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I know this is a recycled picture, but this evening (Friday) a friend and his wife came by to visit and brought along a nice-sized container of her homemade chili.  It was wonderful so I thought of using this picture again.

This is Light Fare day but I have to admit I’ve been remiss in gathering my usual collection of off-beat, funny or weird stories. Real world issues took up a lot of time this week.  However, let’s move along and take a look at some of the things that did cross my path.

You didn’t pay so your children will starve

Yep, that’s about the way a school in Salt Lake City felt about kids whose moms or dads did not pay up on the lunch tab.  Administrators at Uintah Elementary in Salt Lake City did not handle the situation of late lunch tabs very well at all.  A spokesman for the school district said that notes and message about the funds owed were sent home with the kids.  This was on a Monday…after the school day.  On Tuesday, the kids had their lunches taken away from them and the food was summarily tossed in the trash, so the parents had exactly one day to settle their tabs.

Olsen said that cafeteria workers did not know in advance which lunches to pull, so they handed them all out before students reached a computer to process the payment. The school workers took back lunches from students whose accounts showed a negative balance. And because Uintah policy dictates that food served to one student can’t be served to another, the meals were thrown out. The explanation doesn’t make the event seem any less humiliating or wasteful.

Now, Olsen said the kids did not go hungry or without lunch since they were offered fruit and milk.  Still, if these are kids in an elementary school, then I would hazard a guess that most of the parents either have a cell phone or an email account and couldn’t the school have tried calling or texting the parents?  Sending a note home for a parent, via a kid just sounds so old school, doesn’t it?

Well, the owl wasn’t thrown*under* the bus
as so many people in DC end up

Nope, this cute snowy old ended up getting hit by the bus.  To be precise it was hit by a bus near 15th and I streets NW, which is right about here.  The owl was taken to the National Zoo for treatment.

Upon arrival at the zoo, the owl was alert and responsive but subdued, officials there said. There were no obvious physical injuries, although there was blood on the bird and in its mouth, which is consistent with head trauma.

Well I dunno about you, but if I’m flying along and fly into a bus I’m gonna be kind of subdued too.  Just sayin’.

In a video supplied by the zoo, the owl looked dazed as it was held by a keeper wearing heavy protective gloves. A veterinarian examined the owl’s eyes, and the bird was given pain medication and fluids subcutaneously.

See my comment above.  I fly into a bus you can believe I’m gonna want some pain meds and would definitely look dazed…at the least.

The National Zoo took the owl to an animal rescue and rehab center and as of the date of the post they weren’t sure how serious the owl’s injures were and that there might be internal injuries.  The most recent story I could find via google was datelined the 31st of Jan. and the owl was still on the mend.  If you wish to see some more photos of the owl there’s a gallery at WaPo here.

Pope Francis:  truly a man for all seasons

I have to say that I really do like the new Pope.  Being on the cover of Time and Rolling Stone certainly hasn’t gone to Francis’ head it seems.  During a recent general audience when Francis was riding the popemobile through the crowd in St. Peter’s Square a gentleman wanted the Pope to bless his parrot.  At first the Pope passed by the parrot and owner, but then  came back because the Pope wanted to bless the bird.  Sooo…the Pope came back and blessed the parrot and even held it on one of his fingers.  The parrot’s owner was one Francesco Lombardi who told people he was a former male stripper, now an “erotic” film actor.  Don’t know if Francis knew the man’s occupation when he gave his blessing but somehow I doubt it would affect this Pope.

The bird’s owner was identified as Francesco Lombardi, and according to ANSA, he’s a former male stripper turned erotic film actor.

“It was fun,” Lombardi told ANSA after meeting the pope. “A sort of mixing of the holy and the profane.”

Lombardi said Amore parroted back “Papa,” which the crowd was chanting at Pope Francis.

Lombardi, who has also been the head of the town council of Trezzano, near Milan, told ANSA that he attended the pope’s general audience with his wife and two daughters.

Now I don’t know what could be more “wholesome” than that:  A man who was a male stripper, now an erotic film actor, takes his wife and two daughters to a Pope’s general audience along with his pet parrot.  Our right-wing “so-called ‘Christians’ ” here in the U.S. would have had an attack of apoplexy over the situation and would have needed to get to the fainting couch.

A few Youtube vids

This one is called cell phone crashing and it’s done when someone is on their cell phone talking loudly on it in a public area.  You sidle up next to them on your cell phone and pretend to interject enough of what they are saying into your conversation that it causes them to think that you are somehow getting in on their conversation.  You’ll see what it involves when you watch the video.

This next one is of a older Scottish couple visiting a family member in Pasadena California.  They are so tuned into whatever trip they were about to go on that they totally ignore the black bear cub sitting off to their right.  The cub follows the couple to their car and you’ll see what happens.

Okay Widdershins, let me know what’s going on in your world today.

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