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Good afternoon Widdershins.  I hope you are pleasantly wiling away your Friday lost in the thoughts of a glorious weekend.

Before I impart the next paragraph, I want you to go outside and run a six-minute mile or something like that because the following words need to be read with a certain breathless abandon.  A breathlessness that comes with great anticipation and an endorphin inspired giddiness.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Welcome back.  Now that you have achieved the required breathlessness:

Tyranny!  Imperial Presidency!  Lawlessness!  Arrogance!  Conceit!  Magisterial power!  Effectively having a monarch!  Constitutional tipping point!  Trampling freedom!  President is not king!  Uber-presidency!  Alarming!

While still denying he's Reince Priebus in drag, Pee Wee has accepted the role as RNC spokesperson...

While still denying he’s Reince Priebus in drag, Pee Wee has accepted the role as RNC spokesperson…

The genesis of these accusations were the grievous executive orders of:  (1) The President delaying portions of Obamacare which Congress has voted almost fifty times to repeal; and (2) The President’s refusal to deport the American-born children of undocumented aliens.

This litany of indictments was leveled this week during a hearing before Darrel Issa’s Committee on Feces Throwing and Other Primate Practices.  The subject du jour was the advisability of House Republicans suing the President for his abusive issuance of the aforementioned executive orders.  (An amusing aside, it just so happened the primary witness encouraging the Republicans to sue unfortunately had just penned an article for the conservative rag Daily Caller concluding, “Congress can’t possibly sue the President.”)

For those thinking about the moral equivalency of what the Democrats were doing while Dubya was President, in all fairness, they too considered suing the President.  You see during Dubya’s presidency, the Democrats were worried about such things as torture, Guantanamo Bay, military tribunals, lack of military equipment, baseless intelligence claims, fighting two wars on the cheap, and warrantless wiretapping.  To counter those concerns, the Republicans proudly proclaimed, “Democrats were criminalizing differences of political opinion.”

The only logical connection I can draw from the two situations would be if the Obama undeported children were in the throes of the “terrible twos” and if so, maybe torture might indeed be appropriate.

Elephant on a StoolWhat is significant and illustrative about this situation:  When will Democrats ever learn they aren’t playing by some “Marcus of Queensbury-Miss Francis’ Playschool-Where’s Waldo” set of rules?  Time and again Democrats sit idly by while outrageous, often scurrilous, misrepresentations of both fact and impact are used against them with impunity.  I have a “not so prescient” bulletin for Democrats of whatever stripe or ilk:

It is going to happen again.

For instance, remember when Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers talked about “Bette in Spokane” and her insurance travails during the response to the State of the Union.  Reporters tracked down the real “Bette in Spokane” and came to find Obamacare not only saved Bette money, it provided her with far superior coverage.

Or if you are in Louisiana or any number of other Senate-contested states, you have probably seen ads being run by the Koch’s Americans for Prosperity.  These ads don’t even go to the trouble of trying to look for real Americans, they just use paid actors reading a script about the horrors of Obamacare.  Americans for Prosperity claim these fictitious testimonials are “emblematic” — not real mind you, but emblematic of their interpretation of what the law could possibly do.

To tie this Obamacare campaign package in a nice bundle, enter Eric Cantor touting an alternative to Obamacare.  In both 2010 and 2012, there was no replacement in “repeal and replace” — so in order to counter that argument Cantor is floating an alternative.  What Cantor doesn’t mention is that this alternative will cut about 1 million middle-class taxpayers from employer sponsored health plans, push upwards of a million people into Medicaid, increase the number of uninsured by 500,000, and increase the deficit by $83 Billion.  Who cares?  It is a political slogan to round out the campaign.

Or take the defense cuts proposed this week by Secretary Hagel now that the Bush Wars are coming to a close.  SequestrationThe Republicans sprang like a meth-addled cobra.  What they conveniently neglected to say was the administration was in fact rescuing the military from the Republican sequestration cuts with a proposed funding increase.

Or take the immigration proposal by the House Republicans.  It is a plan in name only with a grand total of nineteen supporters out of 232 Republican House members.

The list goes on and on.  The Democrats are once again bringing a slingshot to a thermonuclear fight.  They are again asleep at the electoral switch.

Let's talkRemember the “death tax”?  To date there has been not one example of a modern-day family farm being sold to meet taxes.  Remember the “death panels”?  They never existed.  But both concepts are now ear-worms of modern political legend — both suicidally toxic because they were left unanswered.

It’s going to happen again.  If congressional Democrats continue to play this “Where’s Waldo” game for the rest of 2014, I know one thing for sure — he won’t be in Congress.

This is an open thread.

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