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Weekend light fare

Posted on: June 6, 2014



Good Friday to you Widdershins and here’s hoping this will be a great day to kick off the weekend.  As a reminder, this post will be up all weekend and we’ll have a new one up for Monday.  So let’s take a look at some of the odd, strange or amusing things that have crossed Fredster’s computer recently (that is inbetween network outages and software upgrades!)

You knew your granny or gram-maw or nana knew what she was taking about
when she used that lard to make biscuits

I saw this on Huffington Post and the author does seem to believe that we’re missing out on something by not going back to using some lard in our cooking.

Lard — rendered pig fat — was what people used when they needed to make pastry; when dinner needed frying; and even as a quick breakfast, eaten smeared on a piece of bread. So much has changed in our recent history.  Lard is not only out of favor, it’s even considered a derogatory word.  And as Julie Thompson also says “It’s time to let go of the lard stigma and enjoy great pie crust again…”

She says that lard make the best fried chicken “Crisp like a spring morning.”  And hey, no trips to Popeyes for that crispy chicken.

She says it does not smoke at high temps so it’s perfect for frying and roasting and because the fat crystals are large they will make very flaky pie crusts.

Julie says:  “Mexican tamales just wouldn’t be the same without it.”.  Hmmm, didn’t know that and I’ve had a lot of tamales here in B’ham.  There’s a large influx of primarily Mexicans in the area and I’ve had some wonderful Mexican food here in the land of barbeque.

Lard has less saturated fat than butter.  Quelle suprise!  I did not know that.  As Ms Thomson says:

We’re not going to make any health claims about lard — because what do we Taste editors know about health? — but we can report what we’ve learned: lard has 20 percent less saturated fat than butter; it’s higher in monounsaturated fats which are said to lower LDL cholesterol; and it has none of the trans fat that shortening does. Chew on that.

Despite what you may think, it does not impart a pork flavor.

rendered lard — preferably leaf lard which surrounds the loin and kidneys. It makes everything cripsy without leaving a trace of flavor behind.

Vegetables roasted in lard come out crisper than you thought possible.
Okay, so she says. I’m still kinda lost at where I’m gonna buy this stuff.

It’s sustainable  (sigh)  Two things I’m getting weary of hearing are “sustainable” (okay, okay we get it) and “locally sourced” when it comes to food or restaurants discussions.  “Locally sourced” = I have a patch of land behind my house and I grow stuff.

BTW, Julie still never suggested where you can buy the stuff and while I may have seen it in stores when I was a child, I cannot now recall the last time I’ve seen it anywhere.

So if there was ever a good example of the fleetingness of life…

not the mandala in the story

Well it can be found right here.  It seemed that three Tibetan monks had been working on building a mandala.  The mandala in true Buddhist tradition would be destroyed after being painstakingly created, to symbolize the fleeting nature of life.  Three monks had been working on it…and it is delicate, precise work and just about complete.  Now it seems that at the same time this was going on in the Jersey City city hall, there was also a naturalization  ceremony going on at the same time in the bldg. and a little kid got loose and before you know it, jumped into the middle of the mandala and brought it to it’s proposed end except the ceremony had not been held yet.

Wangdu said that while the monks could fix the sides of the mandala, where only tiny portions were disrupted, the middle section, which had depicted eight Buddhas but is now a swirl of colored sand, could not be salvaged.

But within an hour, while 30 residents were inside the City Council chambers across the hall becoming U.S. citizens, the monks found two tables, had them placed them over the mandala and went to work repairing the damage.

“They didn’t want to disappoint anybody,” said Lobsang Chodak, of Newark, whose sister is providing a temporary home for the monks here in Jersey City.

Chodak added that the child who damaged the mandala inadvertently taught everyone the lesson it’s supposed to impart.

“It’s so beautiful and then, next thing, it’s gone,” he said.

Lesson taught.


Sometimes it’d damned if you do or damned if you don’t

So it seems that one Dr. John Yelcick had sex with his partner or lover  David Sellers.  After that, John went to sleep.  Now when he awoke later he realized that David had died.  Now John, being a doctor knew about these things and did what you would expect a doctor to do.  He put dead David’s body in David’s car, drove it from Lancaster PA to a parking lot in York PA.  David’s body was found four days later.  Now, not only was Dr. John a doctah, but he was the chairman of the Lancaster General Hospital pathology department and I’m williing to be that olde doc John knew what would happen to poor David locked up in a car in a parking lot for four days in.  According to another article, the doc said “he ‘panicked’ because he was afraid Sellers had drugs in the home and of possible repercussions if he called 911, according to a report by York Dispatch. He also says he tried to perform CPR.”  The good doc was sentenced to 15 days in jail and pleaded guilty to the abuse of a corpse and evidence tampering for moving the body of 45-year-old David Sellers on Sept. 13.  He was also ordered to pay $4000 in funeral costs and a $2500 fine.  Sellers’s sister told Yelcick: ‘You took everything that had to do with my brother and you tossed it out,’

“My God, you’re a doctor.’  ‘You let him decompose beyond recognition,’ she added. ‘I never got to see his body or say goodbye. They had to remove his body wearing haz-mat suits.’

