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Morning Widdershins: Here We Go Again

Posted on: June 16, 2014

Good Monday, Widdershins.  This is the third and final installment in the Cavalcade of Chatblu.  MB should be back and ready to go again next week, and all should be well again in the Valley of the Widdershins.

Things are strange in the Valley of the Democrats.  One would reasonably think that Dems would be wildly celebrating the bounce-back of Hillary Clinton .  She’s clocking as high as a 69% approval rating, which should send both Party members and left-leaning denizens of the Fourth Estate into paroxysms of rapture.  It should especially bring about joy, considering the dearth of great candidates on any stripe on the current horizon.  It should, but it isn’t.

Predictably, the chattering class is at it again.  There is a far-left movement on favor of Elizabeth Warren.  She is a wonderful woman, and after some years of experience will make a terrific candidate.  Senator Warren has admitted as much herself, and is a signatory to a letter endorsing SOS Clinton’s candidacy.  Some time back, Chris Matthews mourned the loss of the “Clinton Democrats”, and vowed to ponder a way to bring them back into the fold. Now Chris  is again raising doubts about her fitness to run.  Hint:  you reviled her last time, then blustered against the women who turned their backs on the Democrats party.  You now wonder aloud why college-educated suburban women have increasingly left the party, yet somehow you cannot grasp the fact that all of this bluster may well be a factor in the defections – it certainly was in mine.

Predictably, Maureen Dowd has hopped aboard the Torpedo Hillary Express.  In a post for the New York Times, MoDo wonders aloud if HRC is too scarred from repetitive battles to ever recover enough to be Madame President.  She then draws a comparison between Sec. Clinton and Elsa from “Frozen”, and muses if Hillary will ever be able to let go and work for the good of the people.  She cites defensive posturing, but seems to miss her own point here:

On NPR’s “Fresh Air,” Clinton grew testy when Terry Gross pressed her on whether the decision to finally publicly embrace gay marriage was a personal evolution or a political “calculus” — now that it’s not as much of a political liability and now that the court has dismantled the dreadful Defense of Marriage Act, which her husband cravenly signed into law in 1996. Clinton said she couldn’t do it as secretary of state. But the vice president was not constrained from saying what was in his heart and pushing the president in the right direction.

Yes, Ms. Dowd?  And your point is what?  Joe Biden is a great guy who never, ever feels a downside to anything that he says or does. He is everyone’s lovable yet slightly crazy uncle.  Hillary Clinton would have been seen as “interfering” and “sabotaging” the President had she said anything even approaching “pushing” the President.  Women should not be “pushy” – remember?  I also remember that he was charismatic, and she was not.  I recall that he opposed the war, she voted for it.  She felt entitled, backed Wall Street, cut deals , etc., while he was fresh, new, innovative, blah, blah, blah.  Y’all missed one point – she’s much more experienced, and tends not to fold like a lawn chair when pushed.  That’s important.

I had spent a little time over the past year wondering if any of the pro-Obama folks were going to perform an Act of Contrition over the mess that they helped to create.  The war is a disaster, the Bush policies are now set in a fresh pool of concrete, and corporate welfare is at an all-time high.  Imagine, if you will, the shrieks from the Professional Left had  a President Hillary pulled off his industry-friendly Health Care Act with input from Max Baucus and Mike Enzi?   Can you imagine them sitting idly by and watching her escalate Afghanistan?

The wars will be forever part of the Bush legacy, but I’m afraid that Barack Obama is going to have to shoulder part of the blame for the wars and for the continued growth of  income inequality as well.  I guess this confirms that, while hope is always good, it takes some grounding and some experience to really promote change.  Hopefully, the American voters will not be sucked into the vortex again, and will permit someone with actual leadership to govern,

This is an open thread.






9 Responses to "Morning Widdershins: Here We Go Again"

Oh hell, I missed Tweety’s comments about her “fitness” to run. He’s been soo up her butt. I did catch one comment he made about how when he criticized her in ’08 it was purely for political reasons and not personal but how the Hillary supporters would chew him out on twitter and other social media. Bullshit Tweety. You were getting very personal and nasty in ’08.

I listened to the NPR thing and I think Terry didn’t want to let it go, fwiw.
And yet yesterday and today i heard about a poll that gives her higher numbers than Obama. Go figure.

Excellent post Chat.

I agree with all your points, but I want to add two thoughts. The first is the difference between Obama and Hillary. Hillary doesn’t care if people don’t like her — the thought of someone not liking or him being unable to policy-mance someone to his way of thinking is what wasted the first term and produced a limp-biscuit healthcare law. An example and why millions of families are the victims of foreclosure is that when a workable, sense-able refinancing program was what efficacious economic policy demanded, Obama bailed. Hillary saw it and knew it would be a tough slough, but knew it was the right thing to do in the long run.

The other point is this and it is on Iraq. No one dares say this publicly since it is catnip for the Republicans, but here it is: Iraq is so broken, the Middle East is so f’ed up, it can’t be fixed. Remember the Colin Powell “Pottery Barn Rule” — I believe he was right, but with this addendum, “Even if you break it, you buy it, but once you pay for it, if it is so badly broken why futz with it if it can’t be fixed, just leave it in the store.” Three Trillion Dollars — I say we paid for it after we broke it.

The Iraq War is the single worst foreign policy decision in the history of the country — even worse, sad to say, than Vietnam. The Iraq War so destabilized the Middle East, much akin to removing a natural predator from an ecosystem, it can’t be fixed until the civil/sectarian wars proceed to a point of burning themselves out and a new equilibrium is established. After a thousand years, we can’t make this tribalism/sectarian battle disappear because we, in all our grandiloquence, believe it should disappear — no matter what a rabid McCain or Lady Lindsay think.

Prolix: When the people over there (Iraq & some here) start referring to the areas as Mesopotamia and/or The Levant, we know it’s really beyond repair. The old W.W.I. division of the area is breaking down and it won’t be put back together.

Two interesting articles from a few years back:

“Do you know the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite?”

After all, wouldn’t British counterterrorism officials responsible for Northern Ireland know the difference between Catholics and Protestants? In a remotely similar but far more lethal vein, the 1,400-year Sunni-Shiite rivalry is playing out in the streets of Baghdad, raising the specter of a breakup of Iraq into antagonistic states, one backed by Shiite Iran and the other by Saudi Arabia and other Sunni states.

That was from a NYT article from 2006 and it appears no one has put this together yet.

and another good one that’s current:

Now I am really confused. In this post, Scott Walker states that the 2016 race cannot be about personality, or HRC will win. Suddenly she has a good personality per the Repubs? I’m developing whiplash


Excellent post, chat. Prolix, I like what you said about Iraq, read it to the family and they loved it. You have a talent for putting truths into easily understandable sentences. (You should be Hillary’s speechwriter!)

Thank you, Annie.

@3: I always liked Oscar Levant. Troubled, yes, but hilarious.

Beata@8: LOL!!!!

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