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Relaxing Monday: Happy Labor Day!

Posted on: September 1, 2014

Per chat’s post over the weekend, we can celebrate many things today – the grand idea that is Union; the strides the union leaders made for American workers, which we now take for granted; a day off, for those of us still toiling in the corporate fields; the return of college football; or for me, a variation on the word. After several hours of labor last week, my sister-in-law successfully produced…a beautiful baby boy. I am now an aunt! (Apologies, but I won’t be sharing names or photos on social media per my brother’s request. Trust me, he is the cutest baby ever – and I am, of course, completely objective. 🙂 )

So sit back, enjoy your day off, and discuss whatever you’d like…and enjoy this amazing video of Leontyne Price singing both the alto “He shall feed his flock” and “Come unto Him, all ye that Labor” from Handel’s Messiah. You. Go. Girl!

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7 Responses to "Relaxing Monday: Happy Labor Day!"

Mazel tov, Auntie M. Is the music a clue to his name? Maybe Emmanuel? Surely y’all wouldn’t name a Jewish kid Jesus, although, come to think of it…………….

Very sweet! Congratulations to all! I loved being an aunt.

congrats MB! And of course to the parents too!

Being an only child, I have never been an aunt. A few of my friends’ children have called me that, but more as an honorific.

Happy Zeptember everyone! We had a lovely day today. Went to our favorite beautiful park for a Led Zep tribute band concert. There was probably a few thousand people there, everyone was in a chill, happy, summer mood, and the band was great. Laker went down and hung out right in front of the stage, but hubs and I sat on a quilt on the grass up the hill but directly in front of the stage. It reminded me of fun times at Cal Jam 2, when I was a youngster. The town we live in is very hilly, and this park is rolling hills with a creek and tons of trees and beautiful picnic areas.

annie@5: Sounds like a very idyllic location and event. I’m envious.

Congratulations MB — I’m sure he is the handsomest lad in all the land!

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