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Activist Monday: NOW is it time for the Million-Woman March?

Posted on: June 30, 2014

Good Monday, Widdershins. Excuse the lack of bells and whistles today, I’ve had quite a few internet issues lately. 🙂

Ah, the Scalia Supreme Court. They can always be counted on to be the vanguard of the religious war against women (I’m sure Dick Armey’s Army is thrilled with them today). The latest thing I’m upset about, which is really quite impactful, is the overruling of the buffer zone that Massachusetts state law had required outside clinics that performed abortions. This was a necessary measure due to the violence to which anti-abortion protesters are prone. (No, these fanatics are not appreciative of irony.) I don’t really need to speak about the tragic assassination of George Tillman, or the various bombings of abortion clinics that wingnuts have executed in the last ten years, do I? These are now back on the table, thanks to the highest court in the land.

What tenet of the First Amendment puts conditions on the location from which you are permitted to verbally express your hatred and ignorance? You got it folks, that would be “none.” But please, don’t tell Scalia & Co. this.  After all, they think the women of Wal-Mart were not victims of sexual discrimination because they couldn’t find the discrimination policy written in the company’s HR documentation! This is strike two.

BREAKING…Actually, it’s three strikes now. I just went to get the link about the abortion ruling, and lo and behold – they’ve now ruled that “religious” for-profit, “closely-held” companies don’t have to cover birth control for their employees. Now that’s some “family-friendly” religion! Where’s the umpire to throw these bums outta here? (Unfortunately, the House would have to impeach the Supreme Court justices. That will never happen, because a) they agree and b) they’re too busy perfecting their golf games and fauxraging over Obama’s wussy use of the executive order they didn’t care about when W Bush used it.)

When is this bullsh*t going to be enough? When will American women (and the men who support us) march on the capital and protest this erosion of control of their own reproductive destinies? I don’t know, but I really hope it’s soon. In our “enlightened” country, we are looking at the following for women: a complete loss of access to reproductive control and family planning;  no hope of equal pay for equal work; and a continued severe under-representation in federal and state governments. In other words, we haven’t come a long way, baby…we’re going in the wrong direction. The only ones who can stop it, is we ourselves.

This is an open thread.


32 Responses to "Activist Monday: NOW is it time for the Million-Woman March?"

Apparently, SCOTUS has made a clean sweep of sending us back to the nineteenth century. They’ve also opened the way for busting public unions.

I should add that this union decision is a huge blow to teachers, who are significantly women, and a setback for younger women who have ventured into law enforcement and other traditionally male union careers. Way to go, supremes. Send all those women back to the kitchen, barefoot and pregnant.

I assure you that police and fire unions will continue to have 100% membership. The block vote, pols are terrified of them, and members are pressured until they join. The rest of us, well, not so much.
The only real hold that other public sector unions have is that of due process with the employer. You have no idea how many spontaneous conversions occurred at my hospital.

Yes to a Women’s March on Washington. As I wrote over at Skydancing, I will go in a wheelchair with a feeding tube in me and die trying if necessary. I’m ready.

I was completely blown away by the H.L.. decision. It really makes no sense.

It also makes no sense that H.L. “holds these beliefs” but not so much for their investment portfolios.

And if you find yourself needing some arts and crafts stuff, there’s always Michaels.

I just bought some stuff from Michaels last week for a party. I hope Michaels isn’t part of Hobby Lobby. I don’t think we have Hobby Lobby’s out here.

I am so furious I can’t even think. And about all of the decisions, the buffer zone, Hobby Lobby and the Unions. If you don’t want to pay union dues, then don’t get a job at an industry that is unionized. I can’t believe how fucking hypocritical these rulings are. I’m going to cross post my comments from Uppitys, cuz I have to get to work.

Sophie posted this link which has some of Ruth Bader-Ginsburgs best lines:

The following is my rager from Uppitys over this clusterfuck that the Catholic Supremes have rained down on us:

I’ve been reading for months that Hobby Lobby buys all its crap from China, a country that has forced contraception and abortion on its women. And also, they have drug companies in their portfolios that make these same drugs they are objecting to. It makes my head spin to see such blatant hypocrisy.

If I worked for Hobby Lobby, I would quit immediately, no notice, nothing. They deserve no respect from any woman.

So whats next…do they get to opt out of paying taxes since taxes are used to fund things that would go against their religious beliefs? Maybe Jehovahs Witnesses can opt out of their insurance covering blood transfusions? Christian Scientists opt of providing all the stuff they don’t agree with? Scientologists opting out of mental health care?
Oh, and did you notice this only applies to corporations that are “closely held” or owned by a family? What kind of bullshit is that? If you can’t abide by the regulations that apply to corporations, then you shouldn’t be allowed to have one. This is insanity.
This ruling is a slam against women and their right to make their own health care decisions, pure and simple.

Insurance is part of your pay, pure and simple. How are they responsible for the personal medical decisions that a woman in their employ makes for herself? If a male employee gets his paycheck, goes out and gets drunk and drives and kills a carload of people, do the
owners of HL have bloodguilt for giving him the money to buy the booze? Where will the line finally be drawn when this is over?

Ditto everything Sophie said. I am furious, and need a xanax now. These fucking opus-dei religious nuts have just gutted separation of
church and state. They should have been impeached years ago, for their unethical behavior. Can you imagine them passing this bullshit if it had been a muslim that owned Hobby Lobby?

annie, no Michael’s isn’t part of Hobby Lobby. (hate to put a link here but…)

annie said: Can you imagine them passing this bullshit if it had been a muslim that owned Hobby Lobby?

Someone mentioned that exact same thing in the comments on

Hugo over at Uppity’s posted this new song with lyrics taken from Ginsburg’s Hobby Lobby dissent. It’s great. ( Thanks, Hugo! )

Beata…luv it!

@13: Annie, I’m so upset about this Hobby Lobby decision, my brain’s about to explode. I don’t have any Xanax but I definitely need to lie down.

I haven’t been to upps place in so long I almost hate to go over there because she’lll ask: “Well where the hell have you been?” 😯

@17: Stolen from Hugo!

@19: Hey, Upps is rarely there either. It’s usually Sophie or Imust. It’s safe to go there. I’m sure Upps luvs ya as much as evah, Fredster.

Beata: Here…take one one of these:

Damn that picture was big!

@22: That’s a big freakin’ horse pill!

I know!! Just tried to find a smaller and I can’t. Grrrrr!!

Very cool song. I’m wondering now if this discriminatory ruling towards women will next move to the gay community. Will they be able to say they don’t want to pay for insurance that covers medical treatment for gay people since that is against their religious beliefs? The floodgates have been opened with this decision.

I am also pissed about the union thing as well. If you don’t want to work at a unionized job, then don’t. Work for non-union instead and then when you are in a comfortable place & counting on your retirement and benefits, you can have all the fun of having your job taken away and privatized.

This is an evil day for liberty lovers, women and workers that like job security. A great day for corporations and religious fanatics.

I can’t wait to see Prolix’s take on this monstrosity.

See even years later we reap what was sown in Gore V Bush in 2000.

fuzzy, very true!

@fuzzy and annie: Just another reason we need to make sure that HRC is elected in 2016.

Hillary blasts the Hobby Lobby decision.

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