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Sublime sublimation…

Posted on: March 11, 2014

Good Tuesday afternoon Widdershin friends and congratulations! Congratulations that you have survived the annual “Fever Dream Jamboree” held in Washington, D.C. You may know the “Fever Dream Jamboree” by its other name, CPAC, (Crazytown, the Politically Adolescent Coalesce). By all accounts, it was a rip roarin’ time.

We helped build it, yes, we did...

We helped build it, yes, we did…

The speakers talked about the best thinking in modern conservative philosophy, like their love of science, particularly the Old Testament part. Or like Ann Coulter, who said most of the country’s problems could be solved by women keeping their “knees together.”

Then there was the ever humble Michelle Bachmann, who called conservative thinking the most powerful intellectual movement ever known to man whereupon she was answered in a responsive reading by Sarah Palin ripping off Dr. Seuss with a rendition of Green Eggs and Ham.

This bacchanal festival got me to thinking — how is it that every year for three days 11,000 people can be so self-satisfied and conned into cheering for a hit parade of vintage 1950s thinking. Given that just about every sentence has to mention their patron saint, Reagan Maximus, this mass tribal Haka can’t be due to a pharmaceutical assistance — “just say no” to everything seems to be the secret password. What could be the inspiration for this cabal?

And so I was off to try to figure out a reason for this orgy of cognitive dissonance. I ended up with a theory I think explains it, psychological sublimation:

Sublimation is a mature type of defense mechanism where socially unacceptable impulses or idealizations are consciously transformed into socially acceptable actions or behaviors.

Try as I might, I have nothing better to explain the exhibited behaviors. For instance:

Learned over his political career, Ted Cruz shares the finer points of elephant felattio...

Learned over his political career, Ted Cruz shares the finer points of elephant fellatio…

Remember the big kerfuffle during the last presidential election of “you didn’t build that”? This conservative conclave was held at the Gaylord National Harbor in Prince George’s County, Maryland on the Potomac River outside of Washington, D.C. Well, we did help build it.

To get to the isolated, reclusive, palatial Taj Mahal-like National Harbor development, these heretics had to drive their unicorn-powered limousines on roads. To make the development a reality, over $500,000,000.00 of our tax dollars were spent for interstate highways, off-ramps, interior highways, water taxi docks, and the like. Over a half-billion public dollars to build the shrine in which the chant was, “Government is never the answer,” and “we got ours, sorry about your luck”! The incongruence is understandable since logical consistency has never been big with this group ever since they signed on to the theory drowning witches was a sign of innocence.

It didn’t stop there, there were socially unacceptable impulses represented in the voting. Last year, Chris Christie wasn’t even invited to the gathering because of his Sandy-inspired bromance with President Obama and he only scored 7% of the votes. This year he scored 8% — just subject thousands of your citizens to the dangers of 4 days of unnecessary traffic gridlock for political purposes and you will be rewarded.

Then there was Paul Ryan who had conveniently just published a 200-page epistle on how to relieve the guilt associated with cutting children, the disabled, and single mothers from government assistance. Ryan’s epistle was filled with research supporting his position — only trouble was, most of the research didn’t say anything close to what Ryan said it said.

Oops, but I look good...

Oops, but I look good…

Or take Gov. Prettyhair Rick Perry for instance. He had the crowd on their feet cheering. Even if he has difficulty counting to three, just slap a pair of hipster glasses on him, and he is the new oracle from Lenscrafters. Obviously for this crowd, there is more currency in failing a vision test than passing an IQ test.

Rick Perry is a good analogy for this group suffering from the enormous burden of constantly sublimating any socially acceptable ideals — just slap a pair of glasses on and the path to the socially unacceptable will be perfectly clear.

At least we are safe for another year.

This is an open thread.


21 Responses to "Sublime sublimation…"

I’d love to slap those hipster glasses off their heads! That convention is almost like the circus coming into town. The parade of clowns (Coulter. Bachmann. Perry. Palin. Etc.) is the best show in town! Palin’s star, of course, has ascended once again now that we know she saw Russian invading Ukraine form her front porch. But as Bill Maher tweeted: two weeks ago Palin thought Crimea was a character on Housewives of Atlanta.

@1, Did you see the picture of the CPAC session on Minority Outreach. Three crickets and a room full of empty chairs.

If only we are so lucky as to have Rand Paul and Ted Cruz battling it out for the Repug nomination in ’16 — it could well be a Hillary landslide on par with 1964.

