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Summer’s end…

Posted on: September 12, 2014

What a week! The gut wrenching anniversary of 9/11 always does a number on my psyche. I’m not sure I have ever mentioned it, but within 36 hours of the original 9/11, a State Fair winning ribbon of shingles came for a nice, long 6 weeks visit to my temple shanty of a body.

The wrongheaded decisions in the aftermath of 9/11 caused the President this week, now thirteen years later, to reluctantly speak to the nation about terrorism. To everyone’s surprise, the terrorism he was talking about wasn’t in the NFL.

It seems the all too sad realities of domestic violence only become a national topic of conversation when there’s a video of the actual roundhouse punch. I guess we can delude ourselves into believing a woman being dragged out of an elevator like a lifeless sack of flour is the victim of a freak Muzak overdose — unless and until we see the actual haymaker delivered by her soon-to-be husband.

It’s been nice not having the Congress around for five weeks or so. As good Congress critters should, I’m sure they’ve been diligently studying social policy and science especially the Old Testament parts. For those whose expertise is in foreign policy, I’m sure they have been emailing a certain Nigerian Prince about his current financial liquidity problems.

With Congress coming back to D.C., I find myself wanting to escape to the movies, but good movies this summer have been as rare as hen’s teeth. The two biggest movies of the summer have been Guardians of the Galaxy, a movie about a gang of misfits thrown together sorta like the Tea Party caucus, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or Mitch McConnell, the Early Years.

What has been somewhat amazing is that the end of life as we know it didn’t happen this summer. Remember, Obamacare was supposed to herald the end times — pestilence-ridden streets where insurance CEOs had to scrape by on meager eight-figure salaries. Then there was the southern invasion of what Rep. Steve King termed, an influx of cantaloupe-calved 8 and 9 year olds. Luckily, quick thinking Homeland Security professionals had plenty DVDs of Mitch McConnell, the Early Years to assuage these pint-sized invaders.

Putin was a problem this summer, but that is to be expected when you have a megalomaniac who would be denied a quarter pounder based upon shirt requirements. One positive this summer, Kim Jong Dumb’Un has been relatively quiet — I guess killing your uncle gives one pause to reflect.

There was bad news and then good news associated with the African outbreak of the Ebola virus. The bad news was there was an outbreak of the Ebola virus. The good news is there seems to be some new type of medication that might be able to help or at least it looks that way. The medicine is fabricated through the genetic altering of tobacco. I’m sure the tobacco companies are already test-marketing Joe Camel vs. the Mozambique Man.

So all in all, this summer has been one big “meh” — nothing great, nothing so disastrous that it didn’t have the potential for something positive. Sadly, we lost two “greats” this summer — Robin Williams and Joan Rivers. Having grown up with them, I feel as if I somehow knew them and so their passing seems to hurt more than other celebrities.

Last Tuesday I had the sentence in my E I E I, Oh… post, “Unfortunately, the innocence of childhood is not a chronic condition and likewise, the opportunity for twilight atonement is a fast-passing blur of missed fortunes.” I was kinda proud of that sentence until my lifelong best friend gently, as only as best friend can, told me, “That sentence sucks!”

What I was trying to say was this: It’s too bad maturity eats away at our innocence because there’s never enough time to right our inevitable wrongs. The key is what we do in between those two milestones.

So for your weekend viewing pleasure, I leave you with a couple of examples from the greats we lost this summer. One who never lost his child-like innocence and the other one, who never seemed to regret.

Have a great weekend.





45 Responses to "Summer’s end…"

Ouch – shingles Prolix! I feel for you having that!!

My mom got shingles and it was so severe she was hospitalized. We had to end up taking her to the e.r. where they diagnosed it and then admitted her. I keep saying I’m going to get the vaccine since I saw what she went through, but of course you have to go to the doc first.

I think they were giving mom zovirax iv for the shingles and it just about corroded her veins so they ended up putting in a central line. I was there when the doc did it and the next thing he did was was to pop her with some pain meds through that line. I’ll swear you could just about count the seconds until that pain medication started hitting her.

“Unfortunately, the innocence of childhood is not a chronic condition and likewise, the opportunity for twilight atonement is a fast-passing blur of missed fortunes.”

Did your friend ever read Proust? That was a lovely phrase.

I think I agree totally with you Prolix on this:

So all in all, this summer has been one big “meh” — nothing great, nothing so disastrous that it didn’t have the potential for something positive

Everyone over sixty and, who’s had chicken pox, should get the shingles vaccine.
I’ve heard many people say that shingles is the worst pain you can imagine.

Sue@3: Oh is that the age you can get the vaccine? If so then I’ve got a little bit of waiting to do. I just know I want that vaccine since I saw what my mom when through and I don’t want to have that. That’s also why I just cringed when I read Prolix’s description of the six weeks! 😯

Wow! Not even our regular folks came by today. 😦

I had shingles 10 years ago. It was more painful than childbirth.

We’ve had a pretty nice summer ourselves, although of course depressed about so much bad news and concerned about the drought. But for ourselves, it’s been nice, parties for our 25th, picnics, beach days, and two nice trips. We are having a heat wave now, but it does cool down at night. I don’t like it when it gets too hot every September, but at least it makes me feel less bad about summer being over, and I look forward to cooler weather.

