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Boys who cried victim…

Posted on: May 23, 2014

Good afternoon Widdershinners.

Dinesh D'Souza

Dinesh D’Souza

Do you remember Dinesh D’Souza? Well, Mr. D’Souza has a dilemma. By pleading guilty to a federal election charge which he claims is a Obama Administration vendetta, he has become a willing co-conspirator in the plot against himself. Can one plot against himself?

A little context might be helpful. Mr. D’Souza is the gentleman who cooked up the theory a few years back that President Obama was an African anti-colonialist through the gene pool of his father and thereby, secretly hated white people. D’Souza claims to know this because he is from India.  He then followed up his abracadabra theorem with the movie 2016: Obama’s America.

Of course those two things made D’Souza a Fox Network fixture especially with Sean Hannity (the dumbest man to have ever been paid to talk on teevee). He was the hottest ticket at all the conservative conclaves. In short, D’Souza was dah bomb.

D’Souza’s day job was serving as President of The King’s College, a small evangelical school in Manhattan. Things were looking d’lish for D’Souza until he went to a Christian conference and ran into some people. Not a problem so far. On D’Souza’s arm was a delightful twenty-nine year old young lady. Still not a problem. D’Souza introduced the young lady as his fiancé.

2016  Obama's AmericaStill not a problem except that the people knew D’Souza. They knew he had been married for twenty years — to someone else. Although he was in the process of getting a divorce, technically he was still married. Still not a big problem except that the young lady was also married — to someone else.

When the story got out as these stories inevitably do, the Board of The King’s College thought it best to allow D’Souza go do great things somewhere else. I guess evangelical schools take a dim view of premarital sex between two consenting adults when they are post-nuptial married to someone else. Go figure?

Then came the 2012 election cycle and D’Souza made several large contributions to a candidate in the name of other people. His generosity was an ill-advised ploy to circumvent contribution caps. That’s worse than canoodling with someone else’s wife since the penalty carries a possible seven-year prison term.

D’Souza claimed he didn’t know it was against the law.D'Souza Tweet

Now here’s where it gets good. There was a problem with D’Souza’s story since there was a tape of him admitting he knew the contributions were illegal and if caught, he said he would plead guilty. Seems as though the cuckolded husband of the twenty-nine year old suspected something was rotten in Denmark when it came to D’Souza and he was taping his then-wife.

It is against this backdrop that D’Souza now claims this is all a big plot by the Obama administration. D’Souza has supporters — it’s the regular rogues’ gallery of truthers, birthers, anti-fluoriders, anti-Bureau of Land Managementers, and of course Ted Cruz. Generally speaking, the people who see invisible black helicopters everywhere.

D’Souza is a firm believer the best defense is a good offense. Through his victimhood, he exhibits play number one from the conservative playbook — turn opinion into a warped version of reality.

Boy Crying WolfFor another example, Fox led their “fair and balanced” 6:00 news report with a “breaking news” alert from former Secretary of the Treasury Tim Geithner’s 528-page book Stress Test. They focused on one sentence nestled in the 528 pages.

The one-sentence that was Fox’s top “news” story was Geithner’s resistance in White House meetings to painting too rosy a picture about Social Security in the “out years” of an economic forecast for 2030 and beyond. For Fox, this meant that Benghazi, the IRS, Fast and Furious, and whatever else that was out there were all cover-ups and we were all victims.

Simply put, out of a 528-page book, Fox took one sentence describing a White House meeting where Geithner registered discomfort at being too optimistic about 2030 economic forecasts and led their “news“ with it. Turning an opinion into a victimhood reality for the 65+ age cohort of Fox News.

Another example was last Friday’s column by Cal Thomas (I was stuck without anything else to read). Thomas’ Cal Thomascolumn was an exemplary model of turning opinion into faux victimhood without a hint of sustainable fact. Thomas presented a Teflon hodgepodge of unrelated tidbits to make a case for the concerted aggravated martyrdom of Christians.

Through conjecture and loosely woven innuendo, Thomas opined there was a cultural double standard exhibited between Michael Sam and Tim Tebow. His examples of the unwarranted ostracizing of Tebow were an SNL skit and anonymous comments posted to sports stories at The Huffington Post.

In Thomas’ mind, those two things mean there is a war on religion and Christians are being persecuted. In other words, all Christians are victims because of Lorne Michaels and a bunch of basement dwelling Cheetos-eating teenaged boys with access to computers.

D’Souza, Fox, Thomas, and their ilk all cry victim at the first hint of scrutiny. The first reaction is not self-examination or reflection, but being “put upon” by the world-at-large. They can continue to cash in on their “victimhood for profit” model, but there will be a day of reckoning where they will realize that sometimes you get the wolf, but sometimes the wolf gets you. At some point their paranoia credit card is going to max out because facts are stubborn things.

This is an open thread.



12 Responses to "Boys who cried victim…"

Oh I cry “bullshit” on Mr. D’Souza’s ignorance of the campaign laws. The man is too intelligent for ignorance to be an excuse.

And I wondered where the Michael Sam/Timmeh thing came from. I’ve seen people spouting that story lately. SMH

He appears to be equally ignorant of matrimonial laws as well.

@2: True dat!

Here’s another thing: I didn’t even know Cal Thomas was still alive! o_O

I doubt he is, Fredster. Judging by the photo, he’s being held up by camera-transparent monofilaments.

quixote said: he’s being held up by camera-transparent monofilaments.

That must be what they did with Mickey at the Saenger in nola holding the champagne and a cig. 😆

@5: Applause!

Hilarious story about that arrogant creep D’Souza. If he didn’t know it was illegal, why did he use other peoples names?

Hello all sorry I have been so absent I have been busy at work and under the weather. I hope to be back soon. Much Love and hugs Fuzzybear.

Feel better, Fuzzy.

@4 ROFL, Fredster! I didn’t think ole Cal was alive either. He looks kind of embalmed to me.

Hello folks, I’m also absent due to work craziness. I hope everybody is relatively well in “the America we have, not the America we want.” Thanks, Chat, for that sad but true sentiment.

Sorry that I was away yesterday, but y’all had the exact same reaction about Mr. D’Souza I did. The man is a creep — he saw the opportunity of being an arch-enemy of Obama and sprang like a cobra. Fox just couldn’t get enough of him — until…

Given the workload of Karma, sometimes it takes her a little time to get around to everyone who needs a visit from her, but she does have a way of sorting such things out.

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