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Wanted: A babysitter and… You hire a dingo.

Posted on: June 10, 2014

Afternoon Widdershins.

Originally I was going to use the Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl tempest as a jumping off place to explore the differences of principles, values, morals, and ethics. It’s a subject that merits exploration since what we have seen during the last week is contemptuous at best and ominous at worst. Conceptually the subject is crystal clear for me, but for whatever reason I have not been able to capture that clarity to my liking. I’m going to continue working on the piece and perhaps post it in the near future.

In the meantime, I watched this video yesterday and found it enormously entertaining. Likewise, I found it equally cogent and informative.

The subject is net neutrality. I know — boring, boring, boring — but given our collective tethering to the umbilical cord that is the internet, it is vitally important. An apt comparison to the subject of net neutrality would be: Giving someone else the power to determine how fast we think, speak, or hear.

In any event I find the always indignant Brit, John Oliver, rip-roaringly funny — sorta like a Oxfordized Regis Philbin. Oliver offers a succinct, informative explanation of net neutrality, its ramifications, and a call-to-action. That’s right, the FCC has actually asked tech savvy humanoids to give them our opinions on the subject.  This rant actually crashed the FCC’s website. Enjoy!


Let the snark attack begin!

This is an open thread.


17 Responses to "Wanted: A babysitter and… You hire a dingo."

The subject is net neutrality. I know — boring, boring, boring

Not boring at all. For the most part it’s the cable companies whose umbilical we’re attached with for our connection to the net and under that proposed ruling yep they’ll be able to throttle up or down our connection speed. Just dropped your “premium” channels and signed up for Netflix? Good luck in getting a streaming speed fast enough Oh to have real competition in that situation. However Ma Bell’s spinoff companies really can’t compete with the need for speed.

Prolix, Jon Stewart’s take on the Bergdahl situation was, as usual, spot on. He continues to tear the Right a new one sooo well. LOL!

@1, the cleverness of the media companies in this matter is really quite strategically sophisticated. They have taken the big issue of “net neutrality” and hidden it under hundreds, if not thousands, of pages of mundane minutia. All it cost them was millions in contributions. There are no clean hands in this debate.

@2, Vox has a good piece up about Bergdahl — the 12 biggest questions answered.

@4: Phew! I”m glad we got the p.o.v. of Miss Louisiana on this. Almost as good as Miz South Carolina’s response a few years back.

Very interesting 12 questions link.

As for Miss Louisiana, I blame the pageant judge. What’s Miss L supposed to say? “Sir, I don’t think that’s an appropriate question for a frivolous event like a beauty pageant”? The poor thing doesn’t want to destroy her chances because of one ghastly question by a clueless judge. It’d be different if she’d collared a reporter and been gratuitously inane.

Oh, and yes, John Oliver is Brilliant.

“We left some kibble on the table, so please don’t eat the baby, mate.” Said with just the right level of Aussie imperviousness. And liable to work as well as nicely asking the cable companies not to eat the customers.

Hello all I am finally home From Gay Days at Disney tired from my first day back at work. Holy Cow they just announced Eric Cantor has lost his Primary to a Tea Party Candidate.

They are saying that Immigration Reform is dead in this Congress. This could mean large Asian and Hispanic turn out in November voting against Republican Candidates.

LOL! Cantor lost his primary. Can a Tea Party candidate win that seat in November? Is Dick Murdoch Indiana’s junior senator?

Sorry, that should be “Dick Mourdock”. He’s just so easy to forget.

quioxte@6: Point taken. But I always enjoyed the foreign policy section of the beauty pageants. 😉

@8 & 9: Yep, that is indeed a shocker. The chattering class is having a fit right now.

Welcome back Fuzzy!

There’s a foreign policy section ?? 😯 (actually :eyes bug out:)

Just saw that too, about Cantor. He’s in VA isn’t he? Not Indiana? I wonder what the Repubs think about their crazy footsoldiers becoming more crazy and less foot?

@13: I think it’s sometimes confused with the talent segment.

I’m not sure what to even think about the Cantor thing. He wasn’t conservative enough? Oy!

OMG, I am laughing at Cantor! Really reminds me of when that jerk Tom Daschle lost his election when he was Minority Leader for Democrats. It really is very embarrassing, isn’t it!

What does it mean for that election? Is a crazier Tea Partier going to win it?

From what I’m reading, that is a very Republican area, so I’m guessing the crazier Tea Partier is going to win.

But let’s not cry for Mr. Cantor too much. No doubt he has a consulting job, or a lobbyist job, already lined up and is going to make a loooot of money!

DYB said: Is a crazier Tea Partier going to win it?

Probably. It is a very conservative district. And yep, if nothing else, Cantor will get a gig on Faux News. Not worried about him having to sign up for food stamps but I would love the irony of that! 😆

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