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The Obamas Meet the Queen: A Play in One Embarrassing Act.

Posted on: April 14, 2014

Our Madamab is feeling puny with  some type of respiratory crud like many of us have had recently so I found this hysterical play that she did back in 2009.  Some things just remain the same.  Enjoy!

Oooh, nuance!

Not Again!

Note: Thanks to commenter jules, for the inspiration for this play!

THE SCENE: Buckingham Palace. HER MAJESTY QUEEN ELIZABETH and her consort, PRINCE PHILIP, are lying in bed in their elaborate, gilded suite. It’s been a long day – they’ve just spent it with America’s First Couple, BARACK and MICHELLE OBAMA. They are both exhausted, but not ready to go to sleep just yet. They are wearing monogrammed, silk pajamas with royal crests on them. Reading glasses and old-fashioned nightcaps adorn their royal heads. HMQE is reading The Guardian, while PP is reading OK!.)

HMQE (acerbically, putting down the newspaper): Any good pictures of Britney today, darling?

PP (absorbed): Hmmmmm?

(PP looks over at his wife, reads her mood, and puts down the magazine.)

PP (sympathetically): What is it, darling? Are you still upset about today?

HMQE (bursting out with repressed frustration): Of course…

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8 Responses to "The Obamas Meet the Queen: A Play in One Embarrassing Act."

Well this is interesting. It seems a Russian jet decided to buzz an American destroyer in the Black Sea. In international waters by the way.

It’s a shame the Cook didn’t light up the plane.

it’s time to see if DYB will do an update post?

chat@2: Yep, I was thinking the same thing.

D: Are you around?

If you want to watch the lunar eclipse and your weather is crappy like ours is right now, you can go online to watch it at:

We have been watching the eclipse, laker & I. Its very cool!

Enjoyed the play, Fredster, thanks for posting. I remember that event & we talked about it @ Uppitys. I scrolled through the comments and saw a lot of names I remembered from years past.

I’m floating!

I keep trying to envision how the US would react to a Russian warship off the coast of, say, Florida. They’d be all calm and rational about it. Right?

(What an unholy mess this whole situation is.)

Quioxte@7: I don’t know about now, but previously, subs from the USSR used to park themselves off our coasts.

I agree completely with this:

(What an unholy mess this whole situation is.)

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