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Lazy Sunday Music: Great Songs for Ringtones

Posted on: March 30, 2014

Good Sunday, Widdershins. I have had the same ringtone for years.  Not that it really matters, as I own an ancient flip phone that rests in the bottom of my purse in the “off” mode unless I am going to be late or need roadside assistance.  Nonetheless, I am bored with my ringtone, and I am auditioning tunes for a new one. I’ve found a bunch of songs that deal with telephone calls, but all suggestions are welcome.  Any song of any genre and any topic will be welcome. This is an otherwise open thread

(1) Call Me Maybe – Carlie Rae Jepson

(2) Ring My Bell –  Anita Ward

(3) You Talk Too Much – Frankie Ford

(4) Call Me – Blondie

(5) Yackety Yack – The Coasters

Have a great day. Widdershins.


20 Responses to "Lazy Sunday Music: Great Songs for Ringtones"

Chuck’s very happy with his ringtone. Too bad his cellphone hasn’t worked for years.

Welcome, Chuck.

Does it have to be relevant to calling or talking? I sort of like the Dr. Kildare theme song.

I like the Perry Mason theme song.

@3 and 4. Nope. Whatever you think is nice. Welcome, Branjour. It’s alter ego day.

Not really a ringtone as much as a sound effect

This is the one I did download and put on my phone

Hello, I must be going.

Good one, B.

Congrats to Prolix’s Wildcats!

as you know I’m not a big b-ball fan but I watched the final minutes of UK and L’ville. That was a nail-biter!! Go Big Blue!

Prolix is a Wildcat? Oh noes.

Forgiveness, Beata. Fredster, Fuzzy, Prolix and I are all in the same conference, and we have to try really hard..

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