job of determining stress levels in whales is itself apparently stressful. The most reliable information about tension lies in hormones most accurately measured by researchers’ boarding a boat and sidling up to a whale and waiting until it blasts snot out of its blowhole. Catching enough of it (or wiping it off of their raincoats), scientists can run the gunk through chemical tests. However, a team of engineering researchers at Olin College in Needham, Mass., told the Boston Globe in September that they were on the verge of creating a radio-controlled, mucus-trapping drone that would bring greater civility to the researchers’ job (and reduce the add-on stress the whales must feel at being stalked by motorboats).

Fries Are Extra

Ha! Lowly peasant. Your burger is topped with Salish Alderwood sea salt and shaved black truffles? That sounds boring.

Sit down, expensive burgers of yore. The “Glamburger” is here to kick your privilege in the face. All fancy burgers have Hamburgersome form of black truffle and a Kobe Wagyu beef patty from Japan — this one throws in lobster, beluga caviar, venison, a duck egg and an edible gold leaf. And it only costs $1,768!

That’s right, kids. A layer of gold on your burger. To eat!

Chris Large, head chef at Honky Tonk in London, teamed up with Groupon to create this monstrosity in celebration of selling its five-millionth food and drink voucher in Britain. He told UPI that he plans to hold a contest to give away a free, 2,618-calorie Glamburger.

“After sourcing the best possible ingredients to create this masterpiece, the winner will certainly have a dinner to remember,” Large said.

The Guinness Book of World Records lists New York’s Le Burger Extravagant ($295)as the most expensive burger. A $500 burger in Beverly Hills unofficially topped that record in 2012 with its flashy ingredients, and the largest commercially available burger weighs 777 pounds and costs $5,000.

Government Work

Megan Campbell’s parked car was hit by a van driven by a city worker, so now she wants the city to pay for the damages. Sounds reasonable. But Campbell was the city worker driving the van that hit her own car. The city is reviewing the incident.

Wow, What a Ride!

Soulful and adrenaline-pumped, cyclist Danny MacAskill’s stunt ride through the gorgeous Cuillin Ridgeline on his native Isle of Skye in Scotland will keep you on the edge of your seat.

The Ridge” has collected more than 10 million views in a matter of days. At about 4 minutes in I got that weak knee feeling even though I was sitting down.


Please take the conversation in any direction you desire since, as always, this is an open thread.





103 Responses to "It’s Friday, then it’s the weekend…"

Here’s to victims wherever they may be found.

Great stories Prolix! I haven’t had the nerve to watch that bike vid yet. Gotta feeling I’ll need some Dramamine first.

@1, There seems to be an epidemic of victimhood these days. Perhaps it is a side effect of Facebook or twitter or instagram. Whatever the cause, I feel victimized by all the victimization.

@2, Fredster, make sure an watch the video. It is absolutely beautifully filmed. The guy riding the bike, Danny Macaskill, has such coordination and deftness with the bike it is almost like it is an extension of his own body. I’m pretty sure he would be a poster boy for Malcolm Gladwell’s 10,000 hour theory of expert creation.

@4: Oh I will, the idea of riding that *rock* is something I’d like to see.

Laker & I just watched The Ridge, Fredster, is is mind blowing! You must see it! The guy must have muscles of steel. Laker was very impressed by the filmmaking as well (he is a film student).

Very fun post Prolix!

annie: Oh I’ll watch it definitely. It’s just it did look scary from the picture on the youtube.

So Laker is doing film now? Is he still doing anything with music?

@6: Most definitely not good. 103 is a significant fever in an adult.

@chat: Some of the talking heads were asking if he was treated correctly and ti doesn’t sound as if he was.

Yes, taking the 1st music theory and piano, and still takes guitar lessons, even though he plays very well.

annie@11: Okay, I was just wondering. I knew he loved playing guitar.

Oh noes! Fredster vs. Fuzzy this evening. Which team should I root for??? I get the SEC network now so I’ll be watching. May the best team win.

IU at Iowa coming up. This would be a good win for us. Go Hoosiers!

Annie, I’m always impressed by how talented Laker is! You did well with that one, Mama. Be proud.

Beata@13: LOL! Won’t matter that much. Neither team is very much this year to write home about. LSU will get them a 1/4back one day and we’re hoping that the defense decides to attend one of the remaining games.

Now Chat’s Dawgs are showing that they are deeper than just Todd Gurlley in their game with Missouri.

Beata: Keep us posted on the the two “i’s” game today. I can’t find it anywhere on the teevee here.

