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Remain Calm, Etc: Noun, Verb, Ronald Reagan

Posted on: August 14, 2014

Good Thursday, Widdershins.  I hope that your week is progressing nicely.

After many dismal evenings of watching endless cable news. I have arrived at the conclusion that the Repubs have kept to their infamous format Of “noun, verb……….”. They have simply replaced “09/11” with the name of the Lord High Guru Ronald Reagan. The former was intended to frighten us, the latter is to make us believe that all was glorious during that eight year time period – the veritable shining city on the hill scenario.  Had I not been an adult trying to make a living during that glorious period, I might fall for it, too.

Ah yes, Ronald Reagan. …..who rode tall in the saddle at his California ranch almost as often as he rode his desk in the Oval Office.  Ronald Reagan, who despite being an unmitigated whore for American business, despite being borderline cruel to those Americans who were struggling, despite appearing to be almost out of it during his last few years in office, would be deemed too liberal if not a near-Socialist by the party he lifted to power.  Nevertheless, he is a veritable icon, unless you look closely at his “accomplishments”.

Let’s look at these points..  First, “The Cold War was ended by Ronald Reagan.”

Most of the policies that brought about the collapse of the USSR began during the Nixon administration.  Ford, who unwisely brought on both Cheyney and Rumsfeld, eventually abandoned further efforts.  President Carter stressed human rights and nuclear disarmament.  Meanwhile, the Vatican-backed Solidarity movement had taken hold in Poland, and was beginning to spread outward in the Soviet Block.  However, Reagan aficiandos insist that the end of the Cold War was signaled by the now famous “Take down that wall” speech.  Of course it was……

Second, “America loved Ronald Reagan”.

Perhaps some did.  Here was this smiling happy guy who insisted that it was just fine to drive your enormous vehicle long distances whenever and wherever you wanted to.  Life is great, there’s plenty of gas.  Don’t worry about paper, either.  (Anyone else remember that great speech when Reagan defended cutting down trees because they create too much dangerous carbon dioxide?) I suppose that, f you were not too bright, that cheerful countenance telling you not to worry would be easier to swallow that than Jimmy Carter’s  dour warning to break your dependence on petroleum products and to try to salvage the environment.  No worries – oil is self-replicating and there are lots of other planets out there,  Oh, and try to forget that Carter has been proven to be spot on.

Third: “Mount Rushmore needs Ronald Reagan”.

Oh, absolutely.  We should commemorate the man who armed Osama bin Laden,  could not recall the who Iran Contra affair, backed every repressive right-wing government in Latin America and armed them so that they could easily crush any revolt, and the HUD scandal that rigged grants to favor Republican contributors.  Then there were the EPA scandals, one of which diverted funds into Republican campaign war chests, and the Inslaw Affair, where DOJ officials were involved in pirating software,  Don’t forget the Savings and Loan crisis, described by John Kenneth Gailbraith as “the largest and costliest adventure in public misfeasance, malfeasance, and larceny of all times”. Don;t get me started on his  lack of attention when AIDS was first described.

Fourth:  “Ronald Reagan should be on the $5 bill”.

Don’t kid yourself.  This has been proposed by some Southerners in an effort to dislodge Lincoln, who is after all on the penny (which is likely on its way out.)

To his credit, he did sign a bill to compensate Japanese-Americans who had been wrongly detained during WWII, and opposed banning gays from teaching school.  I suppose no one is all bad, but that’s a might sparse set of laudable achievements.  Noun, verb, Ronald Reagan.  That’s the ticket.

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10 Responses to "Remain Calm, Etc: Noun, Verb, Ronald Reagan"

Oh Saint Ronnie. Of course he did everything absolutely and totally right, except when he didn’t. But his acolytes still continue to worship even when they are wrong in looking back at his actions.

Schmoe later admitted he was wrong but only with a tweet. I don’t recall him saying on-air afterwards, that he was wrong on Ray-gun.

I think NBC let it go on too long as it is. David Gregory has been twisting in the wind for months on end now.

chat@3: Agreed.

Interesting article over at Mother Jones on the horrors of work hour scheduling for lower income (retail) workers. Links to a NYT article.

@me above: Better yet, go read the NYT article here.

That sounds awful. Nursing tried sending people home early to save $$$$ and discovered that people just quit.

chat@7: That’s probably an option these lower paid folks don’t have.

And in nursing, I can see a hospital sending folks home and then a mass casualty event hit an area.

It has, more than once. As that was the pre-cellphone era it was problematic.

David Gregory will be replaced by Chuck Todd. It’s official.

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