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Activist Monday: Lysistrata Reprise, Con Brio

Posted on: July 7, 2014

Good Monday, Widdershins.  Mad is traveling, so you are stuck with me today.

Hop into the Wayback Machine.  Here is a snippit of a post that Mad wrote years ago, when the Stupak Bill was pending:

This “Whisper” campaign, the brainchild of CinieMadamaB and the combined writings of feminists everywhere outraged by the horrible health “insurance” reform bill that emerged from the House, is very simple. It can be summarized in 140 characters or less:

Lysistrata: She Says No. No to Stupak. No to all but HR 676. No money, no volunteering, no votes, no support. NO!

The idea is to spread this idea of Lysistrata to every woman you know. Whether it’s by tweeting, Facebook, phone calls, email or whatever means you choose, just tell them to stand up for themselves and no longer support either political Party until they start supporting you! And if you should happen to be represented by a liberal pro-choice woman who is none too pleased with the Stupak atrocity and the way the Democrats are just expecting women to “take one for the team,” then please tell her so, in no uncertain terms.

Lysistrata, sisters!

This is a great post, and we took heart from it.  That was Lysistrata in a tweetable whisper, and it served us well at the time. Things have deteriorated, and it’s time to begin tuning our tonsils, practicing deep breathing exercises in order to fully project our lovely, rich voices and bellow forth the word “no” from the bottom of our souls.   Practice with me: No, Nyet. Nein. Nofreakinway, Noooooooooooooo. Fuhgeddaboutit. Now, how liberating is that??

Say it loud, and say it proud, Widdershins.  The time has come to let those who would represent us and those who would judge us know exactly how we feel.  No to discrimination, no to being forced to live by the commandments of religion not our own, no to those who would keep us “in our place”.  No to the famous $9.00 oral contraceptives,and there are precisely two of them, neither of which is exactly the gold standard these days.  No, no, no, dammit no.

We have earned the right to equality of treatment and equality of care.  We have earned the right to have our needs met   We have earned the right to be bound by our own religious beliefs, not someone else’s,  We have earned the right to be left alone to live our lives as we see fit.

Just say no to discrimination, and those who would discriminate against us.  We no longer forgive them their trespasses.

This is an open thread.



8 Responses to "Activist Monday: Lysistrata Reprise, Con Brio"

Well, I’d say that sometimes, Fed. Judges having lifetime appointments can be good. Check this out:

I wholeheartedly agree that we should all begin saying “no” louder and with more frequently, but the time to say it needs to be moved upstream from where we usually say it. Right now, Hobby Lobby, the assault on the Voting Rights Act, to some extent 9/11, Iraq, the financial meltdown of 2008, and any number of other FUBARs are a direct result of Bush v. Gore.

WE, as a country, should have stood at that point and demanded that the votes were counted. We should have said no, but unfortunately, Gore wasn’t strong enough or motivated enough — I don’t buy nor have I ever bought the mealy-mouthed “statesman” excuse of Gore used at the time.

Since there’s no way back machine and what is past is prologue, if there is a lesson here — saying NO is the answer to preservation of rights and probably the country.

We have missed the moment any number of times, I fear.

@3, was it that we missed the moment or we chose not to listen to those who called us to action. I fear that it is the latter.

I can’t believe any historian of whatever ilk would not categorize the W years as one of the 5 worst presidencies in history. We can look at any measure, any issue, and it is somehow related to the action or inaction of W and his political goons.

Wow. Cinie. I sure do miss her. Thanks for a good post.

I miss her, too.

There are a lot of folks I miss Pat Johnson does anyone here from her anymore? There are lots of wounds also that need to be healed from 2008, for some of us they really hurt. I hope after Hillary Announces her decision to “un-suspend” her campaign that we can all come together. It will be necessary for the fight ahead to put a woman, our Hillary, in the White House.

If we are going to build a stronger coalition to get this done and Take back Congress and increase our hold in the Senate it will mean burying the hatchet. I think we could mine a lot of support from the Obama Sphere who may feel a Hillary Presidency now would be a vindication of the Democratic Party’s core values.

We need to not get caught up in “Red Herrings” and chasing thing down the rabbit hole. Let me say this loud and clear

“THE TRIPLE M” is alive and working in now…what you have never heard of the Triple M? Yes you have but it has not been named so on my humble desire to give all evil a name the Triple M is the “Manufactured Media Meme.” the Name says it all.

Elisabeth Warren has signed a letter supporting a Hillary Clinton run in 2016. She has stated numerous times that she will not be running for President. Yet the Media is now manufacturing memes that… “Obama Backs Warren” , “Cat Fight between Warren & Clinton”, or “Unnamed Sources say Warren considering 2016 Run.”

Why is this? Like the Birth Certificate meme of 2008, this is was an undying story that sapped energy and never went away even rearing its ugly head in 2012. Thankfully we did not jump at that one here.

Is Warren an issue I doubt it and this is not 2008. The Democrats know that to win 2 consecutive premierships in a row for the Oval they need a Candidate that can win that is one person Hillary Clinton.

So lets get to work rebuilding bridges and not get distracted by the evil Triple M.

Love you all. Fuzzybeargville

Well said, Fuzzy.

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