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It’s the weekend! Time for some lighter stuff

Posted on: September 5, 2014


Good Friday to you Widdershins.  We’ve come to the end of another week with a lot of awful and ghastly news in it so let’s once again take a lot at some of the odd, funny or unusual things I’ve come across on the web.

So you think there is air rage now with reclining seats?

Well it would appear that Airbus is thinking waaay beyond the concept of reclining seats colliding with passenger knees in the seat behind.  Airbus has indeed patented this concept.  You won’t need to worry about things like tray tables, reclining seats or anything of the sort.

Plane manufacturer Airbus has filed a patent for small seats with short backrests that can fold up when not in use.

“In effect, to increase the number of cabin seats, the space allotted to each passenger must be reduced,” the patent application reads.

Gone are the tray tables and cumbersome seat cushions, which means even more passengers could be crammed in an aircraft for short flights. Instead, the diagrams show chairs that resemble bicycle saddles and the opportunity to get up close and personal with your neighbor.

The patent application goes on to say that the “reduced comfort remains tolerable for the passengers in as much as the flight lasts only one or a few hours.”

Another way to pack more people onto planes would be to reduce the distance between two seats, the patent filing says.

But adds, “it is difficult to continue to further reduce this distance between the seats because of the increase in the average size of the passengers.”

Airbus kind of pooh-poohed the idea saying:

“Many, if not most, of these concepts will never be developed, but in case the future of commercial aviation makes one of our patents relevant, our work is protected,” spokeswoman Mary Anne Greczyn told the Los Angeles Times. “Right now these patent filings are simply conceptual.”

Well I say b.s. on that.  If they’ve drawn these plans up, they’ve got an idea of trying to use them.  I think if they’ve gone to the trouble of designing some piece of torture equipment like this, they’ve got the idea of using it.  Can you imagine sitting on something like that for a few hours?  Oy!

Can you be “passive-aggressive” with a watermelon?

I dunno, but it seems a woman in Connecticut thought so.  It seems that maybe this woman had a guy working at her house and for whatever reason decided to check out what was in his tool box and discovered some marijuana and “other drugs” in the toolbox.  She went to the police and reported it but nothing was done.

They say she later returned home to find the watermelon on the counter with a butcher’s knife in it. She reported that Cervellino then entered the room and began carving the watermelon. She called the incident passive-aggressive and menacing.

I dunno.  At least it wasn’t sensuous or wasn’t done in a sexy way or anything.   🙄

Is this one of those “how dumb can they get” stories?

Yes, I would think it fully qualifies for that category.  Poor Oscar Aguillar who hailed from Mexico City.  All he was wanting to do was to pose for a selfie when things didn’t quite work out as intended.

A man’s attempt to take a dramatic selfie reportedly turned tragic earlier this month when the loaded gun with which he was posing went off and killed him.

According to Mexican newspaper Excelsior, Oscar Otero Aguilar, a 21-year-old man from Mexico City, had been drinking with friends before the incident occurred. The friends reportedly said Aguilar had grabbed a gun with the intention of posing with it for a selfie, which he intended to post on Facebook.

Police said Aguilar had “borrowed the gun and was waving it around” as he attempted to take a photo, WFTS-TV reports.

The gun, however, went off, and Aguilar was shot in the head. He died soon afterward.

I’m not sure if I agree with that phrasing from HuffPo.  “Aguilar was shot in the head”.  Hmmm..more like Aguilar shot himself in the head.  Whether by accident or intention, he was the one who did it.  Just sayin’…..

Some assorted youtube clips

I like this first clip.  Seems these two guys working a power company somewhere were clearing a right of way for power lines when they found this little deer caught up in brush and thorns.  He/she was pretty shaken up so they decided to pick the little critter up and rub it’s belly to try to calm it down.  That worked well.  That worked very well because every time the guy try to put the deer down it starts raising hell.  Now, the power company guy looks sorta cute fro the little you can see what with his sunglasses and the hard hat, so if he were holding me and rubbing my belly I might bleat out a “Noooo” too.  😆

This next clip, a guy is swimming in a pool and then starts to swim down some underwater.   Well this just tears Tucker the Viszla all to pieces and Tucker has to jump into the pool to “rescue” his master.

Here’s another clip with a Viszla who is definitely not a morning dog.  You might want to turn your volume down.

Okay this last one has a cute little Chihuahua who is completely laid out with a newspaper while getting what seems to be a very relaxing head massage.  The dog seems to be just completely enjoying the entire thing.

