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Morning, Widdershins! MadamaB here. Due to my renewed and extensive travel schedule in a location where my Internet access can be as dodgy as Prolix’s, I am now switching to Mondays.

As you may have read, Chatblu wrote yesterday about the amazing, televised Ukrainian revolution. Except for the riot police who used live ammunition on protesters (a mere bagatelle!), leading to over 100 deaths, the whole thing was fairly peaceful, especially for a group of people who are pitting themselves against Pooty-Poot.

What happens next for the Ukraine? One of the first things the new government did was free one of the leaders of the Orange Revolution, Yulia Tymoshenko, from prison. The pro-Russian government had put her in jail in 2011, claiming that she abused her office as Prime Minister. These charges were disputed by her supporters and many Western nations.

Tymoshenko, suffering from a back injury, was rolled onstage in a pink wheelchair. She gave an emotional, forceful speech, honoring the 82 Ukrainians killed in street fighting and by riot police since Tuesday.

The opposition leader, who still has her trademark blond braid, said that Ukraine would not be truly free until “everyone bears a responsibility for what they have done,” a clear reference to the president and his ousted interior minister, who controlled the riot police forces that used live ammunition against protesters. “If we don’t prosecute, we should be ashamed.”

She told the crowd, “You changed everything — not the politicians, not the diplomats, you changed the world,” and called the ousted government “a cancer.”

At the moment, a new set of elections is being planned for May 25th, 2014, and Tymoshenko is expected to run for President.

So far so good. But what will Putin do?

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