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It’s time for Friday/weekend light fare

Posted on: October 3, 2014

wacko criminal lineup

And I’d still like to know what that little Scottie in the lineup did to get him placed there.  😉

So once again we’ve had a week full of drama with hearings on the assault on the White House and the Secret Service agents…doing what?  A host on one talk show asked if they were allowed to carry their iphones on duty and hinted that maybe they were busy gaming or chatting when the crazy guy vaulted the fence and strolled around inside the White House.  So, let’s take a break and look at some odd or unusual things I’ve found on the internet.

Can we all say “Thank God for Mississippi” once again?

All of us in the South have always been able to say “Thank God for Mississippi” when studies have show how badly some Southern states do at certain things.  Good ole Missisip would always be there at the hind end of the numbers.  Well now some English guy Fraser Nelson (probably just having a first name of Fraser means something bad is coming and it would be even worse if this Fraser too had a brother named Niles) found some numbers and crunched them.  And when he was through with the crunching he discovered that if Britain somehow left the E.U. and decided to join us in the U.S. it would be the 2nd poorest among the states.  He explained his methodology this way:

You take the US figures for GDP per state (here), divide it by population (here) to come up with a GDP per capita figure. Then get the equivalent figure for Britain: I used the latest Treasury figures (here) which also chime with the OECD’s (here). A version of this has been done on Wikipedia, but with one flaw: when comparing the wealth of nations, you need to look at how far money goes. This means using a measure called Purchasing Power Parity (PPP).

Hunter Schwarz took the data and put it into a bar graph you can see here.  Now you’ll have to click in on the graph to be able to scroll down, but do scroll down and you’ll see there’s the United Kingdom:  right behind Alabama… but ahead of Mississippi.  Now if we enterprising Widderhins folk got together, perhaps we could publicize that info in the U.K.,explaining about the gret stet of Mississippi, then we could produce and market tee shirts with the Union Jack on it saying “We aren’t Mississippi either”.  Well it’s a thought.

Yeah, everyone wants their money’s worth
but maybe just not here and in this way

Oh the delights of going to a stripper bar.  I personally have only been to a couple of these establishments on Bourbon Street and it was years ago when even the dives were better than what’s on the street now.

So William McDaniel decided he wanted to visit Sagebrush Sams, located in suburban Butte Montana.  Suburban Butte?  I had no idea there was even an urban Butte.  So William was at Sams and plunked down $350 for a private dance in a backroom.  Will thought the private dance should include sex and when the dancer told him otherwise, he just got all worked up and called 911.  Well the cops arrived, they heard the story and then decided to arrest ole Will on a charge of soliciting.  Will didn’t get a refund and after being arrested he had to pay a bond of $550 so Will’s trip to Sams cost him almost a cool $1000.  And as you can see Sagebrush Sams seems to definitely be lacking in, uh, the appearance department.  Yep, it’s the building there that looks like a barn or something.

“Officer I’d help you find my daughter, but I have to get on stage”

A scene in the revised “All about Eve”?  Perhaps an ingenue in her first play on The Great White Way?  Nah.  It was Bobbie Joe Boucher who had to do her dance at the “jiggle joint” where she worked.

The young girl was last seen Wednesday evening when Boucher dropped her off at a barbecue on her way to work at Calendar Girls in Hudson. The child was meant to come home after the dinner, but hadn’t been seen for four hours, the girl’s grandmother told police.

Cops then called Boucher on her cellphone to get more information on the child. While the mom said she was the last person to see her daughter, she was apparently too busy to offer more help.

“I have to get on stage,” the woman told cops before hanging up the phone, police said.

When they asked Bobbie Joe about the hang up she said she tried to answer another call and lost the call with the police.  The police didn’t by and arrested her for obstructing the investigation.  Her daughter was found a short time later.  Sometimes the show should not go on; or at least it could wait a little bit.

It must be really dull in Idaho

Because when this is what passes for fun, it’s time to move.

A rollover crash on a suburban Idaho road that sent three teenagers to the hospital was the result of a fiery prank gone wrong when one of the passengers used a lighter to ignite the armpit hair of the driver.

