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Remain Calm, Etc: I Have Seen the Light

Posted on: July 3, 2014

Good Thursday, Widdershins.  Not that there has been much good news of late.  The Supremes have had a banner week serving their corporate masters, other than for their mystifying vote to uphold the bulk of the EPA regulations. Some of their decisions may prove to be the undoing of the Republican agenda, although at this point it appears that the Supreme-Industrial-Religious Complex has had a mighty good week.

Let’s start with the flipping “buffer zone” decision.  Past history of bombings a la Eric Rudolph have been clean forgotten by the Fab Five, and apparently Dr. Tiller’s murder was just happenstance.  What really, really matters above all is the First Amendment right of individuals to speaking “lovingly” to women who go to a clinic to obtain a perfectly legal procedure.  The state of Massachusetts has a few other laws in place that may help somewhat in reducing the onslaught of “affectionate” diatribe that these women will endure, and some clinics are hiring escorts to walk patients into the facility. Therefore we can assume that it will be fine and dandy for protesters to gently touch bankers, brokers, and captains of industry on the arm, and lovingly speak to them of Jesus and the moneylenders?   Can we affectionately share the teachings of Christ with regard to caring for the elderly, the young, the ill and less fortunate?   Or perhaps softly remind them that it will be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven?   I’m certain that they will be ever so grateful, and may amend their evil habits under such a withering attack of love incarnate.   The Supremes left their own buffer zone solidly in place, but the rest of the US is now a wide-open  free speech zone , so our First Amendment rights should apply as readily to financial  centers as they do to an abortion clinic.  How about gun stores?  Shall I bounce down to my local firearms emporium and sweetly advise the customers that the Lord wishes for them to beat their weapons into plowshares?  That He wants them to turn the cheek rather than stand their ground?  I can make posters of dead children, and whisper in dulcet tones that the Lord does not need any more angels blown to bits by gunfire?  I would clearly be exercising my First Amendment right to express my (and the Bible’s) unhappiness with the freewheeling use of their Second Amendment rights, would I not?   I’m only trying to be helpful,  to let them know how much I care and that I can assure the customers that Jesus loves them, despite their misguided, though legal, activities.  I now know that this is my absolute right, written in law and confirmed by SCOTUS.  The Supremes have spoken, and  the right to privacy of a pregnant woman isn’t worth a puddle of warm spit when measured against a protester’s right to free speech, so maybe we should just join them and exercise ours, ad libertarium.

Do not annoy me with Tenth Amendment drivel about business’ rights to free enterprise, because protesters are infringing the clinic gynecologist’s right as well, and apparently that does not measure up to free speech and religion.  Therefore, it is our constitutional right to share our loving opinions with perceived miscreants of all stripes, even when they are going about their perfectly legal everyday lives.  I believe that they require religious redirection, and by God, it’s my constitutional right to share my opinion, free of buffer zones.

I’m not even going to start on Hobby Lobby.  All I know is that industry has once again found a way to get the government to pay for things so corporations don;t have to, as evidenced by the decision to give parity to a “Closely held” religious corporation with a true not-for-profit group.  Do we need to make book on the number of corporate boards that will suddenly undergo a mass epiphany?  Praise the Lord, and pass the federal funding. There is plenty of excellent precedent set by Wal-Mart, McDonald’s, and more companies too numerous to mention that already have the taxpayers footing the bill for Medicaid and SNAP for their employees who are too poorly compensated to afford such luxuries  as food and health care for their children.  What do they care?  They’re already paying lower tax rates than the average person. The only good thing that may come of this will be the ability to get more Democrats voted into office.  Not that they are all that great, but they are better than this.

This is an open thread.


26 Responses to "Remain Calm, Etc: I Have Seen the Light"

The last time I drove past our Planned Parenthood, the protesters were on the landscaped median in the middle of the bloody street, waving their signs into the left lane of the cars whizzing past at 50 mph. They almost caused a pile up, when the cars in front of me were so startled they slammed on their brakes. The median has lots of trees and shrubs and you go around a curve before you get to this spot, so it was a bizarre sight. I thought people were trying to jaywalk at first. The car in front of me made a U turn and whipped around to give them a piece of his mind and I pulled over and called the cops. They were clearly endangering public safety.

I can’t get started on the HL issue today either. They set off the fireworks across the street from us, so I get a houseful every 4th, so I have to get busy on my house.

Did I already say this here, this week? I can’t remember if I posted this here or next door at Upps.

annie@2: How kind of you to offer up your house for festivities. 😉

waving their signs into the left lane of the cars whizzing past at 50 mph.

One good thing about getting older is that should I ever see something like that, perhaps I can take a few of them out and send them to their heavenly reward a tad early. I can blame my old age.

Great post chat!

The only good thing that may come of this will be the ability to get more Democrats voted into office

Sadly, the way the congr. districts have been gerrymandered we won’t be able to make much difference in the House.

@5: I agree, Fredster. If there is a Democrat even running in our congressional district, I am unaware of it. Our current GOPer in the House is a do-nothing but he has nice hair.

Fireworks! Get off my lawn, you damn kids!!!

And don’t even get me started on parades. I hate a parade.

That said, have a great holiday weekend, Widdershins.

I have Debbie Wasserman Schultz.

Here’s an interesting artcle from the Catholic Alliance re Hobby Lobby:

I have Steve Scalise, new whip.


Looks like a great book.

I just wanted the link in there, not a damned 5×7 picture of the book but that’s what came up when I pasted the link in.

And so it begins.

Chat, great post. One hundred percent in agreement with you.

As for buffer zones, the entire “apron” about 200 feet around the Supreme Court is a buffer zone. No teevee cameras, no demonstrations, nothing around the Court itself.

Here’s an article that I didn’t have room for in tomorrow’s post about HL since I wanted to stay away from the political angle. The article opines it is going to be good for Dems this fall.

All righty then. I will make a notation that my rights end roughy 200 feet from the building that permits me to inflict them on others.

@19: I grew up with a kid whose evangelical parents sent him to Wheaton. He was the nastiest, most foul-mouthed little brat I ever knew. Too bad his parents didn’t use birth control.

Bah humbug!!!

@11: A brief musical interlude can be so relaxing.

Happy Fourth, you fabulous women and men feminists.
Baby, You’re a Firework.

Back atcha, Sue.

@ Beata, LOLOL!

Beata@22: I need that for my congress critter since he is indeed the new Republican Whip. 😆

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