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Lights, Camera, Reaction…

Posted on: March 7, 2014

Good Friday afternoon Widdershinners.  I’m assuming everyone survived Fat Tuesday and is joyful in their Lentous deprivation.

First, thanks goes to DYB for his insightful and personal post on Tuesday concerning the Ukraine crisis.  I hope that was his first of many contributions to the Widdersphere.

It’s a nasty little fact, but at some point in a democracy someone has to govern.  Unfortunately, governing by the Sneering John McCainsound bite and Twitter-wisdom seems to be the new order of the day.  Any issue lasting longer than one news cycle is so 2010.  If something isn’t dissected, answered, and solved within 24-hours, something must be wrong since no crisis should go unadorned by the comical stylings of the punditocracy.

With the rooster not having crowed on the third day, John McCain had worked up a terminal case of mouth-frothing spit pearls over the Ukraine situation.  In front of AIPAC, he went into full-blown Clint Eastwood mode — not the genial Clint conversing with an empty stool, but the Gran Torino Eastwood of “get off my yard” dialed up to “get off my planet!”

Kindly not publicly using the “f-bomb” he utilized the alliteration of “feckless foreign policy” before an AIPAC crowd whose lack of foreign policy understanding is only surpassed by their eagerness to “bomb, bomb, bomb Iran.”  Even though “consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds,” it might be illustrative to take a short walk back through recent history to catalogue the reactionary nature exhibited by “Dirty Harry” McCain.

Since 2008, whereupon Russia invaded Georgia and McCain declared, “We are all Georgians,” he has advocated to stay in Iraq, stay in Afghanistan, use force in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Tunisia, Pakistan, and most ominously, Iran.  If there is a fire, there’s nothing like a good dose of kerosene.

Lindsey Graham TutuThen you have his fraternal twin, Lady Lindsey, who went all Girl, Interrupted about Russia.  The Lady declared every time the President talked about foreign policy he found himself a victim of uncontrollable eye-rolling — not an all together unique facial tic given its predominance when the Lady hikes up his crinoline and does the cancan for the boys down at the D.C. Manhole.

This type of conduct didn’t used to be acceptable or tolerated.  Politics was supposed to end at the water’s edge, but not any more.  Even Republican Robert Gates has taken to the editorial pages to tell these blustering blovinators to “cool it!”

The unwillingness to take the mantle of governance isn’t just in foreign policy, it is rampant on the domestic front as well.  Another vote to repeal Obamacare, the fiftieth in fact, another show hearing to repeat the mantra of Benghazi, IRS, or Fast and Furious, and then call it a good legislative day.

On Wednesday, after Darrell Issa had flogged and fluffed on Fox News Sunday about Lois Lerner being ready to talk about the IRS, she again did as she was instructed months ago and invoked the Fifth Amendment.  Issa claimed her attorney said she was ready to testify.  Of course back in the world of reality, Lerner’s attorney denies any such conversation.

In his zeal to put a ribbon around Wednesday’s “show hearing,” Issa actually cut off the microphone of Rep. Elijah Cummings — a violation of the House rules and an unheard of breach of decorum for any committee, not just one chaired by someone who invented a thingamabob called the “Viper Alert.”

Darrell Issa

Darrell Isn’t

Issa’s committee has received over a half-million documents, there has been a full independent investigative exoneration of each and every accusation, and the government has spent to date, $14,000,000 on a fool’s errand of chasing a unicorn of conspiracy.  As inconvenient as they might be, facts are stubborn things.

Is there any karmic doubt about why Issa’s name is an anagram for “I ass.”

Just last week, I wrote about the Republicans railing against the uber-presidency, monarchy, totalitarian government, and imperiousness.  A week later, he is now feckless, ineffective, and inviting global upheaval while he’s Benghazing, IRSing, and rounding up guns here at home.

Dana Milbank calls it “Operation Oxymoron” while I think it is more like a Monty Python skit of a “gelatinous Godzilla?”  No matter how critics couch it, we would all be better off if the next time someone cries, “Lights, camera, reaction,” the ensuing words surprised everyone and for a change concentrated on “good policy“.

This is an open thread.


5 Responses to "Lights, Camera, Reaction…"

They are nuts. McCain and Lady Graham are saying Ukraine happened because of Benghazi! I guess Sarah Palin would probably disagree, unless she predicted Benghazi as well as Russia invading Ukraine. Or is it all happening because Obama didn’t do anything when Russia invaded Georgia, as one pundit claimed? Oh no wait, that was Bush! Who can keep these things organized!

With Issa’s interruption of Cummings… Issa is on Fox saying he was right and followed every rule and that Cummings just threw a hissy fit. And in other places Cummings says Issa called him to apologize. Which I have no doubt he did. But he’d probably prefer to keep his apology private. Fox wouldn’t approve.

@1, methinks we have entered an age where logical consistency is no longer even a feigned consideration. It is almost like Lady Grantham on Downton Abbey saying, “If I want a foreigner to understand me, I just shout.” In the world of politics, it no longer matters what you say or even what language you use — just shout it.

@2, Correction, I remembered just as soon as I hit send, it wasn’t the Lady Grantham who said that, It was Violet, the Dowager Countess. The editors regret the mistake.

Interesting article on an organization not often mentioned if this gets into a shooting war, the NATO Response Force, NRF. Good video with the article too.From the article:

NATO’s Response Force (NRF), which would probably be the first armed unit to engage the Russians, has 13,000 troops at the ready and thousands more in reserve.

Beautifully written synopsis of the current state of affairs,

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