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Light Fare for a Saturday

Posted on: May 10, 2014

May Flowers

May Flowers

Good afternoon Widdershins and welcome to another installment of Saturday Light Fare.  Once again we’ll take a look at some of the odd or humorous things I’ve come across on the web. No heavy thinking required today.

Taking a bite out of crime?

Um, maybe not so much in Rio de Janeiro Brazil.  Rio, as you may know will be hosting the World Cup of Soccer finals in June and July this year.  Naturally, as politicians anywhere want to do before a big event, the ones in Rio are trying to crack down on crime.  Perhaps the futility of that was shown by an interview with this woman in Rio.  As she was being interviewed about crime issues in the city, a mugger comes up behind her and rips a necklace off of her neck.

Recently, a Brazilian newspaper reported that 14 ATM machines in Rio’s main international airport were used to duplicate tourists’ debit cards. NPR also notes that the city has seen a 118% rise in robberies on buses, and a 121% increase in cellphone robberies in the past year.

According to a story on NPR,

Last month, Rio’s state government had to ask for help from the federal government to pacify the vast slum complex known as Mare, home to 130,000. Despite tanks on the streets, there have been shootouts between drug gangs and security forces in recent days.

“It’s really difficult [here in Rio]; the population is at the mercy of the criminals [and] we need more people to help us here,” another woman told Globo TV in an interview after the necklace attack.

Now I don’t know much about soccer, but I do know how some of the fans themselves can get pretty rowdy.  I recall some of the riots or near riots that occurred when some of the European teams were in the finals.  So perhaps it’s the Brazilian street criminals who should beware.

“Her crazy”

Or so said the little girl who, along with her mom, Danya Bennett, got caught in a scuffle between a store owner and a woman who wanted to get some paper currency for her jar of change.

…a woman became furious with a storeowner when he declined to exchange dollar bills for her jar of coins. Surveillance video shows the woman aggressively pointing at the owner of the A Plus Food Mart in Mt. Dora, Florida before knocking items off the counter.

Kami Johnson and her mom were sitting outside between the store and a laundromat when the argument between the store owner and the woman moved outside.  The woman tried to take a swing at the owner but ended up hitting the child instead.

The owner said he tried to explain to the woman he had other customers and he didn’t have time to sort through the jar

But after getting increasingly frustrated, video shows the woman knock over virtually everything on the counter.

The owner followed her outside. He said she was screaming racial slurs and threatening to kill him and Bennett’s family.

Surveillance video then shows the customer throw a punch, but what isn’t exactly clear is where it landed.

“When she was trying to swing at him she hit me,” Johnson said.

The seven-year-old has a bruise on her face, and said she’s having nightmares. Mt. Dora Police will only say they are reviewing the case, and the investigation remains open.

“I’d like to see justice served, it’s aggravated assault and I’d like to see her behind bars,” Bennett said.

The TV station has the store video posted and you can see it here.

So what do you do with a drunken elephant?

Answer:  anything the elephant wants to do!  Seems there is this plant in South Africa called marula fruit.

Like apples on the ground, Marula fruit ferment after they fall off a tree. An African legend describes the results, and these photos provide the evidence, showing the massive pachyderms as they get hammered. In fact, eyewitnesses described the elephants stumbling, falling over and otherwise displaying signs of boozing familiar to humans.

You can go here and watch a slideshow of the “drunken” elephants cavorting around.


Oh it’s just the way we do things down here…

Mickey Easterling, a “matron” of the arts and socialite in New Orleans for years passed away recently.  Rather than send her out quietly, her daughter Nanci Myke decided to send her out in a manner that Mickey would truly appreciate:  being the center of attention with champagne and having a smoke using her favorite cigarette holder.  Mickey’s farewell at the Saenger theatre even made it to the gossip site dlisted, and I don’t know if Mickey would have objected to the title “Hot Slut of the Day” or not.  Probably not.  Concerning the farewell, Naci said:

“There’s no program,” she said, “It’s really more of a …” She paused and searched for the words, then continued, “It’s a really nice way to say, ‘The party’s over.’ ”

And to accomplish that, Nanci rented the Saenger and sort of recreated Micky’s garden and there was Mickey, sitting on a wrought iron bench, feather boa draped over her.

Friends of the local philanthropist, socialite and party hostess packed the gleaming marble foyer of the Saenger Theater on Canal Street, plucking champagne and fried eggplant from the trays of passing waiters. Music sounded from a jazz combo parked on the balcony overhead.

And apparently this wasn’t the first time something like this was done in Nola:

There is a precedent for this type of send-off. Close observers of local funeral rites will remember “Uncle” Lionel Batiste’s wake in 2012, where the Treme Brass Band drummer leaned against a faux street lamp. Beer and barbecue were served at the funeral home on St. Philip Street while Batiste presided in a natty sportcoat and sunglasses.

