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I De-Claire

Posted on: February 16, 2014

Chai de-clairt is taking a break so I am on deck this Sunday.  Fuzzy is continuing
his rouges gallery of Hillary detractors past, present, and future.  Today I have a good one my little friend from the Show Me State.  The Senior Senator of Missouri Ms. Claire McCaskill.

Claire McCaskill, Oh what a difference six years make. I am sure we all remember this:

I just hurts to watch this as Pat J would say it is worse than the English Patient. Its good to remember these blasts from the past, Claire McCaskill was in my mind Claire McCaskiller, a real Benedict Arnold on the campaign trail. She backed her horse early and used every opportunity to slam the Junior Senator From New York, Former First Lady, and other democratic candidate running in 2008.

Claire McCaskill said this the night of the Indiana Media Massacre:

Remember what she says about big Oil and Obama position really rings hollow. Claire you were an early adopter of the Empty Suit. You have to love her she ran her mouth and spewed as much bile as she could against the Clintons. My Grandmother would in her own words call her “ A Real Piece of Work.”

After six years of missed opportunity and “fuzzy” vision Claire has some how seen the light. In the following clip shows the complete 180 degree turn around that has happened since those cold January days in 2008. Here is Claire Version 2014:

Here is another one:

Claire why the change of heart? will you let your daughter near Bill now that the Big “O” is rapidly becoming irrelevant? Is Hillary your key to reelection in 2018? Missouri is a State that loved the Clintons in both 1992 & 1996. Claire got lucky in 2012 having to run against Todd “legitimate rape” Akin. She will need Hill & Bill in 2018 to prevail she cannot count on a gift horse two cycles in a row.

Its nice Claire you have seen the light and joined the Hillary 2016 bandwagon. We have been here before and we will be keeping an eye on you. So don’t think your new found love of all things Clinton will not be kept under a microscope. Oh and Good luck in 2018, it is only 4 years away.

This is an Open Thread:


14 Responses to "I De-Claire"

Hey, leave “The English Patient” out of it! I can’t believe you mentioned it in the same breath as McCaskill! 😦

And where is Pat?? I hope everything is ok.

Nice post fuzzy. Poor Claire is a day late and dollah short. snort!

DYB@2 said: And where is Pat?? I hope everything is ok.

I’m assuming everything is okay with her. I saw she had commented once or twice over at skydancing…

Oh my Gawd! Are the Repubs so bereft of someone to speak for them that they are letting this assclown get air time?

Mittens: You lost the Prez election. You need to go back to what you do best: take over companies, strip them of every available asset and then hit them with a management “agreement” they can’t afford so they then have to go bankrupt!

Fuzzy, fantastic post! Very funny, laughed myself silly. What a hypocrite that woman is!

Fredster, I saw that about Romney. But please don’t encourage him to go back to destroying other peoples companies. He is rich enough and America needs jobs! 🙂

annie@6: Oh but I thought he had already gone back to his venture capital ways with his son’s company. ?? I think so, but maybe he’s moved on from that too. I can’t believe Dancin’ Dave put him on MTP! Why? For what reason? Methinks Mittens is wanting to get back into national politics and me also thinks he just needs to go spend time with all of those wonderful grandkids he has.

Fredster, agreed! He has enough money, houses, etc. He’s done enough damage to the country. He needs to just go away and enjoy his ill gotten gains and his grandkids and his million dollar horses!

annie@8: And don’t forget his car elevator at the house in La Jolla!

Sister Unity performs an act of charity for Sister Mora-phine.

I love Sister Unity Divine all the sister are wonderful. I love a good PSA for Designated Drivings. Hugs Shes is such a suffering Servant of Good.

Well every one I am back from Tampa and the Suscoast Softball Gasprilla Tournament. My Team the Tampa Bay Ducks did not do so well but they are going to the GAY GAMES 14 in Ohio the Softball events are being held in we hope they do well there.As Far as Clair goes I just hope her conversion is a real one.

Can I say sorry and congratulations on your team at the same time?

Fuzzy@11: Indeed she does good works! 😆

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