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Call this things that make me pull out my hair

Posted on: September 24, 2014


I was perusing various political sites the other day when this one caught my eye and almost made me want to put my eyes out!  It appears that our dear “progressive” friends on the far left are once again unhappy with the possibility (probability?) that Hillary Clinton may become the Democratic nominee for President in 2016.  And this time it appears they have even formed their own little super secret club on Google groups called the “Gamechanger Salon” where they can complain and kvetch amongst themselves about how horrible and terrible Hillary is and how “not left enough” she is.

The Hill reviewed hundreds of emails from a progressive members only Google group called the “Gamechanger Salon,” a forum where nearly 1,500 activists, strategists and journalists debate issues and craft messaging campaigns.

The group includes prominent Democrats, Sierra Club officials, journalists who work for The Huffington Post and The Nation magazine, senior union representatives, leaders at the Progressive Change Campaign Committee and the president of NARAL.

I was really totally surprised at the inclusion of NARAL there because as long as I’ve been aware of Hillary Clinton, and as far as I know, she has steadfastly believe in and defended a woman’s right to choose when it comes to womens’ reproductive rights.

The group’s existence was revealed earlier this year by which is some type of conservative group.

The Salon group “expressed an appetite for an alternative to Clinton to teach her — and those from the centrist wing of the party — a lesson.”  Uh-huh.  Really?  Carl Gipson who is a progressive activist and writer for said in one email:

“The establishment Dems need to be punished, and the best way for that to happen is for Warren to beat Hillary in the primary on a populist message,”

Really? Doo tell!  So you think Elizabeth Warren has a chance in hell of winning a national election?  You do realize Carl that Warren would be torn apart as she would be described and tarred and feathered as a Northeastern Liberal. (Shock!  Horrors!!)   Wanna think Mondale/Reagan:

Mondale was defeated in one of the biggest landslides in US history by President Reagan, gaining electoral votes from only his home state of Minnesota and the District of Columbia.

It would be like shooting fish in a barrel.

But apparently from reviewing all of these emails from “the group”, they are still mad and holding their breath, threatening to pout, over one thing:  THE VOTE

Conversations with a half-dozen of the members of Gamechanger Salon this week confirm that the angst within parts of the progressive movement has only grown.

“There’s good reason to believe the discontent remains the same,” Neil Sroka, spokesman for Democracy for America and another group member, told The Hill.

Much of the exasperation with Clinton hinged on the former New York senator’s vote for the Iraq War, which is still toxic for many progressives. Clinton has since said her vote was a mistake.

Charles Lenchner, a progressive operative and executive director of Organizing 2.0, said Clinton — and anyone else who voted for the Iraq War — is “tainted.”

“And personally, I would like to see a Democratic Party where folks who enabled George Bush to drag the country into a permanent war are punished at the ballot box,” he said in an interview.

Ya know Charles…actually I’d like to see punished the folks who provided all of the false information, false intelligence, like Dubya, Cheney, Colin Powell, Condi Rice all brought up on charges.  But that’s not gonna happen.  And I’m not going to “punish at the ballot box” anyone who voted for the AUMF when all they had was the propaganda from the Bush administration to go on.

To use a phrase that Charles Pierce likes to use, here’s some stupid for lunch from one of the folks:

Ryan Clayton, a left-leaning commentator and strategist, wrote in a July 2013 email, “The more Progressives I talk to, the more people tell me that they’ll never forgive her for voting for the Iraq War… and won’t even vote for her in the general.”

Well Ryan, you and your friends do that and then see above: Mondale/Reagan  mkay?

Guy Saperstein, a big Democratic donor is another one unhappy with Hillary and his mad is about her relationship with Wall Street.

In emails, Saperstein called a report out in December of last year that Clinton offered a “reassuring” message to Goldman Sachs executives “horrific,” and slammed her for “ducking a lot of issues, like the Keystone pipeline.”

He also raised questions about her leadership at the State Department and referenced “the type of intimidation the Clintons want to quietly promote [in the velvet glove, of course].”

Hey Mr. Saperstein, you’re a part owner of the Oakland Athletics.  How do ya like those tax breaks that Major League Baseball and the others sports get?  Ah…I thought so.  He also worries : ” that voters would begin to speculate over her personal life and relationship with her husband.”  Oh Guy, if you don’t think Hillary Clinton has already seen, heard and read it all about her personal life then you just don’t have a clue.

* * * * * *

Sadly, this a group that’s a part of the Warren Wing of the party and I wonder how the good Senator feels about them calling themselves that.  They may have some doubts but they are firmly in her corner. Lux said about Warren:

“She represents most of what I have been looking for in a Presidential candidate for my entire career in politics and who is besides a dear friend. I am not expecting her to decide to make the race, though- she certainly hasn’t given me much indication she is considering it,” he said in an August 2013 email.