(I’m trying to figure out where the driver’s arm was that enabled a passenger to be able to get a lighter near the said armpit hair)  I’m wondering and doubting if the driver had his hands at the 10 and 2 positions on the steering wheel!

When police first responded to the mangled wreck early Sunday outside Boise, the driver, 18-year-old Tristian Myers, told cops he lost control of his Ford Bronco when he swerved to avoid an animal in the road.

But once Ada County Sheriff’s Office deputies spoke with all five teens a different story emerged. A 16-year-old boy admitted to lighting Myers’ armpit hair on fire, deputies confirmed. None of the five teens in the SUV were wearing seat belts and police said two people – girls, ages 16 and 17 – were thrown from the vehicle in the resulting 5:30 a.m. crash.

Myers was citing for inattentive driving [I’m sure he was!  He was trying to put a fire in his armpit hair!] while the boy with the lighter got a citation for interfering with the driver’s safe operation of a vehicle.

Some assorted youtube clips

Do you remember the first Prancerise video I put up here?  If not, you can find it here.  She certainly had some interesting ideas about how to dress in her sweats(?), or rather how they fit on her, shall we say.

Well, she’s back with a new and improved Prancercize!  In a big ole field with horses!  With better music and a partner this time!  And what can we say about the partner?  How ’bout what someone put in a comment on youtube: what is the name for a male camel toe?

Here’s an Onion clip that a teenager’s parents could identify with.

Awright, the guy has a booorring job.  March up here – stop.  Turn around.  March down there – stop.  Turn around.  Can’t blame him for wanting to liven things up just a bit.  It’s cute and he cuts a move at around 2:25 or so in the clip and then a few seconds later.

Lastly, this cat just really enjoys being vacuumed!  Funny to watch.

Okay Widdershins, that’s it for the day and until Monday.  This is an entirely open post so throw in your comments on anything you want to.


100 Responses to "It’s time for Friday/weekend light fare"

Hilarious stuff, Fredster. I can’t stop laughing about the armpit hair fire!!!

Being an experienced Scottie Mama, I assure you that there are things aplenty that could land the little scamps in a lineup. They are wee devils.

Wonder if Sagebrush Sam is Yosemite’s long lost brother?

@Prolix, he had to be at least a cousin, I’m sure. 😉

Beata, the mind boggles, doesn’t it? 😆 Perhaps that’s why some men manscape. Hahahahaaaa!

Madame Prancercize lives right here in Broward County FL.

chat@6: OMG! Ya know with all the palm trees in the background and such, I couldn’t tell if it was maybe FL or Cali, but figured one of the two.

I forgot to like my own damned post again. 😳

Oh, she’s actually from right around here’

@9: She did an entire 5k race in prancercise? Oy!

#3: LOLOL!

I thought that looked like Florida (prancercise lady). Well, she is certainly in good shape. I wonder how many people have the nerve to go “prancing” around like that? Not me, I’ll have to stick to my old Callenetics routine and walking.

@annie – I cannot imagine doing the prancercise in a 5k race/run or whatever. That was just bizarre.

I wonder how many people have the nerve to go “prancing” around like that Good question!

I keep thinking how do you avoid “prancing” into horse apples while doing this “thing” on a horse farm? Maybe having them stuck to your shoes provides extra weight training? Obviously, I’m a woman who thinks too much.

I’m going to the football game today. Hope all your favorite teams win this weekend, Widdershins!

Loved it when the white horse took a big ole dump towards the end of the video!
Everybody’s a critic.
I’m with you, white horse.

Thank you, Beata. We need all the good wishes that you can send us.

@15: Help she says as her Dawgs are killing Vandy 27-7. 😆

I will say I was surprised at the other Dawgs, Miss. State, romping all over A&M 48-31.

I’m going to go ahead and put this in now since I”m pretty sure I know how this will turn out.

Also congrats to Fuzzy’s Gators who won today! 🙂

sue@14: I really didn’t want to mention that but I did a lol at that too. 🙂

Hey, this is pretty neat when a player can camouflage himself in the end zone on a kick-off.

Congrats to Ole Miss! They whopped Bama and Satan, uh Saban and Kiff-Kiff.

