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A Sheliak and a Ferengi walk into a bar…

Posted on: April 1, 2014

Good afternoon Widdershins. I hope your week is off to a great start.

The judges of the Adelson Primary -- Sheldon and Miriam...

The judges of the Adelson Primary — Sheldon and Miriam…

To follow-up on last Friday’s post about the Republican beauty contest held this past weekend in Las Vegas, it was pretty uneventful for those invited to sashay down the Sheldon Adelson catwalk. Adelson arrived at the Venetian in his Maybach followed by a roving pack of strategists sniffing about for the least crazy potential Presidential candidate as determined by Sheldon himself.

To us political junkies, the most interesting facet of the Adelson conclave was not the invite list, but who was not invited. Accordingly Rand Paul, who I have taken to calling RaPaul in keeping with his impersonator persona where drag outfits are selected by the latest poll, was not invited to the Las Vegas pageant.

RaPaul has demonstrated some bizarre bi-polar positions when it comes to the Middle East and Israel — an issue of singular importance to Adelson. While RaPaul purports to support all things Israel, his statements are all over the Mediterranean waterfront when it comes to particular issues like a nuclear Iran. This vacillation has not passed without notice.

Ready your mind's eye -- just imagine these contestants in bathing suits...

Ready your mind’s eye — just imagine these contestants in bathing suits…

For instance, Jennifer Rubin of WaPo wrote about a 2012 video clip of RaPaul (the clip is lodged on a Rand Paul fan boy site and I won’t link to it, but you can click-through in Rubin‘s piece) where he essentially attacked Christian Conservatives as being “war mongers” for their stalwart defense of Israel. If that wasn’t enough, he offered an outrageously convoluted theory about the U.S. being to blame for World War II.

It is unclear whether RaPaul’s beliefs are genetic gifts from this father or the product of spending too much time on the tippy-tip of the fringiest of fringe internet sites. Suffice it to say, these types of comments light-up most conservatives. Quite uncharitably, a representative of the American Enterprise Institute said:

Rand Paul’s comments represent tremendous historical illiteracy…His views are so eccentric that it’s hard to be sure what he’s even talking about.

While not being invited to the Adelson’s billionaire boogie is noteworthy, what it represents is even more significant as we peel months away from the calendar heading toward 2016. The RaPaul snub represents the schism between “isolationists” and “non-interventionists” within the traditional Republican apparatus. The cable news channels use the terms interchangeably. They are not.

When you see a Sheliak just imagine Pat Buchanan saying, "WWII need not have been fought"...

When you see a Sheliak just imagine Pat Buchanan saying, “WWII need not have been fought”…

Isolationists are opposed to the use of the American military, opposed to free trade, opposed to immigration, and opposed to anything other than exorbitant tariffs to protect against foreign competition. On the other hand, non-interventionists are opposed to entangling military alliances, but fully support free trade, commerce, travel, and immigration. In other words, non-interventionists will let you get to third base, but isolationists are perfectly happy to stay home, wash their hair, and knit a couple of tea cozies from immaculately conceived Hobby Lobby yarn.

This is only my opinion, but RaPaul is showing both his chameleon political nature and his inability to find a good pollster. Americans are routinely attracted to poorly constructed poll questions that tend to favor non-interventionist sounding policies. Simply put, poorly structured questionnaires skew toward the socially desirable non-interventionist positions.

These inflated polling results have lulled many an unsuspecting politician into a false sense of security until that politician tries to explain the difficult nuances presented by the Middle East. Given the insatiable intellectual curiosity of Widdershinners, I know you are thinking, “What politician has been able to bridge that gap?” Your ginkgo biloba isn’t failing you, there’s never been a non-interventionist who has successfully negotiated that minefield.

The difference between isolationists and non-interventionists may not seem significant, but you can bet it is a big deal to a large segment of the Republican primary voters. The voters who really count in this next cycle.

A demo of Ferengi and Non-interventionist ear sex...

