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Activist Monday: War, War, War

Posted on: July 21, 2014

Well, Widdershins, it’s just a dog-eat-dog world out there. Apparently everyone is whipping out their rockets for the summer. (Yes, that metaphor was intentional.) Whether it’s Hamas bombing Israel and Israel fighting back, or Pooty-Poot’s adventures in Early Czarism, or America’s own potential re-entry in Iraq, the color of summer is green – Army green, that is.

Time Cover May 2014

Here are some recent updates about how all these wars are going. Are we war-weary? Are we weary of men, men and more men seeing war as the only answer to the world’s problems?

Good Goddess, yes we are.

Americans Wary of Iraq Involvement

Israel Targets Secret Tunnels in Gaza Ground War

Will Pooty-Poot Lose His Billionaire Backing?

This is an open thread.




5 Responses to "Activist Monday: War, War, War"

Wow, quiet day. Hope everyone is well!

Monday is usually my busiest day. I think Putin is nuts. This latest disaster with the passenger jet is terrifying. And apparently Putins favorability ratings have gone up with the Russians. I read somewhere that this is because they have such a stranglehold on their media and feed the general population a sack of lies that they are ready to believe for some reason.

Oh sorry for not being around. Was busy with docs today but not for me. Just got back a short time ago and promptly decided to take a nap! 😆 Such a fun, exciting life.

annie said: And apparently Putins favorability ratings have gone up with the Russians

They think he’s gonna bring back the glory days of the U.S.S.R.

MB: You don’t fly JetBlue do you? If so, the pilot may be flying higher than the plane!

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