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Saturday Light Fare

Posted on: March 1, 2014

Paris City of Lights Oil Painting By Thomas Kinkade

Good Saturday to you Widdershins.  I won’t even ask about how the weather is in your various areas because I know it’s going to be…varied.  I know the Pacific coast is getting hammered by storms and even though large parts of the West Coast have been in drought, you hardly need the rain all at one time.  Further, as that storm makes it way across the country I do believe I saw that other parts of the country are going to go into the ice box again.  Our weather has been mild the last few days but we will get another cold snap too, later in the week.  Spring cannot get here soon enough.  That being said, let’s take a look at some of the odd or funny things I’ve come across lately on the web.  Nothing heavy today, no politics involved.

Final weekend of Mardi Gras,
have you greased your poles yet?

The Royal Sonesta is a very nice hotel on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.  It is also a very expensive hotel to stay in.  During the final weekend into Fat Tuesday the Royal Sonesta gets even more expensive because there are three and four night minimums for Mardi Gras at very inflated prices.  The most expensive of these rooms are the ones that have balconies that overlook Bourbon Street and the craziness that goes on there Mardi Gras weekend.  Here’s a pic of part of the balconies:

Because the Royal Sonesta doesn’t want the drunken riff-raff on Bourbon Street to climb up on the balconies of their very expensive rooms paid for by others, they have a tradition of The Greasing of the Poles.  The hotel has been doing this for forty-four years now and it has become quite the show and recently a contest.  This year, apparently they had some burlesque dancers performing the greasing duties as you see here:

You can go to the link above and see a gallery of photos take at the event.  It is all in good fun and in keeping with the levity of the Mardi Gras.  (sigh)  Perhaps if I win the lottery, one day I too will be able to afford one of those balcony rooms for Mardi Gras.  😆

Glow in the dark reindeer?

Oh those clever Finns!  It seems they were having issues with Finlandiers (?) running into reindeer at night on the roads in Lapland.  Anne Ollila of the Finnish Reindeer Herder’s Association says they tried using reflectors (where did they put them?) and reflective tape but the reindeer would just rub those things off.  So, they got the bright idea (groan) painting fluorescent dyes on their antlers to see if it stays on and how the reindeer react to it.  You can see a picture of it here.  If it works and stays on, then more power to them for stopping the reindeer deaths.

Okay, new rule:  No kerfuffling with the livestock

This one is just beyond me.  I have never understood, nor do I want to, the idea of canoodling with the farm animals!  But apparently it was great fun for these two!

A farmer in Herkimer County, N.Y. couldn’t figure out why his cows seemed more anxious than usual.

When they weren’t producing as much milk as usual, he set up a surveillance camera.

What he saw shocked him: two men were rolling in the hay with his livestock, reported.

…Michael Jones, 35, and Reid Fontaine, 31, were arrested for misdemeanor sexual misconduct, reported.

Authorities said Fontaine attempted to have sex with several cows while Jones filmed the encounters, according to

The two were released on an appearance ticket.

The HuffPo piece went on to say that a “2011 study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that men who have had sex with animals were twice as likely to develop penile cancer as those who stick with their own kind.”  You see boys, you’re mamma told you if you did certain stuff it would rot off.  She was right.

“Dead Man Walking”

Okay I’m still shuddering and getting the willies over this.  I mean, stories have been written about something similar and I have had disturbing dreams about the possibility of it happening.

Mr. Walter Williams was pronounced dead when his pulse stopped.  He “died” on a Wednesday evening. It appears that he is an elderly gentleman.  It was then that the normal routine of a person’s passing went into motion.  A funeral home was called and they came to pick up the body of Mr. Williams and take it to their place of business.  The next day, Thursday, at the funeral home the employees were getting ready to embalm Mr. Williams when they found him trying to kick through the body bag he had been placed in!    😯

Williams started to move right as the funeral workers were getting ready to embalm him. He was rushed to the hospital and is now in good condition. The coroner said Williams’ pacemaker may have stopped working and then re-started, which could explain his pulse stopping.  [Yeeah…uh-huh]

Said Mr. Williams’ nephew:

“It’s a miracle,” (Eddie) Hester said in an interview. “I don’t know how long he’s gonna be here, but right now he’s here, and the whole family is glad.”  [And so is ole Walter I’ll bet!]

You know, in some parts of the country (Mississippi perhaps?) it is not a requirement that the county coroner be a physician.  I think I would want to change that lack of a requirement.  Just sayin’.

Some youtube clips

This Boeing 767 was coming in for a landing at the airport in Birmingham England and ran into cross winds.  The plane is really swaying and when it touches down it literally bounced off the runway.  I’m willing to bet the interior of this plane needed a major cleaning after everyone got off of it.

This is too cute:  a herd of goats having the time of their lives jumping up and balancing on a piece of steel which is apparently secured to the ground.

I loved this one.  Elaine Stritch, never known to hold her tongue, drops the F bomb on the Today show.

This one is titled the worlds fastest pancake maker, but it looks more like crepes than our idea of pancakes.  Anyway, he’s fast and he does seem to love his job!

Okay Widdershins, let me know below how your day is going.


18 Responses to "Saturday Light Fare"

Just a quick hello today – I am off to some Boy Scouting event and banquet with the grandmonsters.

Under relevant OSHA regs, regular pole maintenance is required in NOLA if I recall correctly.

