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So did you hear what he/she/they said?

Posted on: July 17, 2014



Good Thursday to you Widdershings!  Yes, you have Fredster posting once again.  This is for our dear Chatblu who is away on a brief vacay.  I am more than happy to do this for her but she may be more than unhappy when she sees this result.

This being my “Friday” so to speak in regards to posting, I’m gonna cheat.  I’ve had this item bookmarked for quite some time and this is the perfect opportunity to use it.  Jeremy Alford and his late mentor John Maginnis write a political blog about Louisiana politics long before there ever was such a creature. One of their favorite things to do while covering the Lege, when it is in session, is to record some of the more amusing and frequently cringeworthy statements made by some of the legislators.  I do believe Louisiana can proudly hold its head up and be compared favorably to Texas and its lege and its legislators linguistic acrobatics.  I can say we surely try.

black-line divider-no-background-th

“I may be wrong but I’m consistent”
Rep. Rob Sadoin

“We’re going to need a little help with this budget.”
—Sen. Dan Claitor to a priest

“We don’t have any wise people in here.”
—Senate Pres. John Alario prior to a hearaing on the Workforce and Innovation for a
Strong Economy Fund (WISE)

“There’s a priest in the back of the room in case anyone needs to confess.”
Sen. Dan Claitor during a committee hearing

“Because we all know people who just lo-o-v-v-e you on Friday and by Monday
morning it’s how do we get out of this.”
—Rep. Rob Shadoin objecting to a Senate change to his bill that would delete the
72-hr waiting period for a marriage license in New Orleans

“I wanted to ask Judge (Glenn) Ansardi how old he was
but Sen. (Conrad) Appel said I should’t.”
—Sen. Eric LaFleur introducing a constitutional amendment to remove the mandatory retirement ages for judges.

“I have no idea if this is a good bill.”
Sen Fred Mills introducing his own legislation
“Not a good opening.”
House and Governmental Affairs Chairman Tim Burns

“There’s enough sleazy things going on in this building to not
have to worry about grease traps.”
Sen. Danny Martiny on the plumbing code bill

Sometimes you get to have a Waterloo…I’d rather be
Wellington than Napoleon.”
Sen. Norby Chabert on his amendment to the plumbing code bill

Testifying in committee, Judge Pam Baker: “In general, I think you’ll find
that judges don’t tend to be very generous with spousal support, so I
don’t think that would be a problem.”

Rep Rob Sadoin:  “I wish they would have told my judge that.”

“We’ve got a pretty loaded agenda.”
Sen David Heitmeier, before a debate on medical marijuana

“My motion went up in smoke.”
Heitmeier, hitting it again

“That’s not good when it happens.”
Heitmeier upon hearing the side effects of Viagra
“Do you have experience with that Mr. Chairman?”
Sen Fred Mills to Heitmier

Rep. Tim Burns: “Which bill do you want to hear first?”
Rep Brett Geymann: “Which one are you for?”

Sen. Yvonne Dorsey-Colomb: “Do you tap? Do you tap?”
DHH Chief of Staff Calder Lynch:  “Tap?”
Colomb: “Because you have tap danced around all my questions.”

“Don’t pay that no mind.  Come on.”
—Rep Barbara Norton, when the speaker invoked the five-minute rule.

“You want to keep the butts in the car?”
Rep. Thomas Carmody on making it a crime to throw cigarette butts from a vehicle

“I don’t know if I necessarily trust legislators with guns.”
Sen. J.P. Morrell on legislation allowing lawmakers to carry guns.

“How are your roulette wheels doing at the parish fairs?”
former Sen. Ken Hollis to lobbyist Kirby Ducote, who read a statement from Catholic bishops supporting the repeal of video poker

“What happens when I walk around a [police] horse and it kicks me
and then I kick it back?
Former Rep. Alex Heaton on a bill to make it a crime to injure a police horse

“What about marijuana?”
Sen Bob Kostelka on a bill prohibiting smoking near elementary and secondary schools

And finally:

At a lecture series held by the Institute of Politics at Loyola University:

Moderator Lee Zurik:
“Can a Democrat win a state office, including governor, again?”