So you’re Brad Pitt in nola and when you look across from your balcony
to another you see Matthew McConauhey

So what are ya gonna do?  Well since you’re on your balcony having a beer, you’ll just toss one over to Matthew to enjoy on his balcony.

Oh there’s Brad!

So I wonder if Matt’s thirsty?  I’ll toss him a beer.

Did he catch the beer?

Oh hell Drew Brees is there too!  Shit I hope he doesn’t comment on my throw.  And what’s that
in Drew’s hands?  Did he get some sammiches from one of those Jimmy John’s that he owns?

Pics courtesy of Buzzfeed.

 Some assorted youtube vids

According to YouTube videographer Zain the Pain, this bug played with this piece of popcorn in exactly this way for over three hours. It’s completely insane.

What is actually happening here? Science writer Kyle Hill suggests the bug is having an existential crisis.

Here’s one of those clips of planes landing and taking off in crosswinds that you never want to see before *you* leave on a trip.  (Did I use this one before?)  Long clip

The next one is just your typical goat riding with a guy on a motor cycle in Addis ababa

This last one is Anderson Cooper’s own b’day tribute making the ridiculist .

Okay like I said, this post will be up for the weekend and will be an extremely open one.  Feel free to come by and comment on anything you wish.  Puhleeeezzeeee!

Oh and one last thing:

Let’s not forget today is the anniversary of D-Day, June 6th 1944.  Let’s take a moment to remember the folks who fought to give us our freedoms today.  Another site to check out is this one.

Normany beach          Invastion Map  To quote from the second site above:

On June 6, 1944, more than 160,000 Allied troops landed along a 50-mile stretch of heavily-fortified French coastline, to fight Nazi Germany on the beaches of Normandy, France. Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower called the operation a crusade in which, “we will accept nothing less than full victory.” More than 5,000 Ships and 13,000 aircraft supported the D-Day invasion, and by day’s end, the Allies gained a foot-hold in Continental Europe. The cost in lives on D-Day was high. More than 9,000 Allied Soldiers were killed or wounded, but their sacrifice allowed more than 100,000 Soldiers to begin the slow, hard slog across Europe, to defeat Adolph Hitler’s crack troops.



33 Responses to "Weekend light fare"

I just realized that mb is on vacay in the south of France, chat is being fumigated and is absent and Prolix had nasty weather in his part of the country, which is now dropping down to *my* part of the country. Heh. I should have disabled the comments thingie as this will probably be the only one. 😆

@1, nope, you’ll have at least two comments.

Chat I hope you have a nice time at your conference, I’m sure MB is enjoying the south of a truly civilized country, Fredster, I hope your weather isn’t too bad. The other night it got kinda dicey — lots of wind damage, lots of rain in a very short time — 4-5 inches in an hour or so. Everyone is jumpy what with the town being destroyed by a tornado. Those kinds of events have a way of focusing your attention.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Prolix@2: I have to tease with mb and use morning schmoe’s schtick with Meeka saying she’s at her villa in the south of France.

The other night it got kinda dicey — lots of wind damage, lots of rain in a very short time

That’s what we may have here. So far it hasn’t been too bad. And yep, know about those tornadoes. I absolutely hate them because you just don’t know when the damned thing is going to drop out of the sky right on top of you.

Have a good weekend P. (as the wx radio goes off again!)

The BBC has some great collections of historical photos from D-Day and of the current commemorations. There’s a picture of one veteran who looks maybe 65, 70. He’s 100! And those landing boats were HUGE. The sheer scale of that operation, the planes, the ships, the boats, the tanks, the heavy guns, is breathtaking. Most of all, the mindboggling bravery of running out of a boat into waist-high water while machine guns fire at you.

That weather headed your way looks scary. The Beeb (it’s where I get my news 🙂 ) had pictures of baseball size hail in Iowa and dented cars with smashed windscreens.

quixote: I’ve been watching some shows on the History channel on the invasion and just now on Maddow’s show she had a story about an 89 year old man who’s in a “care” home in England who wanted to go to the commemoration in Normandy but was told something like “the bus is full-sorry.”. Well he went missing and that was reported to the local police and it turns out he sneaked out of the home, got on the ferry to cross the channel and the home was contacted by the French that he was there! He even put on his medals before he left the home!

