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A stamp issued in 1970 marking the 50th anniversary
of the 20th Amendment

Good afternoon women Widdershins and the guys too.  I was surprised to find out that March is Women’s’ History Month here in the U.S.  Color me surprised to say the least.  I could say that probably it hasn’t been on the news due to the situation in Ukraine or even the Malaysian airliner that’s missing, but hey, you know as well as I do that that would most likely be a big, fat, ole fib.  Nah, it’s much more likely that the producers of the national news show figure they’ll find 30 seconds somewhere between now and the end of the month to mention it.

Over at Americablog, I saw that John Aravosis put up a post on Women’s History Month and was surprised to find out that waaay back in 1915, there was a woman, Alice Duer Miller, who was a “feminist” writer for the New York Tribune.  Aravosis further found out that some of Miller’s works are in the Library of Congress and can be read online!  Miller wrote one piece called “Are Women People”, which you can read at the Library of Congress, by going here.    She wrote one piece titled “Why we oppose votes for men.  Here’s a copy of it:


Another is titled “Why We Oppose Women Traveling in Railway Trains:


And finally one titled Why We Oppose Pockets for Women


I especially liked numbers 5 and 6!   😆

I’ll grant you that these are definitely not what we could call “enlightened” views today, but I did find it interesting that a woman was even given a venue to write about these things considering this was in 1915.

Also, if you would like to check further into the suffrage movement, you can find more information and resources at the Library of Congress by going here.  There is also a link to other works and topics about women in America by going to this link.

Here is a link to the National Women’s History Project which I found interesting.  Also, there is information at the Smithsonian online which you can see here.  And finally, here is a link to the National Women’s History Museum.

Alright ladies, this may be a short post, but I hope you find the links worth checking out.  I enjoyed reading them as I was getting the links to create the post.  There is a wealth of interesting information there. I’ll close my post with an image I found and then was able to find a performance of the piece on youtube, performed, naturally, by a woman!


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