And congrats to chat’s dawgs…they embarrassed poor ole Vandy.

The paintings that Thomas Kincade really wanted to paint.

A bit moribund…….

Wow, Kentucky has some cool uni’s on tonight. Great helmets.

@chat: That was the idea. It was a Photoshopping thing on a blog.

@23: LOL. It’s better than his usual drek. I can’t stand Thomas Kinkade’s paintings. His stuff is not art.

My FB team won today. It was so cold and windy at the game, it felt like December, not the first week of October. Is it getting cold early in other parts of the country? I predict we are going to have another hard winter.

@Beata: Congrats for I.U.! I’ll put up the link to the photo shop contest of Kincade “art”.

Injury report: The cheerleader for S. Carolina is ohhh-kay after getting demolished in a touch down run.

@30: That was quite a hit.

@33: Not watching now. Switched to USC/Az State and Nebraska/Mich. State.

Put it back on the Ky game. Shite! We have to play *them* later. I wouldn’t hold my hopes up for even that one.

Holy Shite! Go Big Blue!

Fredster, we’re here to commiserate with you. USC is winning so far, but both our baseball teams (dodgers & angels) lost their games last night. Broke our hearts! We have the best pitcher in baseball on the Dodgers, and the Angels have the best record in baseball. 😦 The dodgers are playing now, the angels tomorrow. Also, laker & I have colds, so ugh!

Fredster, laker is asking if you know what “mode” the song Scarborough Fair” is in? He thinks it is the key of C?

Also, he says to you and me that always referring to saban as the devil is probably offensive to the devil.

Hubbie is wondering if chat’s team is undefeated?

Beata, I’m glad you got to go to your game today!

Looks like Trojans will win, they just made a td.

I’m not a kinkaide fan either. I’ve always called it “mall art” or “home decor”.

omg! Arizona just got a 72 yard td! I spoke too soon! It can go either way.

@annie, no Chat’s team has lost one game I think.

On Scarborough Fair…let me do some checking. It’s in a minor key I believe. I’ll see if i can find the sheet music online.

he says to you and me that always referring to saban as the devil is probably offensive to the devil. That’s between Nick and the devil. 😉

Your defense better step annie.

omg. Arizona State just won in the last few seconds! Heartbreaker!

@43: I just saw that, switched over for a second. Wow, that is a heartbreaker. 😦

Ky won against S.C. I’ll have to up the Ky song for Prolix.

Also extremely irritating to us is that we can’t even watch the dodgers game because the stupid SF giants v Washington nationals are still playing their game–they are now in the 16 bloody inning at a 1-1 tie. The most boring imaginable game and the idiots at Fox Sports one won’t cut over to the Dodger – Cardinals game like they should. Bummer weekend for Los Angeles sports fans.

I hope that cheerleader will be okay.

For Prolix. Congrats!!!

@45: I’ve been there before on the teevee thing. Will just drive you nuts!

@annie: Scarborough Fair, from the music I saw looks like d-minor. One flat – B-flat. If you go by modes, it’s written in Dorian mode. I confess – had to look it up – 😉

That SF-Wash game is now in the 18th bloody inning. The Dodger Cards are in the 6th. God knows if we will get to see any of it.

Thanks Fredster! from lakerwade

annie: Tell Laker no problem. Also tell him he made me have to think for a few minutes there and also start recalling things like “the circle of fifths” and such. hahahahahahaaa!

Fredster, we are wondering why the red tide wants kiffin. He failed USC, and I think also Tennessee (?), so why would the tide, who is usually right up there at the top want with him? Hubs says that Satan wants him to be his successor?!?!

OMG! Go, Kentucky, go! Spurrier;s face? Priceless!!!

@53: Please let that be true……..

Haha! Yeah, Music Theory is a tough class. So much to memorize.

annie@53: Lot’s of people wondered about the Nicktator getting Kiff-Kiff. Damned if I know why. They could sign him to a contract on the cheap maybe? 😉

chat@54: Oh yeah, we’ve got to play Ky. At least it’s in Baton Rouge, but then that didn’t help much with Miss. State did it?

We’re all LOL @ “nicktator”! Good one!

