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“Christian values” in selecting politicans

Posted on: April 9, 2014

angry-preacherGood afternoon Widdershins.I have been having a very s-l-o-w internet connection tonight and into this very early morning.  I did not realize this until I started to run Windows updates since I had the little icon in the tray that indicated I had some to install.  So the download started and eventually finished adn then Windows started the installs.  It took so long I stopped it twice.  Then came the “you have to restart Windows now” schtick.  I was thrilled.  Finally when that was done I was ready to start writing my post.  Except for the fact that somehow my browser was completely fubared.  Grrrrr!  I’ve spent the last hour or so trying to get things rearranged to what they were and I’m still not completely there.  So, my post will be brief.

I’m sure you are aware of the latest little dustup in the Louisiana congressional delegation.  Vance McAllister, the newly elected representative to the 5th Congressional district was caught in a serious liplock with his “‘scheduler” in one of the district offices.  A special election had been called when the representative in that district resigned (retired?) to take the job as head of the state Dept. of Veterans Affairs.  The fix had been in to elect a state Senator, with the governor’s approval and blessing of same and lil Booby sending one of his key political aides to help out with the election of said Senator.  Thinking the fix was in, the folks in the district chose not to go along with the annointed one and instead voted for Vance McAllister.  McAllister had never run for office before and had used a sizeable amount of his own money to run for office.  McAllister ran on his “family values” theme, so popular with Republicans and had the endorsement of one the Duck people, Willie, who he invited as his guest to the State of the Union Address.

During the runoff between McAllister and his opponent, a small newspaper in the district came out with an endorsement for his rival, Neal Riser.

Though he masquerades as a Republican and has gone to great lengths throughout this fall’s campaign to convince the electorate he’s a conservative, McAllister unmasked his liberal tendencies Friday night during a debate with Riser hosted by Louisiana Public Broadcasting. It was during the debate that McAllister stated emphatically he supports a key component of ObamaCare. That would be the expansion of Medicaid, which represents nothing more than an expansion of the welfare state. It’s that simple.

Coincidentally, it was the same publication which first showed the embrace and kiss between McAllister and his employee.  And about that employee.  In case you aren’t aware, she is the wife of a good friend of his.  They both donated the max of $5400 to McAllister’s campaign and McAllister grew up with and went to school with the man as well as working with him in some jobs.  Now, I don’t know about a lot of other areas, but in the South, even if you are running for the local school board or some other local entity, you have to stress three things:  Faith, Family and conservatism.  However, the Faith part was probably a convenient thing to mention according to his friend Heath Peacock.

McAllister was elected in a November special election to fill the vacancy left by  GOP Rep. Rodney Alexander’s resignation. McAllister campaigned as a Christian conservative – a claim Peacock disputed.

“I know his beliefs. When he ran one of his commercials, he said ‘I need your prayers,’ and I asked, ‘When did you get religious?’ He said, ‘When I needed votes,’” Peacock recalled. “He broke out the religious card and he’s about the most non-religious person I know.”

Still, that didn’t stop him from playing the “R” card as you’ll see below in one of his commercials.

Now, you can tell the guy was a newbie and novice in politics because after he was elected, he kept the same district office that his predecessor had and also kept the predecessor’s  employees on as his employees.  The latest news as of yesterday was that one of those employees was responsible for leaking the video to the local newspaper.  The video was taken by using a camera in front of a bank of video images from the security system in the Congressman’s office to record “the kiss”.  It was dated back in, I believe, December.  So the office manager had pulled up archived videos, recorded the kiss and was saving it to use.  A couple of things come to mind for me:  First – hire your own staff and don’t keep the leftovers.  Second, if you’re the politician, know where the cameras are in your office!

Finally, ole Vance apparently still knows how to play to his constituents, saying

“There’s no doubt I’ve fallen short and I’m asking for forgiveness. I’m asking for forgiveness from God, my wife, my kids, my staff, and my constituents who elected me to serve.”

And second, if you’re a voter, don’t be concerned about a candidate’s “relationship with Jesus”.  It might be more important to find out what he knows about, oh, foreign policy, some things on domestic issues and stuff like that.  After all, how many Presidents have we seen who regularly trekked to church?  But then again, it’s Louisana and the voters have reelected David Vitter after he fessed up about his “serious sin” and he’s odds on favorite to be the next governor of the state!

and of course the endorsement of the Duck guy:

Lastly, I’m waiting to see one of these from ole Vance.

Consider this an open thread.


12 Responses to "“Christian values” in selecting politicans"

Haha! I saw that, thanks for the backstory. Glad your computer is back up and running. I’m worried about my desktop, its been running hot lately. Everything is made so cheaply now.

Now, let’s review…swapping spit with a good friend’s wife who happens to be a staph, er, staff member. Sounds like a good Louisiana Christian to me.

As a Congress critter, being as busy as you should be, I guess it is good time management to have an affair with your scheduler. You will always have the time to “see to your constituent’s needs.”

I really liked the way after falling on the obligatory Christian sword of asking forgiveness from “God, his wife, etc.” he immediately went into the victim mode of “demanding the FBI look into who leaked the tape. World Net Daily will undoubtedly have the headline, “Obama secret indoor drone tape is leaked by gay marriage advocates to out the good Christian values of opposite sex affairs.”

Prolix, of course he played the victim card…he had no choice. One of the sad things is that early on in the election he came out in favor of expanding medicaid in the state because it made sense. That immediately marked him as anathema by the true red repub folks in the gerrymandered district. However, the regular folk saw the fix was in for Neal Riser so they went with McAllister.

I hate to tell ole Vance but the fix is still in for Riser. Vance probably doesn’t have a chance at reelection in Nov. This election was to complete the unfinished portion of the other congress critter’s term. Vance may be a millionaire (and I have to wonder how he accomplished that except that he worked in oil and gas in Louisiana) but politically astute he isn’t. If he does get reelected, I’d be moving my district offices, firing the holdovers, and changing the access codes for my video surveillance system.

Annie said: I’m worried about my desktop, its been running hot lately.

Good thing it’s a desktop. Can you open up the case and check the cooling fan? It could be dirty or it could be going out. If it’s going out, that’s a simple and cheap repair item.

Oh Prolix (if you haven’t left yet), sorry about the Final Four game. It was a good one though. 😦

Passing along some info:

Our dear chatblu has done a number on her back again so she is literally flat on her back taking some meds and trying to take it easy. We’ll probably leave this post up for tomorrow.

Wish her well and tell her to take it easy y’all.

Poor chat! That is so sad!
Chat, we hope you’re feeling better soon! Hugs to you!

annie@7: I told her not to even worry about a post, that the world will still rotate on its axis and the sun and moon will still come up and go down. I’ll update this at the top later and just explain it can be a totally open post and comments. Anything any one wants to discuss.

Chat, so sorry about the back. More meds, more rest, more meds, and more rest — repeat as often as needed.

Please take it easy.

How interesting. Remember this article when the prices at the pump are jacked up for the umpteenth time.

Oh I love it when the lege is in session. They have a bill going now to make the Good Book the official state book, whatever that means, but now they are arguing over which version. What a circus.

Awww…America’s Best Christian, Mrs. Betty Bowers, tells us some Bible Bedtime Stories.

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