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It’s Saturday Light Fare Time

Posted on: April 5, 2014

two dogs spring

Two collies or two shelties?

So, as our Chat wrote the other day there has been a load of crappy news this week so let’s try to put that aside and see what is going on that’s a little on the odd or humorous side of things.   I know that our wise and sage Prolix, will be attuned to the Final Four as the Kentucky Wildcats take on Wisconsin and I’m sure he will be cheering UConn on to victory.


Don’t mess with her blue suede shoes

Ana Trujillo is apparently someone you don’t want to get into an argument with.  And we know this because Ana got into an argument with her boyfriend, a professor at the University of Houston.  So Ana took her size 9 platform pump with the 5 & 1/2 inch heel and used it to stab Alf Stefan Andersson 25 times in the face and head.  Quoting from the article:  “Authorities allege Trujillo sat on top of Andersson and struck him with the shoe during an argument at his condominium last June. Trujillo’s attorney has told jurors his client was defending herself.”.  I guess she defended herself real good.  Trujillo called 911:

Also Tuesday, prosecutors played the 911 call Trujillo made in the early-morning hours and showed jurors video of the crime scene, where the shoe could be seen near Andersson’s body.

On the call, Trujillo could be heard at times crying uncontrollably, telling the operator her boyfriend had “started beating me up.” She also told the operator that Andersson is “bleeding, he’s about to die.”

It was difficult to understand Trujillo, and the 911 operator seemed to be unsure if Trujillo was reporting an assault or that someone was injured and needed medical help.

When the operator realized someone needed medical attention, she transferred the call to emergency medical services, which directed Trujillo to perform CPR on Andersson. Trujillo said she was already doing that.  (A kind, but ultimately useless action by this time, I’m willing to bet)

The policeman who arrived on the scene gave a, ahem, vivid description.

Houston police officer Ashton Bowie testified that when he responded to the condominium, Trujillo was “covered in blood.” Bowie said that he found Andersson lying on the ground, face up. His face was covered in blood and swollen.

“I thought his head had been blown out by a gun,” he told jurors.

Bowie also said he questioned Trujillo’s emotional response to the slaying.

“She was sobbing but no actual tears were coming down her face,” he said.

The trial was continuing at the time of the article.

Rally sons of Notre Dame: Sing her glory and sound her fame
(and pass the Hot Pockets)

Ah college days.  Days of youth.  Days of camaraderie.  Days of drunken B&E and  chowing down on Hot Pockets?  It seems so.  Nineteen year old Brian McCurren, enrolled at Notre Dame seemed to think that was part of his college experience as he broke into a downtown South Bend massage therapy business.  It seems that young Mr. McCurren used a very clever method of getting into Therapeutic Indulgence.

He threw a 100-pound flower pot through the stained glass portion of the door and then crawled through the hole, scraping himself along the way. WSBT says that McCurren then found himself inside a breezeway. He found a hammer and then dug his way through drywall and then entered the main part of the building.

And then once he got inside he did what all young, drunken college boys do:

He broke lamps, mirrors, furniture, and day spa equipment. He then sprayed a fire extinguisher as he went from room to room until he finally wound up in the kitchen. Sara Ros Frazier, owner of Therapeutic Indulgence, told WNDU, “He just went straight into the kitchen and he went through half a box of Hot Pockets. Macaroni and cheese was warming up in an antique style oven and then passed out eating [ice cream] Drumsticks on a table where the police found him.”

Yes, young McCurren, drunk, proceeded to eat mac and cheese Hot Pockets topped off with ice cream Drumsticks before passing out.  And yet, when the police arrived at around 10 in the morning, he was still legally drunk, registering a .106 in a standard breath test.  But what really got to Sara Frazier, the owner of the spa, was the attitude of the little jerk when the cops were taking him out.  “What really burned me the most was he wasn’t apologetic when he came down the stairs. You would think, even if you were that out of it when you come down, you’re coming down in cuffs… but he just had a smile on his face.”  Go back to the link and look at the pictures of the damage again.

Sara, let us hope that he is the offspring of privileged parents who will swear there’s no way “their baby” could do that, even as they whip out their American Express Centurion or Black Card to pay for his messes, as they probably have done before.  Little putz.

So I wonder if the priest is Irish?

Well going by the name, Father Sean P. Thomson, I’m gonna take a guess and say yes.  And would I be surprised if there was an S.J. behind that name?  Nope and you’ll see why.

Fr. Sean is the parish priest for University of Alaska-Fairbanks.  It seems that Fr. Sean was stopped at 228 Mile Parks Highway near McKinley Village.  The good father was driving a 2002 GMC Sierra pickup when he was pulled over by police.  The officer said  the priest’s truck was weaving, crossing the center line and speeding 79 mph in a 65 zone, trooper Christopher Bitz wrote in the criminal complain.  And it gets better from here:

Asked if he had any weapons, Thomson mentioned a .357 in the back seat but neglected to mention a 9mm pistol in his back pocket, Bitz said. Thomson had a bag with a small quantity of marijuana in the pocket of his hoodie sweatshirt, Bitz said.

Thomson registered a breath-alcohol content of 0.247 on a handheld preliminary breath alcohol test machine. That figure is three times the 0.08 level that is one legal standard for intoxication. At the Healy trooper post Thomson refused to take a more-accurate Datamaster test because “(he) said he was drunk and did not feel the test was necessary,” Bitz said.

Thomson was charged with DUI, refusal to take to a chemical alcohol test, drugs misconduct and two counts of weapons misconduct for both possessing a firearm while intoxicated and failing to immediately inform troopers he was carrying a firearm.

Thomson remains a priest for the Catholic Diocese of Fairbanks but has been placed on administrative leave, said Ronnie Rosenberg, legal coordinator and the director of human resources for the diocese.

Do not, I repeat DO NOT let Fr. Sean near Brian McCurren at Notre Dame and absolutely do not let Brian transfer to the U. of Alaska Fairbanks campus.

Assorted Youtube clips

Ah yes, I’ll have some of the A.C.A. please and pass on the Obamacare:


Before they had the quadcopters they did have the small regular remote-controlled  helicopters.  I thought soo  many times of getting one of those things and taking it out in the backyard to terrorize my little Chloe.

As this title says, Sometimes Security Cameras catch a gem.  This is the runaway FedEx truck.  And please note the path those dogs have worn in the grass by the fence.  This looks like a regular activity for these fidos.

Okay Widdershins, let me know below how your day is going and what’s going on.  It’s an open thread.


6 Responses to "It’s Saturday Light Fare Time"

The good father could not tell a lie. {{{Sigh.}}} Back to my taxes.

@1: I got as far as installing TurboTax, and haven’t even opened the program yet. But I do have the envelope to the I.R.S. addressed and stamped!

I have a cardboard box full of receips. Accountant is circling, breathing fire……

I’m all in favor of showing the Final Four games, but must we have TBS and TNT broadcasting the same game at the same time? Sheesh!

Congrats to Prolix’s Wildcats!! Another nail biter!!

Way to go. The championship game should be great.

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