Okay that’s going to about do it for me Widderfriends. I’m still taking it a bit easy with the back.  I had to go to the grocery earlier so I made sure I had taken a dose of Aleve and had it working in me before going to the store.  And then I was reaaaaally careful getting the bags out of the truck.

So anyway, it’s a completely open post so comment on whatever you wish to. This post will be up until Monday.



55 Responses to "It’s the weekend! Time for some lighter stuff"

Those are just adorable.

@1: I didn’t realize I had bookmarked so many with “cute critters” in them.

i was just reading some things online and even though this is my “light fare” post, I thought it was worth it to basically paste this in from a HuffPo article. It regards end of life decisions and was specifically about Melissa Rivers making the decision to end life support for her mom. I know a number of us have had to make similar decisions regarding our loved ones, but also think about what you would want done for yourself.

1. We all hope our loved ones will live forever, but sometimes our optimism can turn into denial. We need to recognize the end of life when it comes.

How do you figure out when it’s time?

Start by gathering the medical information. Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you don’t understand and keep asking until you do understand. Every situation is different, but this is key — insist on brain flow studies and brain activity testing to make sure your loved one’s condition is not reversible.

If the situation is not reversible, unfortunately it’s time to accept the end of life. As tough as it is, we need to put our feelings aside and ask ourselves what our loved ones would have wanted if they knew their body could not recover.

2. Know that guilt is to be expected. Your feelings are normal. When you have those guilty feelings, remember that it was your loved one’s body making the ultimate decision.

Life support gave that body a second chance. If the body does not recover, it’s nobody’s fault. We are responsible for doing all we can to be healthy, but we are not responsible when the body winds down.

End-of-life decisions are topics none of us want to think about and yet they are part of life. Joan Rivers lived with gusto and joked about death often. She used humor as a coping mechanism and a way to confront reality.

Confronting reality before it smacks us in the face is actually easier because we are less emotional and we can think more clearly.

Don’t know where to start? Use Joan and Melissa to begin the conversation. Ask your loved ones what they want and don’t want.

I know it’s overwhelming, but really we only need to do two things — pick and choose. Pick what you would want and what you don’t want. Choose who would speak for you if you can’t speak for yourself and make sure that person is willing to carry out your wishes.

And please remember, if you do not specify your wishes, the default position is full on resuscitation measures.

@4: That’s what they explained to me with the momster and it’s when I signed the DNR.

Oh boy…I’m certain this is gonna help out with the ratings on Meet the Press. NOT!

That should be interesting.

When my mother had been in the nursing home for 12 years and was suffering horrible pain from her second broken femur ( both happened in the nursing home ) , she began to refuse all meds, food, and fluids. I had to make the decision whether to artificially keep her alive with a feeding tube. I felt that she was ready to die so I told the nursing home to honor her wishes. “Let her go”, I said. No feeding tube. She died several days later. At the end, she did get pain meds through a patch. I believe I made the decision she wanted ( I was her power of attorney ) but it was the hardest thing I ever had to do. I still feel very upset about it. It is on my mind every day. I think, who was I to play God?

Joan Rivers’ daughter is in my prayers.

Beata said: I still feel very upset about it. It is on my mind every day. I think, who was I to play God?

Nope, you weren’t playing God. As you said, you were trying to honor your mother’s wishes. The momster had had a two page “living will” that she had done in La, but I could not find it anywhere. Since I didn’t have that one and by this point she would not have been considered competent, I had to do what I knew she wanted.

BTW, good to see you here. Hugs!!

Its a tough thing. I was joined with my sister on our Dad’s docs, and it was nice to have someone “second” the decision, so to speak. My other sibs also agreed. There was no other choice, I think. He had no life, would have just dragged out the pain and misery.

Love the cute animal vids. I saw that chihuahua one earlier in the week. Later tonite, I’ll post this goofy thing that Laker thinks is funny.

That airbus thing is sick. I hate air travel, and only do it when we must. One good thing…when we flew to Washington this summer, we had no trouble carrying our Taylor GS Mini on board and stowing it in the overhead, so that was really nice. I’ve read that airlines have really loosened up about bringing musical instruments in the cabin and Alaska Air was very gracious about it. Laker was thrilled to have one of our own instruments with us. Oh, the Taylor GS Mini is a travel size guitar, smaller than a regular. We were even able to fit it in the overhead of the prop plane we took to Bellingham, WA.