I think that State is a better team than Ky,

@annie: Can’t claim that one, it was from a sportswriter at

chat, w/out a doubt State is better between the two but it seems LSU doesn’t have much defense and the “better” of the two 1/4backs is just a true freshman.

His quote after the game: LSU quarterback Brandon Harris: ‘It was awful from start to finish’

annie: UCLA is behind 17-7 with Utah.

Oh Gawd, is that Tebow in the booth on this game?

Oh this is just too funny. Track the goal posts through Oxford when they came down after Ole Miss beat Bama!

Kemp just hit a solo homer to put Dodgers ahead 3-2 in bottom of 8th.

Hope you get to see some of this game, Annie. It’s a good one.

@Beata: Thanks for posting that. I’m watching UCLA/Utah but getting ready to change it.

Beata, we saw none of the game. After the SF-Wash snoozefest, Fox put up wrestling. We had to watch an animated version on the computer. Well, they won anyway, so are still alive. This series is a best of 5, and its 1-1 now.

My dudes have never been into UCLA for some reason, they are diehard Trojan fans. I like UCLA…its a really nice school, in a trendy, rich section of West Los Angeles, and I know many people that have gone there. They are considered rivals of USC.

Fredster, this is quite the thread!

annie said: They are considered rivals of USC.

I know, that’s why I wanted to tell ya they were behind. Closer now at 24/21, Utah.

@68: Oh I know! Haven’t had a thread this long in quite some time. (yay for me!)

UCLA TD with 4:50 left in 4th. Now lead Utah 28-27. Quite a game!

I have some UCLA connections. I used to visit my grandparents at their home in Pasadena when I was growing up. My aunt graduated from UCLA and my dad taught there for a while when I was in grade school.

The Utes are knocking at the door at around the 10…gonna go for the f.g.

@66: Annie, how unfair that you missed the whole Dodger game. I hate the way these networks mess with our lives!

Think the Utes are going win this one 30-28. Amazing day for upsets in CFB.

@Beata: Yep, incredible day today.

on your comment @71: I’ve never been to L.A. My one and only trip to Cali was to San Diego to visit some friends there. it was gorgeous, but waay expensive, even back in the 90s.

UCLA going for the FG.

Running into the kicker my ass. 👿 That was just incidental contact. Pfft!

UCLA going for another FG! Crazy game.

Still no good even with the 5 yrds. Add another upset!!

Yeah that was a questionable call. LOL. Missed both of them. Utes win.

Well I think I’ll call it quits for the night. See y’all tomorrow!

Be well Beata!!

‘Night, Fredster!

This is so cute. A baby elephant takes a tumble while trying to climb up at a zoo in Switzerland, and 3 adult elephants rush to his aid:

(Of course it would be nicer if it happened in the wilds, but still…)

Our old friend Luis Villegas has a beautiful song called Baby Elephants, and I wish I could add it, but that one is not on youtube. I think its in itunes though.

annie@84: I had seen something about the little baby elephant but had not seen the entire clip. Thanks for putting that up.

Thank goodness the Saints won today. Had they not, there probably would not have been enough liquor in nola if they had lost on top of the LSU debacle yesterday.

I love baby elephants!

As you are all probably aware by now, I am not a football fan. However, I do love baseball. My home team, the Baltimore Orioles, is playing in the ALDS right now. They have beaten the Tigers twice already, and need to win two more times to go forward.

This is the best the O’s have been since I was a child, when I used to go to the games all the time with my family. It’s very exciting. 🙂

@mb: In that case, good luck to “da boids” of Baltimore. 🙂

Thank you! They just hit a 2-run homer to pull ahead of the Tigers. Woot woot!

We could end up with a “birds” world series: Orioles v Cardinals.

Go Browns, woof, woof, ruff, ruff.

Who did they play Sue?

(sigh) So close to a hundred comments. 😥

My baseball team is the Cincinnati Reds!

They were founded in 1863 as the Cincinnati Red Stockings. Oldest professional baseball team still in existence. But unfortunately, they are not in the playoffs this season.

But next year, just you wait. Go Reds!

Good luck to your Orioles, MB!

yep, good luck to the Orioles. OH THAT’S A HUNDRED! 🙂

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