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The Shellimary or the Prihellie…

Posted on: March 28, 2014

Good afternoon Widdershins. Happy Friday!

For my next trick, a Newt will disappear and a rabbit will appear in a Mitten...

For my next trick, a Newt will disappear and a rabbit will appear in a Mitten…

We are already in primary season for 2016. Not the voting type of primary, the Sheldon Adelson beauty contest primary. There’s no particular talent component since no one has come up with a grading scale for such obnoxious obsequious, cloying behavior. There’s no bathing suit competition since all the contestants have laid bare their blind ambition. There’s nothing beyond “tripping the trigger” of Sheldon and his magical, mystical, fantastical whims.

Adelson is hosting the Republican Jewish Coalition at the Venetian in Las Vegas. Under the guise of the RJC, Republican wannabes are coming to kiss whatever Sheldon wants them to kiss in order to secure his blessing. Those being measured for kneepads are Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, and Governors Scott Walker and John Kasich. I give Scott Walker the inside edge because of his pronounced, telltale bald spot on the top of this head — it isn’t his first time at this type of rodeo.

You will remember Sheldon and his wife Miriam from the 2012 election cycle. Sheldon was Newt Gingrich’s sugar papa. He kept Newt afloat long after Newt should have dropped out and been out sunning himself on a rock somewhere. Sheldon dropped $20 Million on Newt. When Newt finally took a powder, Sheldon then dropped $30 Million on the come-lately Russia expert Mittens Romney.

All told, publicly Sheldon and Miriam spent $92.8 Million on the 2012 election cycle. That $93 Million was only in reported contributions. The donations to the dark-money non-reported PACs are not included. Who knows how much they actually threw around? There are estimates of $150 Million, but those are just estimates.

Sheldon and Miriam...

Sheldon and Miriam…

For those of us who have trouble finding two nickels to rub together, that seems like a lot of money. Honestly, that is sofa cushion change to someone who makes $1.4 Million an hour or around $32 Million a day through his various gambling dens both domestically and in Macaw. Sheldon and Miriam can afford it.

What does someone expect to get for this kind of money? Officially, Adelson is a huge donor to all things Israeli. There is no doubting his commitment to Israel and the Jewish faith, but there are certain other things upon which he is not as publicly conversant. He loathes organized labor and is a fierce opponent of anything that smacks of unions. He’s also been investigated on federal charges stemming from the federal Foreign Practices Act — you might know the law as the “Corrupt Foreign Practices Act.”

Of late, Sheldon has had a laser-like focus on online gambling. He no likey gambling on the googling machine. He wants it banned. Conveniently, after donating a mere $15,000 to Lady Lindsey’s senatorial campaign, the Lady has also gotten the vapors about online gambling. Quite coincidentally, he is introducing legislation to ban it. Funny how that works and for a mere $15K — the Lady should have held out.

All that prologue leads me to the next somewhat unexpected sentence, but here goes. I think it is just peachy for Mr. Adelson to exercise his free speech rights, I think it is fine for him to publicly contribute, and I think it is fine for him to advocate positions consistent with his interests. That is what happens in a democracy. We too often forget the Framers of the Constitution were the Sheldon Adelsons of their day — the wealthiest guys around and all advocating for their particular interests.

Where Adelson’s activities go seriously off course for me is the dark-money activities — all the millions going to groups where there is absolutely no accountability to the public because of arcane IRS rules. These rules are there through benign neglect more than anything — Congress turning a blind eye in anticipation of the next election. There’s little that can be done about the idiocy embodied in the Citizen’s United ruling until after the 2016 election, but voters need to be aware and wary of the shadowy corners of these dark-moneyed groups.

Ron White the comedian says, “You can’t fix stupid. Stupid is forever.” Adelson isn’t stupid, but his policy ideas, like Adelson Glassesso many coddled and opinion-pampered CEOs, are just flat-out wrong and uninformed. People of Adelson’s ilk have a not too surprising habit of crawling in the conservative echo chamber and securely locking the door behind themselves.

The best way to sum this up is in the words of a spokesperson for the Las Vegas Sands Corporation speaking on behalf of Adelson in explaining the preseason primary:

He doesn’t want a crazy extremist to be the (Presidential) nominee. He wants someone who has the chance to win the election, who is reasonable in his positions, who has conviction, but is not totally crazy.

From the choice of pronouns, I guess females need not apply and while “not totally crazy,” is the standard for fifteen minutes before closing time, it seems a rather low bar for the Presidency.  Conversely, it isn’t such a low bar for a pet adoption from a rescue shelter.

This is an open thread.


14 Responses to "The Shellimary or the Prihellie…"

Pet adoption is actually a bit more cumbersome. You need a vet reference, and the pet gets immunized and neutered.

Thanks for the post, Prolix. What a revolting human being. Wasting tens of millions on crap like that, while there are millions suffering and the middle class disappears. My son says the young people at his JC talk about revolution. I wonder if these billionaires ever think about that. All the bodyguards you can afford can’t stop millions of starving angry people.

Chat, ROFL! btw, I have caught yours and Fredster’s back pain this week. Ugh.

socal@3: Oh my, noooo! Heat, NSAIDs (Aleve, Advil), rest.

I had a restless night and in my tossing and turning somehow put a strain on my neck/shoulder. Getting older sucks but it still beats the alternative. LOL

I love the quote: He wants someone who has the chance to win the election, who is reasonable in his positions, who has conviction, but is not totally crazy.

But tell me: where do you find someone like that in the Repub party?

Chris Matthews just put that up on the teevee.

That kind of money could do so much real good for people.
Too bad, Shel’s big cause is online gambling.

Sweet Sue@6: So right.

Annie, if you can, check in with us to let us know if you all are okay.

5.1-magnitude earthquake hits Los Angeles area

We’re all fine. We live about 50 minutes from Pasadena, we live in the rocky Santa Monica Mtns and didn’t even feel it! I can’t believe we didn’t feel that big of an earthquake. I bet imust felt it though. Also Quixote.

Oh, Hubbie said the epicenter was Pasadena, but your article says Fullerton. Fullerton is at least an hour and a half from us, or even two.

annie@ 9 &10: I was kinda confused because it said L.A. area but when the article said Fullerton I googled that and it didn’t look close to L.A., but I wasn’t sure. Glad y’all are okay. 🙂

Thanks! I was 6 months preggers with laker when the Jan 1994 quake hit in Northridge. An event I will never forget. We all hope there won’t be any more huge ones like that for a long long time.

annie@12: Gawd I remember seeing the results of that Northridge quake!

We all hope there won’t be any more huge ones like that for a long long time.

I understand, much like chat and me with hurricanes!

And nope, not up early; haven’t been to bed yet! It will be muchlater in the day when I’m back. LOL!

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