Former governor Edwin Edwards:
“Get me a pardon and I will show you.”

Okay Widdershins, I hope you got a chuckle or two out of these.  If you have any tidbits about any of your local politicians feel free to add them below or anything else you want to add.

This is a totally open thread.


47 Responses to "So did you hear what he/she/they said?"

Laughed out loud at good old Edwin Edwards. He’s a crook, but, man, is he funny and sharp!

quixote: Yeah he was a crook, but he also did a lot for the people when the state was flush with oil money.

He can still draw a crowd when he’s out in public, him, the 3rd wife and the new bébé!

@quixote: I remember I was sitting in a plane on the tarmac at Atlanta (naturally!) waiting to take off for nola when the pilot came on and said something like “for any of you who follow La. politics, Edwin Edwards has just won a third term to be governor” or similar words. I just sat there and cracked up. He was running against Dave Treen, who was running for reelection. Poor Dave didn’t have a chance; he was too dull.

Well I see Darrell Issa is still making a complete ass out of himself. Good to know he’s consistent.

Well, I guess we know what Jennifer Anniston see’s in b.f. Justin Theroux.


I don’t have political quotes, but here are actors insulting other actors. It’s amazing!

For example: Betty Davis on Joan Crawford – “Joan Crawford — Hollywood’s first case of syphilis.”

Issa has zero integrity. He’s a crook.

DYB: That’s fine. It’s a completely open thread. Post anything you wish to.

Love the Bette Davis quote. 😆

DYB: There were some wicked quotes there!

Besides Elaine Stritch, Johnny Winter died today. He was 70. RIP talented people.

Here’s a snippet of Hillary on Charlie Rose tonite:

@annie: Wow, didn’t hear about Johnnie Winter.

@12: Excellent comments by Hillary.

@5 Fredster, thank you so very much for posting Elaine Stritch. I was lucky enough to see her “Elaine Stritch: At Liberty” when she played in Boston ten years ago. I will never regret making the effort to see her. She was unique. If you haven’t seen the complete show it’s on Youtube. Not only was she a great actress and singer of the musical theatre’s most challenging composer, but her biographical stories touched a chord with all of us who survived a repressive Irish catholic upbringing. She did far more than just survive. She triumphed.

Mary Luke: Happy to do so. Sadly, I wasn’t really aware of her as a singer for a long time. I had seen her in some tv shows and maybe a movie or two. Also, I saw part of a documentary about her that was done not too long ago.

I never saw Elaine Stritch in a play but loved her in anything else I saw her. She was great as defense attorney “Lanie” in Law and Order.

Fredster, your political quotes are a hoot!

annie@17: Oh I forgot about her being on Law and Order. They have had some great actresses play those attorneys.

It’s really astonishing what’s happening in the Ukraine with the shot-down Malaysian plane. There can be little doubt that the Russians have been assisting the rebels and providing them with weapons, transportation and training. Putin is trying to deflect all criticism, but it’s not going to work this time. Blaming Ukraine for this would be like blaming Scotland for the bombing of Pan Am. Already the Americans and the Brits are pointing at Russia directly, not just the rebels.

Yes, its very scary. That sociopath Putin is taking us down a dangerous path.

From fluffpo:

“President Barack Obama spoke about Thursday’s Malaysia Airlines crash, calling the deaths of the 298 passengers “an outrage of unspeakable proportions” and saying “we know at least one American citizen” was killed.”

“Obama said the U.S. believes the Malaysia Airlines plane was felled by a surface-to-air missile launched from an area near the Ukraine-Russia border that is controlled by Kremlin-backed separatists. Even as he cautioned that the exact circumstances were still being determined, the president turned his sights on Russia, saying the insurgents would not be capable of carrying out such an attack without Moscow’s support.”

“The president spoke shortly after Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, outlined preliminary evidence against Russia and the separatists during an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council. Power said separatists were spotted Thursday with an SA-11 anti-aircraft missile at a location close to the site where the plane came down and that they had boasted on social media sites about shooting down a plane, then later deleted those posts.”

