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A little bit of this and that

Posted on: August 6, 2014

Mish-mashGood afternoon Widdershins.  This is going to be a quickie sort of post as I have a friend who is having some surgery today and I’d like to be there if needed for either he or his wife.  So, I went through my various folders and found a couple of things I had bookmarked but never used.

I’ve had a couple of these pages bookmarked for awhile and I marked them for the “ewww” factor (in my opinion) of them.

Have you ever heard of a “purity ball“?  They seem to be growing in popularity amongst the evangelical groups and churches.  Nightline apparently did a segment on them.  If you looked at some photos of the balls you would almost swear you were seeing a young woman making her debut, her formal presentation to society, except…except that these are formal occasions where the young girls are dressed in white and they attend this ceremony where they “pledge” their purity (and chastity?) until marriage.  But what happens is that the girl pledges to keep herself pure and in the hands of Daddy until she is married when Daddy sorta hands the keys over to the new hubby.  The girls even get a “purity ring” at these ceremonies.

One of those fathers named Ron tells his daughter during the ceremony:

This is just a reminder that keeping yourself pure is important. So you keep this on your finger and from this point you are married to the Lord, and your father is your boyfriend.”

Oh yeah…your father is your boyfriend.  Eeek!  And you can see some of the father daughter photos and it might look like daddee is taking that responsibility a bit too eagerly.

They go on to explain:

“A Purity Ball is a formal event where girls or young women and their fathers participate in a ceremony. The daughters dress up in ball gowns and the evening usually consists of dinner, a keynote speech, ballroom dancing, and a vow by fathers and daughters. The girls make a pledge to ‘remain pure and live pure lives before God,’ to stay sexually abstinent until marriage. Their fathers sign a commitment undertaking to protect their daughter’s purity.”  The father or mentor pledges “…to shield and protect his daughter; to live a pure life himself as a man, husband and father; and to be a man of integrity and responsibility, acting as a role model for his family.”

 AsI said, the girls also sign a purity pledge  (opens a pdf document), daddee witnesses said document and the girl gets a “purity ring”.

To quote from this article:

The theory is this: young girls promise to abstain from all sexual activity and make their fathers the guardians of their virginity. In practice, it is one of the most demented things a person can put a child through.

In a clip from a Nightline episode, a father told his daughter, “You are married to the Lord and your father is your boyfriend.”

The ball is more like a father-daughter wedding. The fathers present their daughters with purity rings, have a “first dance,” and do all sorts of other things that would make Chris Hansen very curious.

Most importantly, purity balls cement in young girls’ heads the “Christian” value that women should not be able to make decisions regarding their own bodies. This disgusting practice essentially tells girls that they are a man’s property–daddy’s now, and their husband’s later, when he takes over for their fathers.  [bolding/italics mine]

Alright…that’s just a big ole “ewwww” thing to me.  But the creepiest is some of the photos these men take with their daughters…daughters that sometimes appear soo young you have to wonder if they know exactly what’s going on.

     or maybe this one:


or maybe this one:  You can see more of these here.

But the ones that got me the most were the “couples” portraits of fathers and daughters like these:

                 and Nope just too creepy looking for me.  So what do you think Widdershins?  It will probably be later this evening when I check back in.


This is an open thread.





12 Responses to "A little bit of this and that"

The icky, incest miasma surrounding these balls is nauseating.
Best wishes to your friend, Fredster.

Oh my gosh. That is about 17 kinds of wrong. I just don’t understand the “your father is your boyfriend” thing. What kind of a pervert would say that to his daughter?! Even “Jesus is your boyfriend” would be less twisted.

mb@2: And what about some of those pictures? I’ve seen prom pictures between a girl and her date that weren’t that “friendly”, shall we say.

My friend got through his surgery okay. He’s woozy as hell and they must have also given him a spinal or something. He said he couldn’t feel anything below his shoulder and they operated on his foot! 😯

In case you missed it (like I did), here’s Hillary on The Colbert Report last night. It’s pretty good!

How revolting are those balls?

Fredster, that clip was terrific! I was really tickled by the reaction she got. She’s not naturally funny in the Colbertian style, but she pulled it off. 😊

Chat – apparently it is sinful when a boy your own age feels you up, but pure when Daddy does it. :sick:

@8: EEEuuuuwwww.

@4: Glad to hear your friend is awake and recovering.

chat@6: Those balls are soooooo revolting that…

mb: I was pleasantly surprised at how naturally she was able to handle the banter back and forth. She did well with it didn’t she?

Sue@10: Thanks. He had to have a toe amputation which was mainly due to his diabetes. They were originally concerned it might have to go further but thankfully they didn’t have to.

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