Another supporter professed “disappointment” that Warren hasn’t talked about climate change publicly since she was elected.  Uh, no Mark she hasn’t because she was elected based on her taking on Wall Street.

Some of the “progressives” have even talked about (gasp!) sitting out the election.  (Sound familiar to anyone?)

“if we have no Progressive candidate with legitimate street cred about taking effective bold action to face the vital issues we’re confronting as a country today (which is pretty much Warren and … cricket, cricket…) in the race for Presidency, that means the abandonment of the Democratic Party by the reemerging and resurgent Left in America.”

Lux added:

if she doesn’t take steps to assuage some of the angst on the left, “there’s a danger of progressives tuning out” if she wins the nomination.

Indeed, Gibson said in an interview that might be the plan.

“They’ll either vote for the Green Party of just sit out. That’s a really big aspect of progressive voters’ strategy” to have their voices heard, he said.

Really?  Ask us from 2008 how that sitting out thing did.  In the event our good friends from the far left do decide to pout and stay home and it somehow does cost Clinton the election, I can assure them that the alternative will be much worse.  Warren says she’s not interested (now).  Bernie Sanders would be a delightful President but that ain’t gonna happen either.  No, I’ll take the one we know thank you very much.

These next two youtube musical clips are from the HBO series “The Leftovers” and I put them here just because I like them.


Okay Widdershins, this is a completely open thread so discuss whatever is on your minds today.


18 Responses to "Call this things that make me pull out my hair"

By what virtue do these folks continue to revile her for that Iraq war vote with their progressive icon candidate doggedly following the Bush/Cheyey template? Anyone see the not-so-subtle irony here?? Jumping Jesus on a carousel, people.

chat@1: Good question!

Further I do believe that he had said that if he had been in the Senate at that time he most likely would have voted for the AUMF.

I can’t and won’t blame any sitting Congress critter on that vote. Rather, blame Dubya for the phony “intel” he and the rest provided to Congress.

Happy Rosh Hashanah to our Jewish Widdershins!

La Shana Tova, y’all.

Hmmm chat. Apparently I’m doing too much of this with the topic today.

I wonder if these are the same idiots that let W win twice. Good post, Fredster. Also enjoyed Prolix’s post yesterday.

LOL at the gif!

annie@6: Hee-hee. I looked at the several other posts on the progressives and I had done one of them so I thought maybe I was beating the story too much. 😆

The Big Dawg is live on CNN in a town hall.

Hey MB, check your email when you have a chance.

Whoohoo! Los Angeles Dodgers win the West!!! What an amazing game, our pitcher was off the charts!

Congrats annie!!! 🙂

Thanks Fredster! The Angels (Anaheim, Orange County) won their division also and some consider them the best this year. Wouldn’t it be a hoot if the Dodgers and Angels had a “freeway” world series? All those east-coast-california-sports-team-hating-sports-announcers’ heads would explode! The Dodgers are my favorite, but if they don’t win their pennant and the Angels win theirs, then I will root for the Angels.

Now that *would* be interesting!! Good luck!

I for one hope HRC doesn’t run. If she does. I’ll by god vote agin her.

She’ll just be one more woman cleaning up after a man – after, that is, when she sat in the conference room and raised one crystal clear point after another, ignored until a man miraculously heard in the ether those same points and was given first and full credit for them.

HRC can’t fix what the librl dahrlin’s boy broke. She would only be blamed for it. I sure as hell hope she’s got enough smarts to take what’s available to her in the 501st year of footbinding [1] and enjoy the rest of her wonderful, accomplished, effective existence.

[1] The feet of non-peasant women in China were bound for a thousand years. To please the men to whom they were sold in marriage, they were deprived of so basic a human ability as walking. For a sentient human being born into the wonderfully functioning body of a woman, how do you have enough information to determine if the next 500 years of struggle is worth it or not?

@PDX Pat: While I respect your opinion Pat, I do hope she runs and is elected. I believe that as POTUS, if she speaks…she’ll be heard. 😉

Ah, Fredster, by whom? (or to use the Cambridge argot, “who by?”)

I was THERE May 31st, 2008 when her party crumbled out from under her.

The intervening years have proven all our points re: her smarts, her knowledge, the perfidy of annointed opponents, etc.

I just don’t want to see her die the slow corporate death I saw so many woman engage in during those twilight years for us, the 80’s and 90’s.

By whom would she be heard? Well I would think by all of those she appoints and uses as advisers: cabinet secretaries, heads of agencies, the like.

Are you talking about the infamous Rules committee hearing? If so, I know what you mean, but it would be a different scenario this time and I doubt anything like that would happen again.

I will say that one thing I’d love to see is HRC, as head of the party, waving bye-bye to Donna Brazile 😆

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