Rand Paul and Ted Cruz – oh my! I guess it’s really up in the air who Repugs would run. Even if Christie’s number went up by 1% (ha!), the Tea Party would not embrace him. He’s much too liberal. On the one hand, their very narrow view of who is acceptable is tearing the Republican party apart. On the other hand, so far Tea Party seems to be winning. Their methods might be unorthodox (talk? compromise? bah!), but they are throwing moderate Repugs out. The main party refuses or is unable to deal with them (with Koch money behind them, they do have a lot of capital). But my fear is that what we’re seeing isn’t so much the Tea Party destroying the Republican party, but taking over the Republican party. They are like the Alien bursting through the Republican Party’s chest, leaving behind a dead corpse, but a deadly alien still running around.

And if not Hillary for Dems – who would Dems run?

On an unrelated note, with Obama selling ACA on Funny or Die in that really awkward “Between Two Ferns” series… So I bought insurance in the first week of February. Got an invoice from the insurance company the last week of February and sent the payment right away, well ahead of the deadline. It is now March 11 – and I have still not received any info from the insurance company. A third of my monthly premium has already gone down the toilet. I don’t have an insurance card, don’t even know my membership number! Nothing from them. How amazing is that! I don’t blame Obama, it’s the insurance company taking my money and not actually providing me with insurance. I’m pretty…annoyed.

Oh my, I was trying to find an article about the annual antics at CPAC that I had looked at the other day. But damn, I didn’t bookmark it. 😦
It was more or less a slideshow of the groups that like to come out of the woodwork to sell their wares at the annual nut gathering.

That would be so funny if we end up with Rand Paul or Ted Cruz battling it out. Oh wait, isn’t he Canadian or something? That would make it even funnier.

I saw some clips on the news of this horrorfest and what stood out to me was all the rock n roll songs they used for their walking out on stage. I’ll bet these rock stars will be pissed when they find out. I know a lot of them have had their lawyers send letters to different repubs on the campaign trails demanding that they stop using their songs.

DYB@4: Did the invoice show your enrollment number or contract number? Have you called the insurance company or tried to register at their website? Did New York have their own exchange?

[edit] Yep NY has their own website so never mind about that one.

@3, I know that I’m not objective about the whole thing, but I’m hearing more and more babbling heads talk about the Repugs not winning any more national elections in the foreseeable future and just be relegated to a regional Southern party with gerrymandered seats until the 2020 census. We can only hope.

I can see the census as being a huge issue in the ’20 election — probably the first time that has happened since Reconstruction.

If not Hillary, there would be a mad rush with everyone and their dog running.

And if not Hillary for Dems – who would Dems run?

Oh there are a couple out there who would like a crack at it, including the Maryland (i believe) governor.

@6, If only we are that lucky with Cruz and Paul trying to be the insider dry humper on the right wing in ’16. Not only will we build a $20 Billion wall along the southern border — we will build one across the Canadian border too, then revoke the statehood of Hawaii and Alaska.

I’ve probably had more exposure to Rand Paul — the man is not bright. He so often waxes philosophical on subjects about which he is factually and historically clueless. Cruz would tear him to pieces in a debate — Paul would fall for every rhetorical feint of Cruz — a debate with them would end up being a human re-enactment of the RCA Victor dog look.

And speaking of the ACA, I did see an article about this from Gallup on uninsureds in the country.

@5, Fredster, I didn’t bookmark it, but there is a great album of pictures from CPAC — I imagine the politicians who go to CPAC and speak feel like rodeo clowns at the end of the day — dusty, dirty, and lucky to be out of the barrel.

Prolix, just saw your caption on the Cruz pic. When I first saw that photo similar lines went through my head!

@11, the Gallup data is questionable at best. Their model, like their predictions in the 2012 election, seem to produce some wide variance. I saw three articles today poking holes in the data.

@13, I troubled over the caption — it is a bit racy and off-color, but I couldn’t resist.

re the caption: we’re grownups here, no biggie imho.

On the Gallup info, I just caught the headline and looked it over and then bookmarked it. Hate hearing it may be not all it seems. It would have been a great point to shove down the Republicans’ throats.

Prolix@8: Jeffery at the Library Chronicles (local nola blog) had an interesting piece up about how the Republican party may not be quite as dead as we think, at least temporarily. And he links to two articles, here and here.

@16, the Gallup data is very inconsistent over time — there was a huge unexplained spike last summer in the data modeling. Overall though, even figuring in the criticism, it looks like we are finally digging out of the great recession hole in terms of health care access and that is a good thing.

Prolix@18 said: it looks like we are finally digging out of the great recession hole in terms of health care access and that is a good thing.

If the numbers are even remotely accurate I would think that bodes well for the long term for health issues. Folks will be covered either by Medicaid or private insurance, will be going to doctors and getting preventative care instead of waiting for a crisis to hit and they show up at the door of the E.R.

DYB: Check your email.

D: I sent you a reply.

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