Notes from the ledge:

@15: This is my favorite song for a reason.

@chat: How bout:

Thanks Beata! 🙂

annie: I’ll probably be watching ur game tonight as my late night game. Good luck to USC! I’m watching the Ducks shred UCLA right now and switching between that and the Auburn/Miss. State game.

Go, State!

@16: IU lost to Iowa. Our QB went out in the 2nd quarter with a shoulder injury. Was replaced by a true freshman QB and things went downhill from there. Very disappointing.

IU’s basketball team is expected to finish near the bottom of the B1G this season so there’s not much to look forward to for Hoosier fans. Sniff. Sad face.

What’s the matter with UCLA? They were supposed to be really good this season. Now trailing the Ducks 28-10.

What’s the matter with UCLA? They were supposed to be really good this season

The Ducks are better.

Well hell, now I’ve got to switch over to Bama/Arky. Hope the Nicktator and Kif-Kif have some “discussions” on the sidelines. 😆

I just watched the bicycle clip that Prolix included here. Wow, that guy is good!

@25: I think you may be on to something there.

@28: I’ve been following them a little bit for some time. I don’t know if it’s their penchant for the garish uniforms or exactly what, but whenever their games are on teevee I give them a look-see.

Lemme see if this works:

Volume button is on the bottom.

@30: LOL. It works. Classic.

@Beata: Now that’s a good ole Miss. State boy. Looks like he sure loves his biscuits and gravy. 😆

Oh boy, here we go. Let’s see if LSU finds a 1/4back and if the defense shows up or not.

I was rooting for the Orioles, what the heck? Lost last nite, and losing today. Yeah, we will watch the trojans tonite also. Hubbie has been enjoying a N’awlins musician, Tab Benoit (sp?). He says he a great guitarist and has a really nice N’awlins twang!

Good luck Fredster. We tried to watch LSU but the screen is blacked out. It really sucks that you can’t watch so many games nowadays.

annie: the LSU game is on the SEC network and yeah, y’all probably don’t have it. It’s like we can’t get PAC12 games on that network.

We’re already behind by 10. I am not hopeful.

Tab Benoit

Oh I’ve heard of him, I’ll have to check him out.

Ooops, Fredster, can you remove my last post? I was trying to post a gif.

Fredster, looks like your 4th was sumpin! Time for your victory lap! 🙂

My God it was ugly and and at one point I simply stopped looking at the teevee, but we needed the win.

annie@38: Take care of.

@40: Ugly wins count, too. See you next Saturday on the ledge.

Thank you!

That was an ugly win? We watched the highlights and thought it was exciting! You southeasters have very demanding expectations!

chat@42: Yeah, probably.

annie: no problem.

annie@44: Lots of errors and miscues. You all just saw the good parts. 😉

Ah, I see. Hubbie says trojans made lots of errors earlier on also. they are winning though, so far.

Yay! SF Giants beat St Louis 3-0. MB’s Orioles are down by 2 games! 😦

annie@47: Yep your guys did. That’s how AZ started coming back. However, your guys are calming down now.

Uh-oh…Az only down by 8.

Yep, hope they can hold on!

AZ has no timeouts left so Trojans just need to stop AZ on defense after the punt.

Congrats, Fredster!

Yipes. AZ making a nice run here.


Oh lord!

Missed the 2 pointer and now recovered the on-side kick! 😯

Oh hell, AZ is going to go for the f.g.

omg! That was close!

FG no good!!!

Those AZ uni’s make them look like they’re wearing long underwear.


Wow. What an ending. Congrats, USC.

Wow annie! What an ending!!!

LOL, Fredster. You had more exclamation marks than I did. You win.

@Beata: Just my excitable personality. 😉

Where’s annie with the fight song?

Annie’s busy celebrating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

‘Night, you guys. We’ll make it to 100+ comments tomorrow.

Take care Beata.

Thanks! You guys rock! From me, laker & hubbie!

Hubbie & laker are going to the game next week. Its homecoming and laker can see the campus.

annie: who is USC playing? If it’s h.c. they usually schedule a weaker team cuz who wants to lose the homing game, right?

Thanks! You guys rock! From me, laker & hubbie!

