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Lazy Weekend Music: A Pirate’s Life For Me

Posted on: September 19, 2014

Good weekend, Widdershins.  Thanks to all who suffered through the Scottish Referendum with me yesterday.  The good fight was fought, though the battle not won.  The best thing to do is to honor International Talk Like a Pirate Day, which is truly fitting, as many young Scottish men eluded the crown by taking to the high seas.

So, avast ye swabs!  Hoist the mizzen mast, lower the boom and prepare to set sail through an ocean of pirate related songs.  Feel free to choose songs with jewel and gold oriented themes, plunder of any sort, and just plain sailing.

An’ should ye wish to talk like a pirate, here’s some hints for this open thread.  Arrr!

(1) A Pirate Looks at Forty – Jimmy Buffet

(2) Fifteen Men On A Dead Man’s Chest – Trad. Sea Chanty

(3) Le Chant du Pirate – Edith Piaf

(4) Pirate Song – Ray Stevens

(5) He’s a Pirate (Disney theme) – Taylor Davis




35 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music: A Pirate’s Life For Me"

Another advertiser, P&G, bails somewhat on the NFL.

Goodell did not look great in his speech.

If he stays, it’s gonna cost the owners dearly. His appointment of those three women will be seen as just window dressing, I’m afraid.

I think Goodell failed to address the issue of steroids, which I think could have a lot to do with the escalating number of violent players. They won’t take this on, because they’re afraid it will affect their bottom line. I think that coaching the players to be killers also is part of the problem.

@annie: That’s been in the back of my mind…the entire mindset that’s instilled into the players. Gotta hit…gotta kill ’em, etc., etc. I think there’s some of these players that can’t turn that off. Much like what happens with some of our military folks.

Of course after Bountygate, folks in Nola aren’t too fond of Goodell to begin with. Snort!

Not only that, but also the head injuries and even moreso look at their pattern of behavior for years. If Jameis Winston went to my school, he would be out the door, not suspended for one game.
Chris Rainey is another fine example. He was booted off FL’s team when he threatened to kill his GF via text message, but permitted back on the field after they lost 2 games. He has since been cut from 2 teams after domestic violence episodes, yet is still playing ball. We teach them that they are a good player, so whatever they do is fine..

Kickoff in 18 minutes. BBL.

Our turn to lunch on a cupcake.

Shutouts are good, but embarrassing sometimes too. 😉

For this week I will say Go Gators!

@14: The starters were all sunning themselves on the bench by halftime.
@15: I will offset that with a hearty “Roll, Tide.”

@16: Go Missouri!!!

Gotta get ready for the LSU game. Miss. State does have a pretty good quarterback.

Allons les Tigres!

Not good so far. I’m lining up some other games if this one goes south.

How’s this for a punt return

Against Troy, right?

Vandy up against S.C.???

14-Zip Vandy? May switch to that game.

That’s it for me. I went to get gas at the half. Walked in and Miss. State just walked/ran in a t.d. they should have never had. I’ll come back later to play the Hee-haw song.

@21: Yep. Our turn at the cupcake trough,

Watching Mia/Nebraska and waiting for the Ducks to come on.

@17: It was our first win over a Top 20 team since 2006.

Good game, Beata.

That is a source of comfort for certain sure.

Hey I didn’t think they’d get back into it. I think Miles better take another look at Harris instead of Jennings. For 1/4back that is.

Or it could have been as simple as looking past them.

@32: No, don’t think so. Dak Prescott is pretty good and the local sportswriters had been talking about him. LSU should have been aware of him. They just got outplayed/outclassed last night.

I will say however that things like this that don’t get flagged, don’t help. I read somewhere he actually did this twice.

Oh, I understand completely about strange referees. Yes, I heard that he did the same thing last year, and there is no question that this could have been avoided.

Arrrr, me hearties. Sorry t’ be hearin’ about the vote fer Scottish Independence, Chatblu. That be tearin’ at me heartstrings.

I agree about Goodell. He comes across as callous and uncaring about the violence his players are committing off the field. I saw a press conference clip in which he said, “If we need to change our code of conduct, we’ll do that.” Here’s something I don’t get: why is the NFL code of conduct relevant? It should be obvious that NFL players shouldn’t break the law, shouldn’t it? Unless the code of conduct is telling them otherwise, I don’t see how we can blame it for their behavior.

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