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Lazy Weekend Music: Sweet Things

Posted on: September 26, 2014

Happy Friday, Widdershins. Uncle Fredster is up to his kneecaps, so I’m filling in this weekend.  I thought that we might continue Rosh Hashana by celebrating songs about sweet things.  It’s wide open – sweet, sugar, candy, sweethearts – whatever tickles your fancy.  I’ve found well over a hundred songs from multiple genre and eras that will fit the bill, so let the sweet times roll.

I’m leaving late this afternoon and will be away until Sunday afternoon.  be sweeties and consider this to be an open thread.


(1) Sugar Pie Honeybunch – The Four Tops

(2) Sugar Magnolia – The Grateful Dead

(3) Sweet Cherry Wine – Tommy James and the Shondells

(4) Sweet Little Sixteen – Chuck Berry

(5) Sweet Talkin’ Guy – The Chiffons





32 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music: Sweet Things"

Sorry for being away. Many things going on, got shuffled around while cabinet/sink work was being done. Chat, I’ll take next Friday/weekend for you doing this one.

Heads up: This one starts out a little loud.

Can’t believe I’m putting this up; definitely not my cup of tea.

So much for Uber and the “sharing” idea. No thanks. If needed, I’ll take a cab or the bus.

Congrats to Chelsea, hubby, and proud maternal grandparents!!

CHELSEA HAD A LITTLE GIRL!!! They have named her Charlotte.

Fredster, you beat me to it! They named her Charlotte!

@annie: Eh, just beat you by a minute or two.

Laker is sending this one to you guys…he likes this version cuz of Mick Taylors guitar work:

Here is Chelsea’s tweet:

Tell Laker that one did not even cross my mind today. LOL!

I’m so happy for all of them! Babies are such a blessing!

One last one, and I’m hitting the sack. The late, great Stevie Ray:

You caught me getting ready to shut down too. Of course I’m a couple of hours ahead of you, but I took my Ambien later than normal tonight.
(Sigh) Football all day tomorrow (now today) so don’t know how much I’ll be on here but good luck to all of our teams.

Checking in from reenactment. Thanks, Chelsea and Marc for fitting in with this weekend’s theme:

Chat, don’t know if you’re able to do everything on the blog, where you are so I’ll put this in for you.

Oh Gawd! LSU looks horrible. I’ve seen h.s. teams that look better on the field; may have to find another game to watch. And they’re playing New Mexico State. 😯

Fredster, hubs says LSU won?

@annie: Yes they did 63-7, although I had changed the channel by then and was watching Mizzou and S. Carolina. Miles finally came to his senses and put in the freshman qb from what I understand. I’ll try to catch a replay of the game. So with that in mind, here’s the fight song.

I’m watching USC now. 🙂

annie: from what I’ve just read, Les is going to have to go ahead and pick Harris as the starting qb. Jennings was just awful, which is why I changed the channel.

wow, USC is whomping Oregon State!

Yes, it looks good for them. Hubs & laker are going to see them in a week or two.

@annie: For Laker and hubbie, congrats to USC!

Feel free to put up the fight song if you want to.

Hillary and the Big Dawg get their first looks at the new granddaughter Charlotte.

Aww, that is a lovely sight. I’m so happy for them all!

@annie: and you know someone on the repub side will make a comment like “Well she’s too old to be President; she’s a grandmother!”. Of course I’ve known of grandmothers in their 40s too.

I’m sure the rethugs and the anti-Hillary crowd are saying all kinds of vile things. They won’t be able to dent the joy for the happy family though!

Congratulations to Chelsea, her husband and the doting grandparents!

Definitely we need some sweetness in this year. Oy vey, everything is completely meshuggeneh right now.

@mb: When I put up the first congrats, I couldn’t remember her husband’s last name. Sooooo…belated congrats to the *paternal* grandparents too!

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