A long-time friend of hers handled the, uh, “costuming” and set design for the event.

To Easterling’s right, on a small table, sat a bottle of her favorite Champagne, Veuve Clicquot, and in her right hand was a Waterford crystal Champagne flute of the kind she used to carry around with her sometimes when restaurant glassware wouldn’t do.

Said one of her friends:

“There were so many fabulous women in New Orleans who really had this mission to live life to the fullest and help the arts,” Marjorie Gehl said. “These grande dames are all sort of gone.”

Gehl sat with two other friends, Diane Fee and Betty Davidson, who used to accompany Easterling to the opera. All agreed that one last party seemed like a fitting wake.

Davidson recalled when Easterling used to ride around “with a trunk full of iced Champagne,” picking up friends. No one could remember if it was a Rolls-Royce or a Bentley she used to drive.

“You can’t expect the women to remember what type of car,” Fee quipped, but agreed that drinks at the Saenger would have pleased Easterling. “It’s very much like she would have planned.”

If you go to the Advocate link, there is a picture gallery of the “farewell” and you can check Mickey out. She’s even wearing her diamond “bitch” brooch.

A couple of youtube clips

The Zurich Classic golf tournament was recently held in nola and Louisiana born John Petersen had to help out a fellow golfer when he came across a hazard that should have been in the water.  Good thing they had one of those rakes handy.

I don’t mean the following clip to be a downer or anything but rather what a wonderful source of therapy our pets can be.

This final clip is of one of our wounded warriors back from Iraq.  He worked with a bomb detection dog, Cila, over there.  When he found out that Cila was going to be retiring too he started checking into what he had to do to try to get Cilia home with him. This is the video of when Cila arrived at O’Hare and she totally remembered her former partner.

Okay Widdershins, that’s all I have today.  If you so feel, let me know below what’s going on in your world today.

This is a waaay open thread.



15 Responses to "Light Fare for a Saturday"

Fabulous selection of Saturday stories! Loved the drunken elephants. Laker will love that one also–will show him when he rolls out of the sack. He’ll also love the part about the vet. He did his big research essay on Iraq/Afghan vets and their VA healthcare, and not only did he get an A, the prof wants to use it for an example for her other classes. He will get an A in the class now.

I don’t see why the woman who hit the little girl wasn’t arrested, and charged with assault and battery. They’re “looking at it”? Nuts.

I like the New Orleans story. I’ve read about Brazils crime rate. Its on my list of places to not go to.

annie said: Its on my list of places to not go to.

annie, you’re list of places not to go is getting pretty big there. 😉

Tell Laker congrats on his paper and the class! i don’t have the info handy right now but I believe there are programs out there where they are trying to place dogs with veterans who have PTSD for therapy purposes.

Dogs help everything/

@6: That’s true!!

Congrats to Chelsea! She received her doctorate today at Oxford! 🙂

Better link here.

Agree about dogs. Dogs are used more and more for different types of ailments. I know laker did cite something from Army Times, but don’t remember exactly what it was.

Wonderful for Chelsea, what a year for her.

@3, you’re probably right Fredster! I traveled a lot when I was young and single and had some fun adventures in exotic countries, but now that I’m old and a mother, do not want to go any place dangerous.

annie@10: Can’t say I blame you on avoiding possibly dangerous places. It’s not cheap to travel these days, nor is it easy to go out of the country (TSA at the airport) so you don’t want to go places where you have to constantly look over your shoulders for the local thugs!

Fermenting fruit contain a *lot* of alcohol. Pigs are famous for eating rotting fruit in orchards and getting plastered. Jungle pigs, ie wild ones, do that too. An elephant in that condition would be pretty damn intimidating!

The Brazil story is amazing. Necklace snatching is one thing, but doesn’t he see he’s on camera? 😯

quixote@12: Well no one said he was a smart thief! 😆

Fredster, we went to see a Looziana guitarist tonite, Tab Benoit. He was fabulous. He told funny stories between all the songs. (whenever we see a nawlins or looziana artist, they always tell lots of funny stories.) We all thought of you and wished you had been with us.

annie@14: Glad you all had a good time!

When y’all win the lottery or somehow have lots of cash to spare you’ll have to try to make it to the Jazz and Heritage Festival (JazzFest) held in April or May. I think I saw that this year they had over 400,000 attend with the two weekends of the Fest. The problem is, it’s pricey: $75/person per day or $50 if you got tix online before hand. In my opinion that’s just too expensive, although they did have a great lineup this year.

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