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Activist Tuesday: The “Conscience Clause” in 2014

Posted on: August 19, 2014

Happy Tuesday, Widdershins. Remember the “Conscience Clause” I was so up in arms about a few years back? This was the Bush-created, Obama-supported clause that exempted pharmacists with “consciences” from providing abortion or contraception prescriptions to anyone they chose. (By logical extension, I suppose pharmacists with no “consciences” simply have to fill the prescription as written. Losers!).

As I wrote in March, the HHS regulation Bush forced through in the waning days of his Administration like a cold butter knife through a hot thick steak, has already made a demonstrable negative impact on women’s lives.

Just as many of us suspected, this rule is actually creating unwanted pregnancies, and for rape victims, no less – as if they have not been through enough. Isn’t it interesting that men are making these rules, and women are the ones who have to bear the consequences in their own wombs? Or perhaps not so much interesting, as 100% pure evil. Yes, that’s the word I was looking for!

It was 2009 when I wrote that post. What with all of the cray-cray the right-wingers have been pouring on lately, it had kind of slipped my mind. I was strongly reminded of it a couple of weekends ago, during a get-together with one of my best girlfriends. Guess what? It’s still going strong.

Feminist Friday: Women of the Past, Present and Future

My friend is a doctor who provides care to children in Connecticut. She covers all of the economic and social spectrum, and sees many inner-city girls who are having sex at a very young age. She tries to get these young women on birth control as soon as she possibly can to prevent unwanted pregnancies; however, she understands that some pharmacists will not fill the prescriptions due to their “consciences.” So, she does a very smart thing: she codes the prescriptions electronically as “for dysmenorrhea” (aka painful symptoms caused by menstruation) rather than “for birth control.” (I actually take the pill for that very same reason. It has been enormously helpful.)

My friend told me that a couple of her recent contraception prescriptions were first re-coded as “for birth control,” then refused to be filled by the pharmacist. She was extremely upset, as the re-coding never should have been done, much less used as an excuse to deny girls the health care they need. She was determined to take it to the next step and call her local representative to get involved. I have no doubt that my friend will prevail.

I am proud of her for taking such good care of the girls and young women she treats. I am sick about the fact that our society has become so backward and punitive towards women, that her efforts have to be disguised as something else in order to succeed (and sometimes fail even then). And I am especially disgusted that our alleged feminist superhero President has enabled the religiously insane to spread their influence to this degree.

I truly hope that when Hillary runs in 2016, every women’s media outlet and non-profit organization has learned its lesson, and comes out and vociferously supports her. And finally, I have to ask once again:

NOW is it time for the million-woman march?

This is an open thread.


10 Responses to "Activist Tuesday: The “Conscience Clause” in 2014"

I’m pleased that this worls out. Some pharmacists still decline as it “might” be “birth control by any other name.”

She covers all of the economic and social spectrum, and sees many inner-city girls who are having sex at a very young age.

And probably those girls are the ones with the least amount of choices in where they can get the prescription filled.

Well, well, well…look who’s selling out, uh moving on.

And I’m sorry but what a crock of shit this is:

I made it a top priority for Uber to find a leader who could help cities and citizens understand the Uber mission – someone who believed in our cause

Uber “mission” ? Cause?
Is he running a for hire car company or planning a world conquest?

He’s there to “help” us understand, doncha know?

MB, excellent post, your friend is a true heroine. I did not know that pharmacists were allowed to not fill regular bc pills! Good God, we are living in scary times. Makes the 70s – 90s seem like “Happy Days” by comparison.

What is Uber Cars? Is it a taxi service or something? Sounds original.

annie@6: Uber is a “ridesharing” program. You have to have the app on your smartphone to be able to use it. Basically, someone who has a car can offer to provide rides to folks who need rides. It’s sort of like an unregulated taxi business.

I’m not fond of it because I consider it public transport and it needs to be regulated in my opinion.

Huh. That does seem problematic. You could have psychos going around giving free rides to people, among other things.

Oh, yeah, Imagine what Charles Manson could have done with something like that.

@8 and 9: Exactly. I’m not sure how they (uber) screen their folks or whatever. Now annie, the rides aren’t free. Although cash or c.c. transactions don’t happen with the driver, it’s done through the app, from what I’ve read.

I would be worried about whether the driver had insurance to cover me as a passenger if we’re in a wreck and things like that.

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