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Lazy Sunday Music: Sing a Song of Springtime

Posted on: March 23, 2014

Good Sunday, Widdershins.

Spring arrived Thursday, although you wouldn’t know so by the weather map.  We’re in the 80’s, while snow blankets the Midwest and East Coast.  Spring-like conditions are actually notable in parts of the South – otherwise, not so much.  March seems to have missed the “out like a lamb” memo, so we Southern Widdershins send warm, cheery, Spring-like tunes off to our Northern brothers and sisters in hopes that better weather might soon find you.

Anything that reminds you of this gentle season is fine, lest we all scurry to post Vivaldi’s classic – yet feel free to do so if you are so inclines.  Anything goes in this totally open thread.  Have a great day, and stay comfortable.

(1) Daydream  – The Lovin’ Spoonful

(2) Grazing in the Grass – Hugh Masekela

(3) Morning Has Broken – Cat Stevens

(4) Here Comes the Sun – The Beatles

(5) Turn, Turn, Turn – The Byrds


24 Responses to "Lazy Sunday Music: Sing a Song of Springtime"

So the Vivaldi is out eh? (arching eyebrows…) you leave me no choice.

Strauss “Voices of spring” (legit version)

Stooges version (short one)

Stooges, Micro-Phonies, part 1, long version

No, I clearly stated that you may feel free to post Vivaldi if you were so inclined. However, how can anything beat the Three Stooges (furrowing eyebrows)?

lest we all scurry to post Vivaldi’s classic

I detected a “don’t take the easy route” there.

I think the ballet version of this stank.

More of a “take the easy route if you must”.

I’m not posting the full instrumental version of R.o.S., it’s simply too long.

R.I.P. character actor James Rebhorn. You’ll recognize his face.

I have heard that the ‘spring’ in Appalachian Spring’ refers not to the season, but to a spring of water. Can’t help but be interested: my ancestors got a grant from NC in 1792 for land on the French Broad River near the current Highway 66. Some of the family are still there.

“The title Appalachian Spring, (is) a phrase from the Hart Crane poem The Dance. The word ‘spring’ in the poem actually refers to a water source, not the season.”

I googled.

The French Broad is beautiful. And the Wautauga, the Nantahala, and the Ocoee. NC has some phenomenal rivers.

I accidentally took a swim once in the Nantahala: fell off a raft, with hubby coming in after. Next trip down that river was in a ‘rubber ducky’—basically a rubber kayak. Much more fun.
Local river is a bit more infamous–the Chattooga.

The Nantahala runs through my home town. We went rafting on all sorts of inappropriate stuff in my youth, and I am still amazed that we were not killed.

I love you ladies and gents. Thank you all. I am still here with us. What a journey it has been. Who wants to be my editor, and my organizer, for an epic novel? Of course there is no money involved but I will graciously pay with art work. But, that needs to be organized, too, first. Coffee? A cup of coffee acceptable as an exchange of energy that we call money?

LTD!!! Big hugs and come back soon. You are so missed.

I missed me too, sweetie. I went back today and reviewed some of my front page pieces. Omg. I can be so freaking funny at my best writings. I needed that. To see them. Read me. Laugh at ourselves in a very loving way. And, to recall, I really can write in complete sentences. Thank you, chat. Think I am getting there.

Hey stranger! (waves!!)

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