On the weather, thank goodness the wind portion wasn’t too bad but my Lord, the lightning was fierce! I basically shut everything off (computer and tv) and got into bed. Haha! The worst has passed now, thanks goodness.

Fredster, hubs & I are sitting here enjoying your wonderfully bizarre stories. The bug was hilarious, especially with the Wagner in the background. The planes in the wind shear (is that what they call it) were terrifying. Hubs wants to look at a larger version of the map. My great uncle George was at D-Day, but he was in the back section of the armada, so didn’t see much action, but had lots of interesting stories. I wish I had written them down. I think he was in Gen Bradleys army. My dad was in training here in Calif on D-Day. Its an amazing saga, I never get tired of learning new things about it.

I can’t believe the weather you poor people are getting. Good lord, hail, lightning storms. Its summer here, beautiful mild days in the mid 80s.

In that goat vid, it looks like the goat is driving. Very cute.

Hey annie! Tell your hubby just to google D-day invasion maps. To be honest, I forgot where I downloaded that one from. I think it was wiki but not I’m not sure.

annie said: Its an amazing saga, I never get tired of learning new things about it.

So when you, hubby and Laker come to nola to visit (wink), you can go to the WW II museum. It started out as the D-Day museum and then it has just grown.

That looks amazing. We will definitely go there someday!

and you know you’ll hear great music.

Yes, we want to go to Preservation Hall. My Dad did, in the 70s.

annie@13: Oh there’s much more than that. A lot of the really good music clubs aren’t even in the Fr. Quarter but rather down below the Qtr. in what’s called the Faubourg Marigny. I’ll make up a list of places (see if they have websites) and send them along to you. You and hubby can make a bucket list. 😉

Fredster, make a list of places that people should visit in NOLA and post it on site! It would be a great resource.


Okay…sounds like an idea!

How have you been?

@16: I’m okay. Been working in the garden. Otherwise, I’m conserving my energy for Hillary 2016!

That sounds great.

No Triple Crown this year. California Chrome lost the Belmont. Sad face.

Beata@17 Sounds like the gardening might be relaxing. Are you working on flowers or a veggie garden?

@20: Flowers. It is very relaxing to look at after the work is done. A friend of mine called it “salubrious”. He must be related to Prolix.

I’m a lard fan, btw. My grandmother always used it. Made the best pie crusts evah! She lived to be 98.

Matthew McConaughey in a 1992 Trisha Yearwood / Don Henley video:

A friend of mine called it “salubrious”. He must be related to Prolix.

LOL! And I had you especially in mind when I found that article on lard. 🙂

Shoot! Nasty thunderstorm heading into the area with lots of lightening. Time to unplug the ‘puter.

I remember that song, but didn’t know there was a video with M.M. in it. He looks like a teenager there…maybe he was! I’ve stood next to him, btw, and he is about my height, 5’8″, altho hubbie says he is shorter. Most actors are much shorter than they look on the screen.

Trisha has a beautiful voice. I’m not a big country fan, but I have bought her cd’s because I love her singing.

Most actors are much shorter than they look on the screen.

I didn’t know MM was that, uh, height.(started to say short!) I know Dree is 6 ft because the sportscasters always talk about him being short for a quarterback, but he’s still doing pretty well. 😉

Very interesting about lard. I think Sophie (Uppity’s) makes her own. My grandma used it also, and her pies were off the charts. I will have to look into it. I think Whole Foods has one. I remember when I worked at McDonalds when I was 16, there were these huge white squares that were put in the fryers for the french fries and they were half lard half hydrogenated vegetable oil. Later, people objected and they took out the lard, but I’m sure the vege oil they use is something unhealthy. And the fries didn’t taste as good, so of course they added in some kind of glutamate (excitotoxins) to enhance the taste. Healthy, huh?

In the early 90s I worked for a natural herb company, and they make a marigold ointment that is good for healing and the original base was lard. They said lard was healthier and absorbed better because of the cell size or something, but the vegans campaigned against it and I still buy this ointment but now it is made with hydrogenated palm oil for the base.

Beata, am glad you enjoyed your gardening. I need to work on my little yard.

Fredster, stay out of that t’storm! Gosh, I can’t believe how insane the weather is back east.

Fredster, when I worked at the Country Club and had actors coming in all day long, I was amazed at how most of them were shorter than me, and looked at least 10 years older than they do on the screen. Everything is fake in Hollywoodland.

annie said: Everything is fake in Hollywoodland.

From what you’ve told us, I truly believe it!

I really did the find the lard article interesting, esp. the idea of using it when roasting vegetables. The other things, making pie crusts and making biscuits from scratch I’m probably not going to be doing – I don’t even know the last time I saw a rolling pin. LOL!

It’s time for a rerun of one of my favorite videos.

“Come on, Julie, have some lard!”

@Beata: I love it!

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