A demo of Ferengi and Non-interventionist ear sex…

Here’s an easy way to remember the difference courtesy of Star Trek. The Sheliak was a species who wanted nothing to do with any other interstellar race so much so they negotiated a treaty with the Federation where they would never have to talk to “carbon-based units” — pretty isolationist sounding to me. On the other hand, while being somewhat cowardly, the Ferengi species was all about business based upon the “Ferengi Rules of Acquisition” — think a non-interventionist Donald Trump with better hair.

So in the Trekkie vernacular, the isolationists are Sheliaks and the non-interventionists are the Ferengi. The Ferengi similarity to non-interventionists doesn’t stop there given that their sex organs are in their ears — easily aroused when they hear what they want to hear. But to a diehard Trekkie, the true difference is that a Sheliak would never walk into a bar.

This is an open thread.


17 Responses to "A Sheliak and a Ferengi walk into a bar…"

Great post as always, Prolix. I wonder if Rand drinks??

@1, Chat, sadly, he does not drink. Never trust a non-drinker who sounds as if drinking would make him more lucid.

Chat, I haven’t yet shared this with you — I finally figured out why I couldn’t log in to WordPress from Chrome. It wasn’t Chrome, it was my anti-virus program automatically bouncing against WordPress. It is so much easier being able to post from Chrome than having to write, research, and get the pics in Google and then post in IE. I feel guilty about figuring this out since such a simple thing shouldn’t make me this happy.

I have found Chrome much easier than IE. My grandchildren got me set up on it when they tired of troubleshooting Nana’s computer.

@4, I like Chrome too. IE is just too unstable for working in WordPress — or maybe it’s me who is too unstable to work in WordPress.

Thank you sir for the analogy using things Trekian to ‘splain the difference on the isolationists and non-interveners. That’s easier to type than non-interventionists.

>Chat, sadly, he does not drink

Wait a minute! A politician from Kentucky who doesn’t sip a bourbon or two? o_O Sacrilege!! He is not to be trusted!!

Of course, also absent from the public genuflecting in Vegas was lil booby. A writer at The LensNola suggests that lil booby may just be sticking his toe in the water for now.

Recall that Jindal’s political hero, Ronald Reagan, ran for president multiple times; first in 1968 after serving only two years as governor of California. He lost, bided his time, and challenged a sitting Republican president in 1976 — delusional, right? Four years later Reagan was 69 when he ran against an incumbent president, Jimmy Carter, won 44 states and went on to serve two terms.

Ugh! To think the little twerp might be around for more chances 😥

@6, Fredster, RaPaul isn’t from KY, he’s only been here about 20 years or so meaning he’s still a carpetbagger — he sprang from a tumbling tumbleweed somewhere in the Texas badlands — that is an oxymoron, since all Texas is badlands except San Antonio.

@8: Oh that’s true. I forgot that. Still if he’s living in Kentucky and hasn’t gotten used to the idea of a bourbon and branch, shame on him.

Oh and Prolix: Saw the Ky and L’ville game. B-ball may not be my fave sport but I was sitting on the edge of my seat for that game!

(sigh) Back to turbo-tax. I owe this year so I’m waiting until the last possible moment.

@10, Yes the UofL/UK game was a great one. All of UK’s games have been good ones in the tournament. After being pre-season No. 1 ranked with all freshmen, their season was lackluster at best. They have really gelled during the tournament and are now playing to their potential.

Imagine if you were Calipari and you had 7 enormously talented 18-19 year-old boys who had never played as a team before since they were all singular stars in high school. Where would you start?

KY tends to always have 18-19 year olds. You don;t play basketball for KY if you are not NBA caliber and they tend to be one and done.

@13, Chat yes they are the “one and doners” — depending on the tournament outcome, I’m wondering if maybe a couple of this year’s players won’t come back. Cal will have a problem when it comes to scholarships. It is a good kind of problem I guess.

The Pelicans have Anthony Davis and while he’s a great, young player, he has been soooo injury-prone this year. After the last injury, the consensus was “don’t play him anymore this year”. The birds aren’t going to the playoffs so it makes no sense for him to dress out for the remaining games.

Damn! An 8.3 earthquake in Chile with tsunami warnings.

OMG. The Supremes rules in McCutcheon vs FEC. Individual contributions to a candidate remain in place, but their is no ceiling for total contributions. Justice Breyer read his scorching dissent aloud.

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