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Remain Calm, Etc: Jumping the Shark

Posted on: August 28, 2014

Good Thursday, Widdershins.  We have once again had ourselves quite a week here,  and continue to hold out hope for better times ahead.  I certainly hope that we feel increasingly patient while we wait for said better times.  In the meantime, there are a number of things that have happened that make Fonzie’s shark jump look rather commonplace by comparison.

We’ve spent much of the past week discussing Michael Brown, the hypermilitarization of local police forces, and the need to heal the divides separating class and color.  Mr. Brown has finally been laid to rest, SOD Chuck Hagel is considering an end to the DOD program which has so effectively armed the local gendarmes, and Sen. McCaskill states that she will ask for Senate hearings on the problem when – her words, not mine – Congress returns in September from their “work period at home”.  Please feel free to take a moment or two should you need to compose yourself.

I have been amazed, indeed somewhat discomforted, to discover that Sen. Rand Paul shares some of our feelings,  He commented that the US has recently funded significant arms and equipment specifically for anti-terrorist use in Fargo, N,D.  Paul rightly comments that, should the terrorists make it to Fargo, we can assume that it’s pretty well over.  A chat with some self-identified Libertarians friends enforces the notion that Libertarians as a group are unhappy with aggressive policing of any fashion.  They are also unhappy with the concept of gun control, assuming that the government wants us all to be helpless when the black helicopters arrive to attack our citizens.  In a way, especially after last week, I can see their logic.  However, that’s the very logic that validates law enforcement’s concept that everyone they encounter is armed to the teeth and ready to shoot.   The Far (Far, Far) Right seems okay with aggressive policing (as far as engaging “them” or any one else not a member of the FFR goes), and is fine with the whole concept of locked and loaded citizens.  In fact, the FFR has now decided that Liberals hate the Bill of Rights.

Frank Donatelli wrote an amazing screed for Real Clear Politics in which he accused Liberals, Barack Obama, and Nancy Pelosi of attempting to gut each and every one of the first ten amendments instead of the usual more limited assault om the Second, Ninth, and Tenth.  Of course the degredation of the First is based on the Hobby Lobby and Citizens United decisions that will forever enshrine this particular court in the Judicial Hall of Shame,   but rather than the usual victory laps, Mr. Donatelli is still shrieking like a ruptured water buffalo that grave harm almost befell the land. Read it and weep, smile, or a combination of both.   He admits that “they” still regard privacy.  He did not address quartering, search and seizure, cruel and unusual punishment, or the right to a speedy trial.  I hereby submit that we awful folk still hold any number of rights closely, as evidenced by this Politico post written by Lee Rowland, a staff attorney with the ACLU’s Speech, Privacy, and Technology Project.  The salient difference is that liberals believe that the umbrella of rights belong to all.

In the interim, we have heard of yet another police shooting, or perhaps if one is blessed with an active imagination, not.  Seems that back in March in New Iberia, La. a young man named Victor White III was arrested, frisked, placed in handcuffs and transported in the back seat of a police car for further questioning.  He reportedly declined to exit the vehicle, so the officer went inside for some assistance.  Upon return to the cruiser, the victim was found dead of a gunshot wound to the chest, which the local coroner has declared to be self-inflicted.  The police state that they did pat him down, and no weapon was found.  Somehow, some way. this young man found a .25 caliber handgun and mystifyingly shot himself in the chest with his hands cuffed behind his back, while magaging to lacerate the left side of his face as well, and all in the relatively brief period of time that it took for the officer to go inside and obtain help to remove Victor from the vehicle.  The coroner insists that Victor’s habitus, plus the testimony of the officer, makes the death a clear case of suicide.  Go figure.  Disbelief, consider yourself to be indefinitely suspended.  We’ll get back to you later.

Finally, the last and only amusing  contender for the shark jump. is the ice bucket challenge.  The challenge itelf is a wonderful thing, and has raised beaucoup bucks for a worthy cause.  The shark was jumped when collegiate mascots were included.  The University of Connecticut’s husky called out the University of Georgia’a bulldog.  Challenges are being considered for Texas A&M’s collie, University of Tennessee’s blue tick hound, and LSU’s tiger.  Anybody up for giving a bucketful to Ralphie or Bevo?

This is an open thread.  Since football is back on, I’d better get busy cleaning behind my sofa.  I spend a fair share of time there during my Georgia games, sucking my thumb for comfort while the Cardiac Kids plod downfield.




13 Responses to "Remain Calm, Etc: Jumping the Shark"

I was telling chat the other day about a guy in Slidell La who robbed a woman because he needed the money to pay for his probation fees. It seems there is now an entire industry taking these things off the hands of local government, with no charge to the govt. and then making their profits off the poor criminals. It’s referred to as “poverty capitalism”.

I saw that. 6 games for the first offense, and a lifetime ban for the second. I don’t think that the Commish was prepared for the anger he received for that decision.

@2: well actually Slap Ya Mama is a seasoning company and they had those superimposed ads at the 20 yrd line on the preseason broadcasts of the Saints games. He (Goodell) ordered them stopped because they weren’t “in keeping with the NFL’s stance on violence against women” or some shit. Everyone knew that “slap ya mamma” was a phrase describing how good something was to eat. It really pissed off the locals in nola esp. considering the NFL’s past stance on wife abusers. 👿

Slap yo’ mama means much the same in Georgia.

@5: Yeah, exactly. Most of us know what the phrase means…except for poor ole Roger for some reason. 🙄

Wow. A and M is kicking the beejezus out of SC. Their new QB puts JFF to shame.

Aha! You’re watching the SEC network!!!

I’m watching Saints, and Ole Miss/Boise.

It was glorious.

You mean the A&M game? Just saw the score, I’m sure you were tickled about the ole ball coach! Oh well, we’ll be seeing A&M later.

That”s beautifully done, and reminiscent of the hurricane memorial in the Keys.

@12: I think the cross is placed where the center first came ashore, but don’t hold me to that.

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