Oh, another funny tidbit. We went to Cancun in late April for our 25th anniv, and for some reason the gate agent gave hubs & I free upgrades to first class. it was so nice. When my sis and BIL and nephew & Laker walked past us, we gave them the royal wave (what Fergie & Diana called “screwing in a lightbulb”, and raised our drinks to them. Bro-in-Law smacked our seats as he went past. Ah, that was a fun week.

annie@10: Yep it is a difficult thing to do (“the” decision), but I did know that mom had already signed one of those documents so that did make it somewhat easier. Thankfully I’ve got all my documents done, signed and even have multiple copies of them in case there are any questions.

Those upgrades are nice aren’t they? I got one once when coming back to La from school in Ky. It was on the ATL to nola segment, and the flight was all of about 45 mins. so I couldn’t really enjoy much except the extra room. I did make sure to have one freebie cocktail! 😉

Here is the animal vid that had laker cracking up this week. Its some young guys in New Zealand with a crazy ram on their property.

annie: That was indeed funny! If that thing was on my property I think I’d be looking at a relocation for Rambro. lol!

Oh Gawd it seems like the situation with MTP is even worse than first thought. Not only will Morning Schmoe be there, but Luke Russert will be joining the show as a regular panel member. I thought NBC’s idea with getting rid of Gregory was to “improve” the ratings. I don’t see anything there that’s gonna help them, unless they also stop bringing John McCain on the show. Good thing the broadcast time is waaay before my normal awakening time. 😆

Well, I sure won’t watch it. I didn’t care for Russert Sr. and do not understand the adoration he gets. Its like he gets a pass on all his misogyny and all the stuff he was wrong on because he died. And adding Jr. and Schmoe? No thanks!

NBC is really cutthroat. I felt sorry for Gregory. I have 3 relatives that work for them. Hope laker doesn’t end up there.

@17: You mean 3 relatives that work for NBC? Well if it was cutthroat before it’ll be worse now that Comcast owns them. Hell, they can’t even keep their cable business working right. You can ask Chat about that one! 😉

Yeah, I don’t understand the “little Luke” thing. I mean, never heard of him before his dad died and then he’s all over the teevee on NBC/MSNBC.

Like I said, I’m still zzzzz-ing when MTP comes on. Granted they show rebroadcasts of it and I guess I could watch one showing just to get a feel for it but I have a feeling ain’t nothing gonna change much.

Oh and don’t feel toobad for David G. He *did* walk away with $4 million to leave the bldg. He’ll probably have to sit out a non-compete period of time and then one of the other networks will probably snatch him up.

Ah well…off to bed. My schedule got screwed up last night which led to me waking up in the afternoon (!) and if I don’t hit the bed soon it will be round two for that! 😯

Thank you for your thoughts, Fredster and Annie.

My reason for commenting earlier was because it is often unclear whether “now” is the time to make “the decision” for our loved ones. When my mother was younger, before she became ill, she told me many times she did not want to be kept alive artificially if a life-or-death situation occurred. But she did not have that in writing. She left the decision up to me. She also made some contradictory comments in her last years about being kept alive, as her thinking became less clear, so I was confused about her wishes.

She was never on life-support or brain-dead. In fact, a week before she died, even though she was refusing meds, food, and fluids, she was sometimes talking or singing. She knew me and we were able to converse, albeit briefly. But when I made “the decision”, in effect, I said allow her to die of dehydration slowly. That is what happened.

Forty-eight hours before she died, she had stopped talking or opening her eyes. At that time, I asked her if she could hear me, and if she knew I loved her, to let me know somehow. With her eyes still closed, she slightly moved the corners of her mouth into a smile and then winked. She was still “there”, still my mother, and I was letting her die. I believe that is what she wanted but it haunts me. I had to make the decision by myself. I had no family to help me. If she had been brain-dead on life-support, “the decision”, although painful, would have been much easier.

I know this is supposed to be a light weekend post but because of Joan Rivers’ death, this issue has been so much in the news. I am telling my story because it shows how very complicated “the decision” can be.

Light posts are to open the door wide for general discussion, so in that sense your timing is perfect. Ir’s good to see you again.

Beata, like chat said it’s really open to whatever or wherever we go with our comments. I started it by pasting in that info from the HuffPo article. I had to check back and I do have it listed as an open thread so really it’s an anything goes deal.

