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Lazy Weekend Music: Labor Day

Posted on: August 29, 2014

We’ve somehow managed to make it to the weekend.  Not only is it Labor Day weekend, but also it’s the official kickoff of the college football season.  Yessir, the Dark Times have ended.

At any rate, work is a cherished American value.  From the earliest days of Jamestown, “if you don’t work, you don’t eat” has woven itself into the thread of American life.  In fact, our work ethic is so renown that we take less vacation time than any other developed nation, and our productivity is off the charts.  Maybe, just maybe, this weekend will make Americans remember that most of the good things that our workers enjoy, such as vacations, sick time, worker’s compensation, etc., came to be because of unions.  The decline of American unions correlates directly toward wage and benefit stagnation.

Whether we are to celebrate labor or decry our jobs, let this be a good and safe weekend for all. And for those of us that dearly love football, settle down.  It’s gonna be great.

This is an open thread.

(1) The Is Power In A Union – Billy Bragg

(2) 40 Hour Week – Alabama

(3) Allentown – Billy Joel

(4) Working In The Coal Mine – Lee Dorsey

(5) Take This Job and Shove It – Johnny Paycheck

(6) We Are Coming to Your City  (College Game Day Version) – Big and Rich





33 Responses to "Lazy Weekend Music: Labor Day"

I can’t believe Peter King, R-New York doesn’t have better things to be concerned about. He’s mad Obama wore a tan suit at the presser yesterday. Oy vey!

Just got a call from chat and she is having computer issues again. Grrrr. She’ll be waiting on good ole comcast to come to her aid but I think we’ve seen some examples of comcast’s ideas of customer service.

Here’s a little sumpin’ for annie in case you stop by.

Oh and congrats to Prolix for his Wildcats’ victory today.

I love that pic @ #8! Well said! We all owe a lot to the labor movement.

The dudes laughed about the Kiffin tweet. We just got home from a large picnic and they are happily watching the trojans, who are winning 21-0. Of course they are only playing Fresno State. But it looks like this coach has better ideas. Using more of the field, I’m told.

Fredster, has yours and chats teams played yet?

annie@9: Chat’s dawgs are wrapping up now, and they are ahead. LSU is supposed to start at 8, also on ESPN but they might be delayed in the broadcast if Ga/Clemson isn’t done yet.

Re Kiffin: Well Bama won against West Virginia, but I was not impressed with them at all. They didn’t play well considering they were ranked #2 (before the season even starts!) and the game was tied several times.

Ah, interesting. I can’t believe the red tide ended up with Kiffin. Kiffin and Satan. Good lord.

Go Tigers!

Kiffin and Satan. Good lord.

Got that right!

Chat’s dawgs have just torn up Clemson and I’ll post Ga’s fight song when the game is done.

Congrats to chat’s dawgs’ victory over Clemson, 45-21.

Well today there was Happy Lane and then sad Lane. 😦

Tigers are horrible tonight and getting their @sses handed to them.

If this keeps up, gonna be a long football season.

Girlfriend, how about Tennessee Ernie Ford and “Sixteen Tons?”

The LSU game is just awful. Neither qb knows what he’s doing and they are being mauled. I’m turning the channel now and I’ll just put this up now.

Sue@18: Okay, here ya go!

I do not know how,but LSU came back from being down 17-7 to winning 28-24.

Am glad that the Tigers pulled it off. I tried to post the Trojans fight song but wordpress wouldn’t let me! Maybe it went to spam or something.

annie, there was one from you in spam but I thought I released it. Let me check again.

There ya go! 🙂

What was the final score?

52 -13. Hubs says they put in the 2nd & 3rd string. They looked good today, but, you know…Fresno.

@26: annie, just about every team plays a few of those games. It helps the home team to an easy win and the other, mainly smaller team/school gets a nice chunk of change to go toward their athletics dept. Next week LSU plays the Sam Houston State (TX) Bearkats and after that the Univ. of Louisiana-Monroe Warhawks. Should be two easy ones before we get into the meat of the SEC games.

Thanks, Fredster!
Happy Labor Day, tomorrow!

sue@28: No problem. Happy Labor Day to you too!

Oh dear God!

Oh my…it’s Southern Decadence weekend in Nola. 😯

Happy Labor Day, y’all. In honor of the holiday, my SIL fined my ‘puter and it’s working!

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