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Fauxtivist Monday: Occupy Democrats

Posted on: August 11, 2014

Good Monday, Widdershins. For today’s fauxtivism, I give you….Occupy Democrats! (Thanks to Vast Left on FaceBook for this alert.) I couldn’t easily find out what they were about on the public site linked above, but their FaceBook page gives the 411.

Occupy Democrats, a merger of the goals and interests of Occupy with those of President Obama’s “new” Democratic Party, is a new and growing grassroots political organization/news website:

Our mission is to Occupy Democrats on Nov.4th, 2014 AND BEYOND by voting in a LANDSLIDE of progressive Democratic candidates! Daily posts re: President Obama’s second term , progressives, equality, progressive reforms, campaign finance, Democratic Occupy developments, REPUBLICAN obstructionism, Tea Party corporatism, and more!

How do you crash a Tea Party? Occupy changed the national conversation around the issue of class and inequality, but it failed to achieve legislative victories. Let’s create a more equal society for all by working with progressives & the Democratic Party!

Oy vey ist mir! Where do I begin with this?

Let’s start with About. One simply cannot claim that the ideals of Occupy merge with those of Obama and his “new” Democrats. Occupy was a bottom-up movement, which (I think) was mainly about highlighting the difference between rich and poor in America. I agree that it was successful in raising awareness of the vast income disparity in our country. Obama’s “new” Democrats, on the other hand, are about being business-friendly, and take a top-down, plutocratic approach to public policy. As just one of many, many examples, we all know how Obama catered to the insurance companies by not including price regulation in ObamaCare. Clearly, this doesn’t mesh with the goals and interests of Occupy.

As for the Mission, I have to wonder if the writers for the site believe capitalization equals action! Nonetheless, again, Occupy was not about electing “progressive” candidates, for heaven’s sake. It was not about electing any candidates! It was an outsiders’ movement for those of us who feel the two parties are not addressing our interests. The last thing Occupiers would do, would be to express their activism by voting for Democrats.

Finally, the Description says that if we elect progressive candidates, we will move towards a more equal society. Been there, done that, and frankly, those Obamafans on the site should acknowledge that Presidential and Congressional elections of “progressive” Democrats do not have the desired effect. (What did Obama do with his supermajority? Not a whole hell of a lot, and certainly not what he promised during the campaign.) We need better and more original thinking than this. I still maintain that women are the now and future game-changers, and whether we elect more liberal (not progressive!) women in government, or elevate liberal women in business, we just need more of us in power. Whether Occupy would agree with the 30% solution or not, I am quite sure that Occupiers did not think we would achieve equality through electoral efforts.

I think it is a real shame that this fauxtivist movement exists. I had mixed feelings about Occupy, but at least the group’s intentions seemed to be pure. Whatever the intentions of the group might be, Occupy Democrats is clearly trying to build support for Democrats by bashing Republicans and the Tea Party. I am certainly fine with throwing the Republicans out of Congress, but without an actual strategy for implementing fundamental changes to our plutocratic system, Occupy Democrats is destined to remain its enabler.

This is an open thread.


13 Responses to "Fauxtivist Monday: Occupy Democrats"

Sorry for the lateness, all. Enjoy!

I never use progressive. ‘I am,moderate (fiscal) to liberal (social), plain and simple.

Sounds like a good idea but don’t think it’s going too far.

If you are drowning out in the middle of the ocean you grab any flotsam you can — looks like the ObamaFanBoyz have grabbed a metal deck chair lest their Cheetos become soggy. The only thing keeping them afloat are their enormous vacuous heads.

prolix said: The only thing keeping them afloat are their enormous vacuous heads.

Splutter…guffaw! 🙂

DAMN! Robin Williams found dead in Cali home in Tiburon. Suicide.

Hahaha Prolix! The hot air whooshing from their blowholes also helps the flotation.

@6: Cause of death asphyxiation. Did he hang himself?

@8: No info yet. Don’t know if it was that or carbon monoxide. Not enough info now.

I recall now, reading this earlier.

I cannot agree more Madamab Occupy Democrats needs to walk before it runs to be sure. A an Occupier I was amazed at the broad spectrum we attracted but was finally frustrated with the lack of focus in the group on how to bring about change. I am still a supporter and check in occasionally but an agenda is necessary with purpose and action and expected results is necessary if a group is to prosper.

Thanks Fuzzy!

I am heartbroken that Robin Williams died. What a tremendous talent.

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