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Posted on: July 15, 2014

Good Tuesday afternoon Widdershins. For some reason my thematic gene is not firing today so my offering for your perusal is best described as a little of this and that.

Do you remember the Johnny Carson skit, “The Great Carnac?” It was where Mr. Carson would don a turban the size Carnacof a wash basket, give the answers to questions, then open an envelope and miraculously share the questions to which he had already shared the answers. I have a couple to start — a feeble attempt at a comedic amuse bouche.

Answers: Smallpox and Sarah Palin

Question: Name two toxins best kept in lockdown isolation.


Answers: The Costa Concordia and Rick Perry

Question: Name two things being refloated that are ultimately headed for the scrap yard.

While you are still groaning at my feeble attempt at humor, let me add a little something about the Senate race in Kentucky. Mitch McConnell, in an attempt to appeal to women beyond his fierce turtle magnetism, recently sent a mailer to women voters describing his successes over the years. He was able to provide two, yes, two whole examples.

After 30 years in the Senate, THIRTY YEARS, his two examples of leadership on women’s issues were: Voting to allow women into combat and changing the prosecutorial procedure for sexual assault in the military. So after thirty years, Senator McConnell can proudly say to women, “I’m for your right to die in battle, but if you don’t, I’m also against rape.“ McConnell’s opponent is Alison Lundergan Grimes.

Turning to Speaker John Boehner’s suit against President Obama for his Executive Order lawlessness, there is little mention in most stories that Obama has issued the fewest Executive Orders since FDR.

Another piece of relatively delicious irony is that the issue over which Boehner is suing Obama, the delay of the ACA employer mandate, is an issue the House voted 261 to 164 in favor of delaying. Said a better way, the supposedly spendthrift House of Representatives is spending millions of dollars to sue the President for something they were in favor of in the first place.

While I know few, if any, of you are of the Republican persuasion, but if you were, wouldn’t you be embarrassed if the future of your party’s foreign relations philosophy was being debated by two luminaries like Rick Perry and Rand Paul? One best known for saying, “Oops,“ and the other for a haircut resembling some wayward varmint. The fungible factor is high between the two, not just in their initials, not just being two native Texans, but in their egos writing checks their meager intellects can’t endorse.

One last topic: The crisis of caring for children at our southern border. Notice the way the whole complexion of the problem changes when the emphasis is rightly on the children and not the sterile, now pejorative, word — immigration.

Immigration BusesThe recent demonstrations of angry mobs screaming at buses filled with helpless children and women is a disgusting moment in our history. Where is the compassion? Where is the empathy? These people who have walked, hopped trains, or begged, borrowed, and stolen to get to our border deserve better.

If Glenn Beck can bring food, water, teddy bears, and soccer balls to these children, those who are angry and screaming should take a long hard look at themselves and the Tea Party ideals they claim to espouse.

It is a wondrously confusing thing to me when politicians are so eager to listen to religious leaders talk about contraception, but offer so little quarter to religious leaders who talk about hungry, starving, needy children.

This crisis is certainly one spawned by the unintended consequences of the Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Act. Passed by voice votes with little or no opposition and signed by Dubya, it is a tacit encouragement to tens of thousands of children to risk their lives. There is nothing humanitarian about that. It needs to be fixed, but until it is, we need to be able to answer the questions, “When they were thirsty and when they were hungry,” with a clear conscience and an even clearer determination to fix the broken immigration system.

One last program reminder: Hillary is going to be a guest on The Daily Show tonight. Jon Stewart, in an attempt to assuage his liberal guilt, will undoubtedly offer up some pointed questions. It should be “must see teevee”.

Take this discussion to whatever subject you may wish since this is an open thread.



7 Responses to "A smattering conglomeration…"

Don’t forget Prolix, (if I recall correctly) that the questions for the Great Carnac were hermetically sealed in a mayonnaise jar.

Excellent post, and I love your Carnac jokes! I love how you point out the hypocrisy of the government catering to religion regarding contraception, but not wanting to deal with actual kids. This situation, hitting the mainstream news right after the HL and buffer decisions, is a perfect example of why the whole world needs access to free birth control and educational family planning. Religion still causes so much misery with their shackling of women.

Okay I couldn’t read all of the Wilber bill. I’ll just trust you on its contents. 😉

is best described as a little of this and that.

Not to worry. The Muse cannot be upon us every day; Lord knows I’ve had times just sitting here looking at the screen of the computer. And you’ll probably see a couple of examples of that this week.

My God/dess these are children and these supposed “Christian” forgot the words of Matthew 19:14: But Jesus said to them: “Suffer the little children, and forbid them not to come to me: for the kingdom of heaven is for such.”

I am so sad for my country that we cannot make room for suffering frightened children fleeing from countries that are falling apart.

I don’t care if they let these kids stay, and I think the right wingers protesting at their buses are horrid. But what then? We can’t take in all the worlds children. Our so called leaders need to come up with a humane refuge/immigrant approach that is doable, and deal with the issues in these countries that is causing this bizarre exodus.

Fredster, I tried to slog through that bill this morning, and also gave up. My right brain mind doesn’t take to legalese.

The headline at fluffpo is: POPE: WELCOME THEM.

My message to the pope is: BIRTH CONTROL: MAKE IT AVAILABLE.

The ancient shackling of women by the worlds religion is the basis of this latest catastrophe.

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