Good luck to USC today for annie, hubby and Laker!!

Beata, no worries about talking about the end of life issues. It is something we all need to think about and discuss, as we should prepare for our own in writing. When my Dad was close and they wanted to stop the fluids, that part was hard for me also. The dr and nurse said that it wasn’t painful and that they just drifted off. I did once put a few drops of water in his mouth and he “gurgled” it, couldn’t swallow it, and I realized the dr and nurse were right. But the whole thing is hard. I hope you’re not being hard on yourself about it. I remember your posts about your mom and it sounds like she was ready.

Fredster, they are playing Stanford, and its 10-7 Stanford in the 3rd. Not the walkover they had last week with Fresno!

Stanford just missed a field goal, so hubbie said your “Good Luck” worked Fredster! Haha!

annie@26: I’m juggling watching your game and then Ole Miss/Vandy (why?) and Fuzzy’s Gators/Eastern Michigan. So far, the USC game is the only one that’s anywhere near competitive.

Hate to say it, but that was the correct call to eject #10-USC from the game.

Hubs & I agree. I do think the call against the coach was bs. Sarkisian walked away from the ref twice, and the ref kept following him and goading him. Sarks asst came and took him by the arm and literally led him away from the ref, but the ref just chased after Sark and kept yelling, and then you could see Sark totally lose it and say “Fuck you man” to him. I have never seen a ref chase after a coach, heckling him, like that. Hubs says refs are not allowed to do that, that they are supposed to walk away. The Director of Athletics was then down on the field talking to the refs. That was a really weird scene. This has been a tough game. These two teams are usually well matched.

53 yard FG for SC!

All said though, we are not happy with the new coach today.

Well, SC won, but barely, 13-10 and hubbie says it was just luck, that Stanford is just as good. Hope yours & Chats teams win also!

@annie: I couldn’t tell what exactly was going on there with the coach and then the A.D. You could tell they were playing some serious football out there today. Chat’s team had a bye this week and LSU is playing a cream puff team today. They are ahead 35-zip in the 3rd quarter. Lots of empty seats in Tiger Stadium.

What a phone number!

It was an embarrassing game but I guess a win is a win!

@ 34: “POPO” is a FL thing – “Pissing Off a Police Officer”.

chat@36: Thanks for that. I kinda figured out the WTF, but wasn’t sure about the POPO thing.

Go Hokies!!!!

Poor Urban did not look like he was in a happy place. 😉

Lemme see if this works

They are not off to an illustrious start.

Oh no, definitely not. I may try to catch some of the post game interviews (maybe) to see who Urban throws under the bus.

Yay for Tigers! That phone # is hilarious.

@annie: Isn’t that hysterical! 😆

LSU better enjoy these games while they have them because when they get into the meat of the season it is going to be rough.

There’s a show on Hist. channel now about Harry Houdini. It’s been pretty good so far.

I’m amazed. Urban didn’t really throw anybody under the bus.

The B1G is having a bad start this season. My alma mater is not a football school so I never expect much from them in that department anyway. No expectations = No disappointments.

I reread my posts on this thread. Like Urban at “The” Ohio State University, I am obviously not in my happy place these days either. I have not been doing any blogging recently. It’s a good thing for everyone if I continue that trend. Will hope to see you again in 2016 for Hillary’s campaign.

Enjoy your football and may all your teams have winning seasons!

Oops Beata, forgot you were a representative of a Big 10 school. 😦

I have not been doing any blogging recently. It’s a good thing for everyone if I continue that trend.

Well I hope not! You know you are welcomed here any time you want to put your fingers on the keys and comment. Your comments were on a subject I brought up and which has touched a few of us here within recent memory. I just thought it would be a prescient thing to bring up for us ourselves to make sure we’ve made sure to have our wishes written down and noted. Your posts were welcomed as you recently had to go through “the decision”. I hope you change your mind and keep with us. We’ve missed you. Hugs!

Beata, I have always appreciated your insightful comments and your good taste! I hope things get better for you very soon and send you hugs, well wishes and good vibes!


Falcons take the lead. 😦

Sorry, Fredster.

No defense today. However congrats to the Dolphins.

I’m watching S.F. destroy Dallas.

Bummer for the Saints! So sad. 😦

annie@54: Well it was the first game of the season so I won’t be that concerned, but damnit it was The Falcons! We hate them! 👿
They definitely need to work on some defense though.

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