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(Not so Activist) Wednesday

Posted on: February 19, 2014


A swirl of this and that

Good Wednesday to you Widdershins, and as you see, this is not Madamab!  Our dear MB is in traveling mode once again and has landed out west.  Also, she’s staying in a hotel with not great wi-fi, so Fredster here has agreed to help out.  And, this is a change that will be permanent or as permanent as can be in the blogging world.  MB will be taking the Monday posts and I will be doing Wednesday and Saturday.  Now my post for today sort of caught me off guard so I had to browse amongst my various links to come up with a few things I had bookmarked for possible use.  Looks like that was a good idea!  😉

You’re studying *what* in college?

A Philosophy and religion faculty member at Central Michigan University had always wanted to teach a course on apocalyptic literature and she is also a fan of The Walking Dead, so she got the idea to combine the two into a course called “From Revelation to `The Walking Dead'”.  The course is going to look at apocalyptic themes in biblical texts, literature and pop culture.  Kelly Murphy, the instructor, said:  “Thinking about the end and imagining life in a different way is something that humans have always done.  She said the class will talk about biblical texts, popular novels and watch scenes from movies like “Shaun of the Dead” and “28 Days Later”.  (I’ve seen those!!)  Kevin White, a senior in political science and religion said “Studying ancient biblical texts isn’t most people’s cup of tea,” he said. “But, when you add zombies, it instantly becomes everyone’s cup of tea.”   Oh well, I once took a course called “The Physics of Music”.  It was interesting and hey, I got a science credit out of it!

I wouldn’t call this a ringing endorsement

Toronto’s mayor Rob Ford has come to the defense of “the biebs”.  Uh-huh… I want a crack-smoking drunken mayor voicing support for me too!

Ford was asked about the pop singer when he spoke by phone Thursday to hosts on the Washington, D.C.-based Sports Junkies radio show.

Ford said Bieber is only 19 and asked the radio personalities, who called Bieber “Canada’s worst export,” to think back to when they were that age. On Wednesday, Bieber was charged in Toronto with assault.

Ford was also asked by the radio hosts about a lawsuit filed against him from his sister’s ex-boyfriend, alleging the mayor conspired to have him attacked in jail to prevent his illicit behaviours from becoming publicly known.

The mayor said he would not discuss the matter since it is before the courts, but his lawyer said Wednesday the allegations are “without fact or foundation.”

Ford’s comment on Bieber was: “He’s a young guy, 19 years old. I wish I was as successful as he was.”

The mind forms a mental image of Mayor Rob and the biebs partying together.  The next thing that comes to mind is the temptation to guzzle bleach.

Sometimes saying “I love you” can cost you a career

One morning in 2002, Navy SEAL Brett Jones made a phone call the day after a welcome back party was held on his behalf, returning from a deployment.  It wasn’t a biggie; it was just a thank-you call for organizing the party.  The man wasn’t in, so Jones left him a message at his military office, and then he did something without thinking about it.  “I said, ‘I love you’ before I hung up,” Jones told ABC News, recounting the story by email.

The man he said that to was his boyfriend at the time.  This was a part of his life he had kept completely segregated from his life in Special Operations.  However, a woman working in his boyfriend’s office heard the message and since this was in 2002, before the end of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, she reported it up the chain of command and the Navy started an investigation.  The Navy pulled his security clearances and he said “It was one of the most difficult times of my life.” .  “It was so damn humiliating.”.  From the article:

Jones’ SEAL team quickly found out, and though Jones said the special operations world is “ultra-masculine” and apt to paint the gay community in a negative light, actually most of his teammates were supportive.

“Of course there would be guys who would talk and whisper behind my back, but overall I received the best support one could hope for from their brothers,” he said. “I will always be thankful for those brave SEALs.”

Jones was able to get in touch with the SLDN, a group that worked with active duty gay service members and the investigation was soon dropped.  But, when he got to the end of his enlistment, Jones decided not to reenlist.

Now, Jones has a husband and a son and has decided to write a book about his experiences.  He is one of the first former SEALS to come out in such a public manner.

He is one of the first ex-SEALs in the relatively small special operations world to ever to come out so publicly, and he first spoke directly to that “ultra-masculine” community through, a military website created by and for special operations veterans.

In the SOFREP article, and echoed in his interview with ABC News, Jones said just about the hardest part was lying to his fellow SEALs for so long. “I absolutely hated it when I did that,” he wrote.

It’s a very good article and you should check it out when you have a chance.

And speaking of another pioneer…

I’m sure almost all of you know that Missouri defensive lineman Michael Sam came out and announced that he was gay.  And if you have no idea what a lineman looks like, here’s a pic for you:

The NFL Combine will start this next week in Indianapolis, and it’s going to be interesting to see how the NFL world reacts to Michael.  If they have any sense, they’ll listen to this sportcaster from WFAA in DFW.

This is an open thread.


6 Responses to "(Not so Activist) Wednesday"

I wrote something previously about lil Booby being, at one time, the least popular guv. in the country. Well it seems he’s maintaining that trend as a recent PPP poll showed he had a whopping 35 % approval rate. And, only one in four want him to make a run for Prez. I say go for it lil Booby! Resign your job now and get the hell out of the state!

Of course some of the repub commenters said “Oh, that’s a left-leaning poll!” Leaning/schmening. They forgot that the PPP had the most accurate polling info in 2012.

I saw that sportscaster’s clip a week or so ago. He is just fantastic and is in Texas, the home of the almighty football. He should be sportscaster of the year.

I really like his point about Michael Sam — what is really noteworthy about the whole Michael Sam business is that people are saying the best defensive player in the SEC isn’t going to be drafted until the 4th or 5th round. Unheard of.

If there are football gods wishing for a little mischief, wouldn’t it be something if Michael was drafted by the Dolphins and got to re-calibrate Richie Incognito’s world. Now that would be uber-karma.

Prolix@2: Yeah, I’ve had that bookmarked to use, but didn’t want to do an entire post on it, yet it didn’t really fall into Sat. “light fare”. Although the sportscaster didn’t mention it, there’s also been a dearth of black coaches in the NFL, to the point that the NFL instituted the Rooney Rule, which is really kinda sad if you think about it.

There is so much that goes into the calculus of where a player may go in the draft that I can’t really hazard a guess as to whether Michael Sam should go higher or not. He is an All-American and the SEC defensive player of the year, but to say his coming out hasn’t affected his position in the draft would be naive.

There’s a good piece on the Maddow Blog about lil Booby’s religion speech at the Raygun library.

@2: Yes, other than at UK (home of those roundball guys), football is almighty. Best of luck to Sam.

Hey Prolix! If it’s your designated job to watch the nuts jobs on faux newz, are you gonna check this one out for us?

“The Kelly File”…blech

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