We look after each other. 😉

Okay, I don’t know who else watches American Horror Story but they started the new season/story Wed. night. Jessica Lange plays Elsa a German ex-pat who owns a freak show in Jupiter Fl. in the 1950s. Here Elsa sings David Bowie’s Life on Mars. It’s bizarre since the song was written in the 70s, but Ryan Murphy the creator of the show said it “fit” Elsa so he put it in. Campy would be the best description. (fixed the decade the song was written in)

Aw damn! Now one of the “health care workers” in Dallas has contracted Ebola. Maybe it’s just me but I find it interesting that they don’t say nurse, hospital aid or what type of “health care worker” it is.

The CDC says that it’s pretty obvious there was a breach in protocol in the treatment process.

@74: LOL. I was awake last night to watch the USC game because my cat was going crazy over a raccoon in the front yard. She saw it out the living room window. So now my sleep schedule is all screwed up. I had lunch at 4:30 pm. My bleeping cat’s eating and sleeping schedule is just fine however.

@Beata: I was wondering why you were up so late to be able to watch that game.

I just had a muffin and a pastry a little while ago. I know about the sleep schedules. If I have to do something in the earlier morning hrs I just end up staying up all night to then take care it. I don’t even attempt to make apologies for it anymore. 😆

Bielema is the Arkansas coach. Arky lost by one to Bama yesterday.

And here apparently is Phyllis from Mulga (little town right outside of B’ham).

Since I don’t listen to or watch Paul Finebaum I had never had the privilege of hearing Phyllis. I am happy for that.

And here is Phyllis after last year’s Bama loss to Auburn in the Iron Bowl. I don’t know if that’s a pic of Phyllis or not, but that’s certainly the mindset of a typical Bama fan.

Damn those Keebler cookie men.

chat@80: They’ll get ya every chance they can, little demons.

I would not want to run into Phyllis in the Wal-mart with me wearing an LSU shirt. It would not be pretty. 😯

@79: Phyllis seems on a roll there. No pun contended.

Beata@83: Who knows what she’ll do if Bama loses the Iron Bowl again. Probably won’t happen since the game this year will be in Tuscaloosa.

I know you all are enjoying football season but I’m ready for some basketball. Here’s a classic clip from “The Bob Knight Show” with a special guest from Purdue. ( No, it’s not current Purdue President Mitch Daniels but there is definitely a resemblance. )

Here’s my favorite basketball vid:

@86: I can’t see the video, Chat. Is it the SNL one where Peyton is busting some major dance moves in the locker room?

Yes. I’m sorry that you can’ get it to open. It’s my favorite Peytion SNL skit.

Fredster, trojans play Colorado next Sat.

I thought it was surprising to see Beata up so late, but always glad to see her!

Yes, basketball season is rolling up and baseball is winding down. I’m rooting for the SF Giants and the Orioles to make it to the World Series.

annie@89: Oh okay. I just checked their wins/losses. Y’all should be okay for homecoming.

Beata: just watched that Bobby Knight vid. That was funny!

annie: You ought to play the Phyllis from Mulga clips for Laker and hubby. 😆

@91, that’s good to know!

@93, I will!

omg, that Phyllis woman is off the charts! Apparently, she calls in a lot:

Is Bob Knight the college football coach that threw chairs and stuff?

That was a funny vid.

Mitch Daniels went on Colbert, right before he took over Purdue, and Colbert skewered him. I almost felt sorry for him! Haha!

@96: Yep that was Bobby Knight.

@95: Phyllis is the type of Bama fan that people conjure mental images of and those images aren’t good. But I mean, when one of your fans sexually assaults a passed out LSU fan in a Krystle restaurant and his bama brethren cheer him on and when you have a guy who goes down to Auburn to poison oak trees that are a part of that school’s tradition, then your fans are already on shaky ground.

Finebaum used to be a sports writer and sports personality in B’ham and had a local radio show and then it went national. I think Phyllis used to call in a lot back then and just decided when he went national on the SEC network that didn’t phase her in the least. 😆

Oh also folks, got an email from mb and she’s not able to do a post for Monday so we’re gonna leave this one up. Let’s keep it rolling!

Fredster, I remember when you wrote about that sexual assault, and I read about them poisoning that tree. Both incidents disturbed me. I hate it when “fans” go overboard, like the dodger fans that almost killed that Giants fan. These bama fans seem to have a dark edge to them.

annie@100: Yeah, well after the Bama/Auburn game last year when Bama lost they had some of their “fans” who were threatening to kill the kicker who missed like 2 or 3 fields goals during the game. Then this happened last year also:

Wow, y’all are amazing. Not even being involved in the conversation, I was smiling as I read the thread. Nicely done.

Well Prolix, we kinda meandered all over the place didn’t we?

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