The story about the cow sexy time is very mooooooooving, yet udderly ridiculous.

Gotta love Elaine Stritch!

Hope everyone is okay out in Callie land and hope everyone will be okay during this, maybe the last, winter storm (we can only hope). Here in the hills the “weather Ron Burgundies” are forecasting lots and lots of ice. I might be stranded early next week so if I’m not around I can be found in an ice floe headed somewhere.

Prolix@2: I did not want to jinx you with the ice thing but I thought I had seen Ky/ice mentioned.

if I’m not around I can be found in an ice floe headed somewhere.

On the bright side, if that ice floe is on the OH river, it may freeze over and you can walk off the floe. LOL!

@3, if it is all just the same, I’ll just stick with the ice floe until it reaches NOLA or thereabouts.

@4: Sounds like a plan!

I’m gonna try to put up a link to a Bourbon Street cam on the rt side if I can figure it out. I know I can’t embed a live cam but I think I can put a link over there.

I tried the Fr.Qtr/Bourbon St thing one time in my life. A group of us from work got together, pooled our $$$s and got a hotel room which was off of Bourbon St. There was just something about the mob mentality that was just too much for me. You could be out in the crowd on Bourbon and want to go in one direction but the push of the crowd would just about prevent it. You had to part the crowd to go in a different direction. One time was enough for me. I think that’s really where my panic attacks began!

Link to Bourbon St Cam is on the right under Teh funny. Clicking on the link will open up a new tab.

I’m in SoCal and I can tell you we’re all pretty much beside ourselves with excitement about this wet stuff. People (well, me) are running outside and jumping around in it! And you can just feel the plants going “Ahhhhhh.”

Admittedly, it is too much in some places. 😦

quixote: No worries about mudslides in your area?

It depends how broadly you define my area. Right where I live, no. There’s a town a good bit east (Monrovia) with a neighborhood right below a recent burn. And the news reports say lots of people there are refusing to evacuate. 😯 Mud flows can kill in a matter of minutes, and their backyards already have two and three feet of mud in them! I just can’t fathom that kind of mind. I’ve got a box of critical docs, and camping gear, change of underwear and toothbrush ready to go at a moment’s notice. The superstitious part of my mind hopes that works like carrying an umbrella when rain is forecast: if you’re prepared, you won’t need it 😀

I saw some places on ABC News where there was already mud in the streets and some poor guy was trying to shovel it out to make way for the next round of it.

I just can’t fathom that kind of mind.

I know what you mean. Before Katrina if we had a Cat 1 or 2 heading toward us, we would have stayed to ride it out and anything higher we’d go. Now, I think even if it’s a 1 or 2 people are getting out of the way.
I always had a couple of bankers boxes handy to be able to throw the important papers in, in the event we had to go. Of course we never thought of entire sections of levees and floodwalls giving way or else I probably would have lined up a U-haul.

Fredster, enjoyed your stories, as usual, especially the greased poles! Learn something new every time I come here. The rain hasn’t been a problem in my neck of the woods, no mudslides, no flooding. The news dramatizes everything, I think. Hubbie did have to work 19 hours on Thursday due to an electrical issue at a school, but the construction people put up giant tarps over the work area so they didn’t get soaked. Poor hubbie didn’t get home until 2am. The drought is awful though. Usually every January, the hills around my town turn a beautiful green and stay that way until April or so. They are still brown. 😦

We are west of Quixote, and live near a different set of mountains. So Cal is a pretty big place.

Would love to hear what you brainy folk think about the Ukrainian situation.

annie said: Fredster, enjoyed your stories, as usual, especially the greased poles! Learn something new every time I come here

LOL! There were a couple of ways I could have phrased that and naturally I took the low road! 😉

Hope that hubby was at least able to get some o.t. out of that 19 hr day!!

Would love to hear what you brainy folk think about the Ukrainian situation.

I’m not sure. Despite what the Repubs want, I don’t think we’re going to war over it. That being said though, Ukraine is a part of NATO and if it were attacked would NATO come to the Ukraine’s defense? Don’t know. What we need to do is to get DYB to write us a guest post since he mentioned his family is from Kiev. I’m certain he could give us some good insights into the situation. D??? are you reading this?

Me too, would love to hear DYB’s take. Half my family was Russian, so I have opinions about Putin…. If he has a human soul, I don’t know where you’d look for it, but he can run strategic rings around Obama. Just, for starters, the way un-uniformed military acted in Crimea so that nobody knew quite what to do, and now it’s fairly moot. You can count on him to do whatever he can get away with, and that’s probably anything he wants. I can’t see either the Europeans or the Americans going off to fight in the Ukraine. ??

Sometimes I dream about living in a civilized world….

quixote said: Me too, would love to hear DYB’s take

Heh…I’m trying to work on that. Perhaps a guest post by him? I emailed him asking about that possibility.

I can’t see either the Europeans or the Americans going off to fight in the Ukraine. ??

That was my thought too quixote, but Ukraine is a member of NATO and supposedly if a member nation is attacked, NATO is supposed to respond. But what kind of response would NATO do and Putin could say he’s protecting/defending the Russian fleet that is there in the Crimea.

DYB left a detailed comment about the situation in Ukraine at the end of MB’s February 24th post. Hope he will write more soon.

Beata@17: Yes he did and I did not get a chance to reply to it. I could move it over here or onto the current post if folks want to discuss it.

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