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Saturday Light Fare

Posted on: March 29, 2014

Nola river fog

Nola river fog

Good Saturday to you Widdershins.  If it’s Saturday then it must be time to take a look at some of the odd or humorous things I’ve come across on the web, plus a few youtube videos that I’ve found cute or amusing.  Remember, no heavy lifting required today.

So do they recommend specific blends or varieties?

Well, we know pot is going mainstream when there is now a teevee show where folks discuss their experiences smoking pot, who they have smoked with and other sundry topics related to the evil weed.  “Pot comedian” Doug Benson now has a teevee show that streams on the internet.  Benson, 49, has established himself as the pre-eminent pot comedian through his comedy tours, podcasts and the 2007 documentary “Super High Me.”

“People shouldn’t feel shame for enjoying marijuana,” comedian and “Getting Doug With High” host Doug Benson told Yahoo News. “I like having guests on my show who are happy to smoke on camera and show the world that you can get high and have fun and nothing terrible is going to happen.”

Benson’s show has several recurring segments, including “Pot Topics,” in which Benson and his guests discuss marijuana stories in the news, “High History,” in which guests share their history as pot smokers, and a bit where Benson asks guests to name the most famous person they’ve ever smoked pot with.

Tommy Chong was on the show (surprise!) and said among the famous that he had smoked were “Ahnold”, the guv, Schwarzenegger, Frank Gehry the architect and “all of the Beatles except for Paul.”  He’s also had guests such as Sarah Silverman, Aubrey Plaza, Anthony Jeselnik and comedy roast master Jeffrey Ross.

Despite the popularity of pot and its use going more and more open, Benson said he’s had some folks to turn down an invite:

“Even some of my friends have said ‘no’ because they don’t want their family to see them smoke, or because they don’t want to lose lucrative gigs on children’s TV shows or something like that,” Benson said. “Which sucks, but as more states and countries legalize weed, then I’ll get better and better guests.”

Although he believes pot culture will eventually just be “culture” he says he believes it will still be some time before marijuana is legal completely across the country.

“It could be another 20 years,” Benson said. “And I don’t think Obama will decriminalize it. I’m sure he knows that legalization is going to happen everywhere. All he has to do is stay out of the way.”

Well, he would be the man who probably knows.  I don’t see this happening anytime real soon in the South and until then I guess lots of folks will be making airline reservations to Colorado and Washington state.  Hmmm, I wonder if any travel agencies have created any “pot vacay” packages to either place?


 Meanwhile, in the “what are they wasting time on now” category…

the Congress Critters in the House (mainly Repubs with a couple of Dems) have passed a law that makes it easier for them to sue the President for not enforcing laws that are on the books.  Oy!  The bill allows a lawmaker who is concerned with Obama not doing his job to file a lawsuit directly to a three-judge panel on a federal district court and appeal directly to the U.S. Supreme Court.  Before they took a vote a bunch of the repub critters took to the well of the House to rake Obama over the coals over “failing to fully enforce several federal laws, including the Affordable Care Act, current immigration policy, sentencing laws and the federal ban on same-sex marriage.”  Another oy here!

“The Constitution gives Congress the responsibility to write the laws and the executive to enforce them,” said Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-S.C.), a lead sponsor. “We don’t pass suggestions. We don’t pass ideas. We pass laws.”

Of course this is going nowhere because it probably won’t even be taken up in the Senate and besides which Obama said he’d veto it.  Utter nonsense and a total waste of those more and more precious and few days that Congress gets together to do something.  (Note:  you’ll have to download the pdf of the calendar to view it.)

And what did he want if she was good?

Drake Parks went to his bank in Van Buren Arkansas and completed a transaction.  Then a short time later, the teller said she got a call from someone saying that they were Drake’s father and that ole Drake had called the teller a bad name. “Daddy” Parks said Drake needed to be punished and the teller could make $50 if she would do the punishing.

The teller then stated that Drake got on the phone and said that he wanted her to do what his father told her to. He started to give her an address when she hung up and contacted the police, according to the news release.

Parks was arrested on Thursday after a warrant was issued for his arrest for Harassing Communications. He was booked into the Crawford County Detention Center.

Sounds terribly British to me.  Just sayin’.

I have no idea why he did this

I don’t know if the guy was depressed and this was a form of suicide or if he is a candidate for the Darwin Awards (what surprise – there have been no entries since last year).  In a few words let me sum it up:  Man is on platform at a train station in New Jersey.  Man leans over platform(to check for a train?).  Voila!  Train shows up…right…about…the…same…time.

According to eyewitnesses, the man was on the platform when he was struck and killed by an oncoming northbound train shortly before 5 p.m. local time, said spokesman William Smith.

The impact was so intense that four commuters standing nearby were struck by blood and body parts, Smith said.

One of the injured refused medical attention while the remaining three were taken to a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries, according to Smith.

The thing that seems so odd is that the train wasn’t even scheduled to stop at the station where this happened.

Some assorted youtube clips

Here’s a parody of the “First Kiss” video that was so popular.  This one is with dogs and we can maybe say it was pupular (groan).  [Note:  canine butt-sniffing involved]

This one is a clip of a boxer who is all-so-tough but turns out to be terrified by a leaf!

Lastly, I wonder how many times ole Gus practiced his head tilt and mannerisms in front of the mirror before he was ready for prime time.  Goo stah vo ama doe var!

Okay Widdershins, let me know below how your day is going.



7 Responses to "Saturday Light Fare"

I have always loved the Darwin awards. Sounds like a number of suitable candidates at one train station.

I’d rather see Bush & Cheney get sued for getting us into two wars and destroying the economy. Didn’t someone try to indict them in some international court or something a few years ago?

That train story is ghastly. How could he not have heard it? I’m assuming he was standing by a wall and couldn’t see it.

Cute doggies, although the one that was afraid of the leaf seemed kind of dumb.

annie@3: I have run possible scenarios thru my mind numerous times. I thought possibly the guy was deaf? But you’d think he would feel the vibrations of the train.

annie, I laughed my butt off at the boxer and the leaf. He could be intimidating looking and sounding but being afraid of a leaf? Meh.

gee so no one had any comments about goo stah voe ama doe var!

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