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Antipsychotics tea…

Posted on: May 9, 2014

Good afternoon Widdershins.

This past week’s spattering of primaries and their postmortems gave us premature obituaries of the Tea Party in its various incarnations. Most of the headlines were, “They Lost, Is This the End of the Tea Party?”

Chihuahua Tail

I’d suggest for your consideration, if the tail is wagging the dog, does that mean the tail has lost when the dog is patted on the head? The Republican Party has moved so far to the right to accommodate the rabid Tea Party base, it occurs to me — what difference does it make what you call the lurch to the right?

There has been some writing about this. This opinion piece suggests the only real difference between the Republican Party and the Tea Party is, and has always been, tactics. A one-upmanship of the sort seen in ads where one candidate shoots the Affordable Care Act with a gun, another candidates goes one better and burns it with a blowtorch, while a third cuts it up in bite sized pieces and eats it with a nice red sauce.

In my humble opinion, the attention lavished on the Tea Party and the politics for profit crowd now leading it, is misplaced. The real story is, as it has always been, what will the policies do to the country? We’ve had ample evidence of the failure of austerity programs in Europe, but we have heard time and again from the crusading Right, “You can’t measure austerity’s success based upon the European experience because, well, they’re European and France is in Europe isn’t it?”

Sun glassed dog buttUniversal philosophical blinders of that ilk cause me to always be on the lookout for good old Amurican examples. We have one straight from the heartland — Kansas.

Governor Sam Brownback of Kansas was a Tea Partier before there was a Tea Party. Elected in 2011, he has set out to transform the amber waves of grain into a laboratory for fiscal conservatism not before seen. Where better? The relative political spectrum of Kansas ranges from a scarlet hue to crimson with the vast majority of the voters hovering around a subdued fire engine red.

So Brownback, a disciple and a beneficiary of the Brothers Koch whose Koch Industries are headquarter in Wichita, proclaimed, “Our new pro-growth tax policy will be like a shot of adrenaline into the heart of the Kansas economy.” In a three word review, “not so much.”

Brownback cut income taxes by the nation’s largest percentage in 2012 and put the state on a six-year plan of continuing to cut taxes through 2018. In addition, he eliminated all income tax on business profits from partnerships and limited liability corporations.

To pay for this largesse, he cut K-12 education, colleges, libraries, local health departments, courts, and assistance programs for the poor. Still not enough, the state is looking at a general fund shortfall of $900 Million by 2018 — a “can’t have” in a state with a constitutional requirement for a balanced budget.

What have these policies wrought in terms of personal income growth? Last year, Kansas lagged behind neighboring Oklahoma, Colorado, Nebraska, and Iowa — it was on par with Missouri. Both Applebee’s International and Boeing have left or are leaving the state. School funding has become so critical that the State Supreme Court ruled in March that cuts to aid programs designed to close the gap between rich and poor students violated the state constitution.

2012 Debaters

So whether this failure is credited to the Tea Party, the Republican Party, or the plain old pedestrian Right, what difference does it make? Failure is failure and it stinks just the same.

The Republican powers-that-be, namely Prince Reince, had issued an edict that come 2016, there will not be another embarrassing cavalcade of Republican debates. I can understand that — just how many times can you explain away failure? My only suggestion to Prince Reince would be to take heart — researchers have found that antipsychotic drugs reduce the rate of violent crime — perhaps there is hope for a similar breakthrough for the amalgamated Tea Republicans.

This is an open thread.




11 Responses to "Antipsychotics tea…"

A round of lithium for the House!

Tea by any other name still tastes the same. Yes, the Republican party (and so much of the Democratic party) has lurched so far to the Right that the Center is a dot on the horizon to them. Now Obama is praising Wall-mart! Who needs the Tea Party with Democrats like him?

Great post, Prolix. I will add Kansas to the list of states that we will not be going to in the future. Obama is praising Walmart?

Isn’t it odd that these states like Kansas and New Jersey and La too, have these governors that say the key to economic nirvana is to cut taxes right and left and yet they are dealing with budget shortfalls right now. Bobby’s idea to sell off the state charity hospitals to private owners has been slapped down by CMS and may blow a $200-300 million dollar hole in the state budget.

annie said: I will add Kansas to the list of states that we will not be going to in the future.

Really. I mean there’s nothing there. Toto and Dorothy left a long time ago. LOL!

@1 No lithium for Bachman. She’s manic enough already. And delusional. I think they should all have a nice cocktail of Haldol twice a day and be carefully observed for several weeks to see if the delusions diminish.

@1 Of course, they could have the Rolls-Royce med Abilify, because at over $300.00 a month they can afford it. Eliminates most delusions too. Let’s see, maybe there should be one of those check off boxes for donations on the IRS forms. You know, right after organ transplants, and saving the trees, “would you like to donate $1.00 for antipsych meds for the congresscritters?

Lithium will help with mania. Lake Odessa has naturally high lithium levels, and the surrounding towns have correspondingly low rates of violence. No, no Abilify. We cover their insurance.

chat said: No, no Abilify. We cover their insurance.

That’s right. Give ’em that good ole standby Thorazine. Then put ’em in their slippers and let them do that “Thorazine shuffle” walking around in circles.

I vote for the Thorazine. It’s cheap and “the slipper shuffle” should render them harmless.

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