@21 Annie, notice the president specifically said “Kremlin” backed separatists. Couldn’t be much clearer. And Samantha Powers minced no words today. She has grown a lot in the job.

Hey y’all! I thought Prolix would be doing a Friday/weekend post today so I’m not sure what happened.

I’ve been watching a lot of the coverage of the crash. I can’t believe the insurgent Ukrainians just shooed the inspectors out of the crash scene as it got dark there.

And yep, Pooty-poot has his @ss in a sling over this one.

Another anchor resigns from Russia Today. Good.

Fredster, I saw that about the Russian anchor. That is admirable, and I hope she’ll be safe.

Oh my but you popped in late annie! I’m sure she’ll be okay if she’s leaving the R.T. network or whatever. I wasn’t sure where she was based. One picture they had of her looked like it was in London.

Yes, I thought she was in London. I think Putin is utterly ruthless though. and very “anti-woman”.

annie@28: Oh Lordy I’d hate to think what you are implying could be true. Maybe she’s just too little a fish for him to be concerned with now. Let’s face it, he’s got just about the entire world coming down on him now because of this airliner attack.

I was just reading the fluffpo article about the boycott of Eden Foods becuz they are suing the federal government to remove every type of contraception (except vasectomies apparently) from their health plan, and there was this interesting comment about the whole “corporations are people” idea:

“Ironic, they’ve been trying to apply the 14th to corporations. I read that was their whole excuse. If former slaves are to be considered both people and citizens, their logic goes, then so should corporations. What I want to know is, if a corporation is a person, and it can be owned by people, then doesn’t that re-legalize slavery? I wonder if that is their whole point.” (by Brian Amberg)

I thought that was pretty funny, and shows another aspect of the hypocrisy of the Supreme Taliban decision.

annie@30: Interesting! That whole “corporations are people” thing is just such bullshit.

Fredster, did they apply the 14th to the Hobby Lobby case? If so, I don’t get it. I would think the equal rights part would be against Hobby Lobby’s case because they are discriminating against women.

Do any of you Widdershins understand this angle? Prolix?

annie, I’m not sure about whether they did that in the H.L. case or not.

But there were prior decisions where they have ruled on companies and their 14th amendment rights. See the 1886 decision in the link below:

I’m not making fun or anything but:

Where in the world is Casey Kasem?

That’s just cold, no puns intended.

I saw that, about Casey Kasem. I’ve heard that his wife is pretty whacky. She was an actress years ago, she was on Cheers, she was the tall blonde with the long ponytail that was married to Carla’s ex-husband. I think her characters name was Loretta.

Thanks for the motherjones link. I’ve always like them.

annie@35; I didn’t know that about Casey’s wife being on Cheers! 😯

It appears there was lots of bad feelings between the wife and the kids. She threw a pack of raw hamburger at the kids while shouting some kind of biblical mumbo jumbo at them.

It’s never difficult to tell which side motherjones is on, is it? 😉

Heheh! No. I just realized I started reading them in 1994, twenty years ago.

I just realized I started reading them in 1994, twenty years ago.

LOL!! 🙂

Do y’all remember the woman I wrote about, Mickey Easterling, whose daughter had the “visitation” at the theater with her propped up holding a glass of champagne and a cigarette?

Well, the estate has her house up for sale. Very nice looking place, but I don’t see a purchase in my future unless I win the lottery or something!

I remember that. Beautiful home!

annie@42: Yes, and when you looked through the photos it wasn’t difficult to tell which bathroom was Mickey’s. LOL!!!!

I started to put this in last night when I first saw it, but R.I.P. James Garner. I figured it would be better to put it today when there might be more folks around but…
it’s just you and me annie! hahahahahahaaaa!!! I’ll never forget the mobster character he played in Victor/Victoria; it was so hilarious.

I love James Garner. One of my favorite actors of all time. There are so many movies of his I love, and his tv shows too. I never heard anything bad about him either. The people I know who worked on Rockford or his movies all said the best things about him.

He was an Okie with Cherokee heritage, like my mom.

@annie: Ah…I knew he was from Oklahoma but didn’t know about the Cherokee background. Yep he was a very decent guy from what I’ve seen and read lately.

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