I was at several doctors appointments yesterday – they just piled up. Now I must busy myself dusting behind the sofa. We kick off st 3:30.

Fredster@4: that’s how old I was when I got it.
Now, respect your elders!:-)

@Sue: Well I am definitely getting that shot when i can. I just really don’t want to have to deal with all of that, the way so many of y’all have talked about the pain with it.

Chat’s Dawg’s game is delayed for weather so I’m surfing around the other games today until it comes on.

Heh…Hashtags are good. 😉


Hey guys, I’m here. The salt mines were especially salty this week. 🙂 Prolix, I always love your writing style. 🙂

The 9/11 post was thought-provoking. I watched the opening ceremonies from the hotel in Stamford, and had a hard time not breaking down. What we lost on that day can never be recovered, until we start understanding that bombing terrorists is not the way to get rid of them…as Chatblu said, we always have the potential for another pissed-off group to fill in the gap. Our foreign policy of regime change to guarantee our access to oil, gas and minerals we don’t have, has been in place since the early 50’s, and has won us enemies all over the world.

I feel sorry for the people who were misled into thinking Obama was less hawkish than Hillary because he didn’t happen to be in Congress when the Iraq War Authorization was passed. It’s clear that there is no difference between him and Bush when it comes to war.

@11: MB, as far as that AUMF vote was concerned, in my opinion, it ws damned if you do and damned if you don’t when it came to the vote. The congress critters would have been labeled “unpatriotic” had they voted no. If I recall correctly, at that time we were still mostly believing what Bush and the others in his admin. said.

C’mon Dawgs! Y’all can do it now!!!

@12, yup, agree. The chances of Obama not voting “yes” were pretty slim. I remember Hillary’s speech on the floor of the Senate – you could tell she was very conflicted, but as the Senator from New York, she felt compelled to retaliate against Saddam (who per the CIA had basically declared war on us along with OBL). Oy vey, what a mess.

mb@14: Yeah, I think everyone was still in revenge mode over the towers and we didn’t know that Condi and Dubya and Darth Cheney were big fat liars. And we did know that Saddam had previously had chemical weapons because we helped him out during the Iran/Iraq war. But you are right: what a mess it was.

I can’t see the LSU game, don’t have ESPNU, but chat’s game has been a nail biter. I’m betting she’s probably curled up in a fetal position right about now. 😆

Sorry about that chat, but it was a damned good game.

I would watch the Ky/Fl game but I cannot abide listening to Mr. T. No offense Fuzzy.

I dunno, Fredster. Marshall, who never misses a FG rain or shine, missed two. We also had a TO on the 4-frickin’-yard line.
I’m with you on Mr, Tim. He’s probably the nicest guy you would ever want to meet, but he sounds like a ten year old girl, and has rather stilted speech patterns to boot. His football knowledge is good, but the voice…….

We don’t get ESPNU either. Sorry about your team Chat. SC is down by 3 in the 3rd. They are playing Boston College in the rain. I don’t know anything about their football team.

Rain is an equalizer, to a degree.

LSU won 31-0 even though I couldn’t see it.

Right now I’m watching Will Muschamp just about make a mess in his pants! 😯

My lord, starting 3rd overtime with Fl/Ky!

Well I’m just gonna say congrats to Prolix’s Ky Wildcats for a game I doubt anyone thought they would have a chance of winning.

Sorry about the Trojans annie.

For our Annie:

@chat and annie: This too shall pass. I’ll be having one of those coming up.

Yep, our turn for the sads. Ah well, the Dodgers beat the Giants 17-0. We could possibly end up with a Los Angeles Freeway World Series, people! The Angels are the best team in baseball right now and the Dodgers have a chance.

@29: Now that would be interesting! A West Coast world series!!

Now this is just sad. Poor Charlie Strong did not know what he was getting in to. 😆

Haha! That was hilarious. Athletes aren’t the brightest bulbs are they?

annie@32: Nope, some aren’t. I’ll tell ya who else is not a bright bulb and that’s Mr. Kim Kardashian, Kanye West…who demanded everyone stand up at a concert in Sydney and then got pissed off when one guy didn’t. Turns out he was in a wheelchair! 👿

The Saints were terrible! They deserved to lose today.

Not to mention the Miami Mullet, the O line looked like a sieve.

Well with us, once again, it was the deefence. 👿 Patrick Robinson is just awful.

I’m not saying the Saints fans are disappointed with Patrick Robinson, but…

@37: Wow. And he’s better than Champ?

@38: No he’s not. Fans are screaming to get Champ back on the phone and in nola. Not saying Champ would be 100% all the time, but he wouldn’t have gotten the off sides that gave Cleveland a new first down. 👿

Well, he is likely much younger than Champ.

Laker was shocked that the Saints lost.

It was unexpected.

Go, Browns! Woof, Woof, Arf, Arf!!

@Sweet Sue: Booooooo!!!!! Hisssssssss!!!! 😉

annie@41: We need a defense.

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