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Remain Calm, Etc. : Another Reason to Hate Obamacare and the Hateful Haters Who Hate It

Posted on: February 6, 2014

Good Thursday, Widdershins.

This post may be less than thrilling, because I once again failed to remember to write for today.  If anyone knows where I might procure a “Thursday alarm” that would alert me to scurry to my ‘puter and compose, please let me know and I will order one quickly.  Such as it is, here goes.

I’m reasonably certain that everyone knows that I am not really in favor of the current version of Obamacare.  The more I watch it evolve, the more I realize that it is Medicare Part D on steroids.  Conceptually, I am all in favor of national health care, and if this is the starting point, I suppose that it is better than nothing for our citizens.  My problem is that we are once again provide corporate welfare for the insurance industry, and that differentiates me from the Republicans, who hate it because they hate it.

The Repubs have hated the concept that was born of their labors in a conservative think tank, and hate their now-bastard child with escalating fervor.  They howled for repeal all thorough the 2012 election, before finally subsiding to a whimper.  Thank you, Congressional Budget Office, for breathing new life into these bozos.

The CBO stated that there would be a drop in hours worked, and postulates that workers would prefer to retain subsidies.  Yep, people may just not take that extra job that ends up costing them money.  Now this is a far cry from their insistence that business would not hire – in fact, it’s a polar opposite.  If people are not taking a second job to pay health care bills, maybe that second job will be open and available to someone who desperately needs a first job.

Or, perhaps this subsidy may allow a worker to start their own business because now they don’t have to work for someone else in order to obtain benefits.  Not only is that person;s previous job open to someone else, but the small business start-up (as the Repubs will tel you  until your ears bleed) may well produce a few more jobs.  There are also some 62-year-old folks out there who could easily retire, but continue to work because they are three years’ shy of Medicare coverage.  This worker retires, and another job comes open.  I know a woman who would prefer to work part-time, but her spouse is self-employed and she provides the benefits from her job,  There’s another few hours for someone else to work.  Seems to me that endorsing small business, mothers at home more with children, and happy seniors along with spurts of new job growth would be in everyone’s favor.  Alternatively. Americans can remain frozen in place, with no progress in sight, but ensuring the dominant supply-side paradigm so dear to the GOP heart.

As a nation, we provide massive support to the oil industry, heavy support to Big Agra, Big Pharma, and Mutual of Everywhere.  So if for a few years we subsidize our own, so be it.

This is an open thread.


28 Responses to "Remain Calm, Etc. : Another Reason to Hate Obamacare and the Hateful Haters Who Hate It"

When I saw the headlines for this report I said to myself: “It will never end! They are going to try to repeal it 45 more times!”

A very interesting short film. (Some nudity included.)

@2: Amazing film.

I read the articles about this but I could not understand the convoluted logic that the CBO came up with. Now actually, I could see it on the other end such as that if an employer had someone working 40 hrs a week (and providing health insurance) that they would decide to cut back the hours on that employee, telling them that with the reduced income they’ll become eligible for subsidies for healthcare on the exchanges. And let me tell you, the premiums are not cheap. And, they increase with your age. Personally, I cannot imagine the scenario where someone older chooses to voluntarily cut their hours back just to be able to get a a few bucks to subsidize their premiums.

Heh. I have to admit that this sounds intriguing but I don’t know how long it would last.

James Carville joins Fox News as contributor

Now I can watch DYB’s film clip.

DYB@2: Wow, great clip. I’ve got to send that out to some folks I know.

Why in the world would Carville go into the black hole of Fox News? The money must be very good.

That short film is absolutely fascinating.

Yep, I’m guessing it’s the money. And possibly they were agreeable to letting him participate from home in nola w/out having to travel to the studios in NYC.

Off topic, now this is just damned scary!.

“medicare Part D on steroids”

You’ve nailed it, Chat. This is what happens when you entrust health care to a congressional committee, in which both sides are beholden to lobbyists.

@8> youtube = boob tube

@5: Should be fascinating while it does last/

DYB@10: hahahahahaaaa!! 😆

chat@11: You know James is gonna completely explode at some point and that will probably be the end of the Fox gig.

@9: Yep, and mostly fueled by the GOP Crackpot Caucus.

Eww! (the gif) Nice post, so much more sensible than the news is making this out. I’m hoping the ACA evolves into some kind of single pay.

socal@15: The gif…I know. I’ll take it down.

I’m hoping the ACA evolves into some kind of single pay.

I would have no problems with that at all.

You didn’t have to take it down for me! You are such a sweetie!

The DYB clip was powerful. Does Rob Ford have time to do any actual mayoring? He seems so busy being a “reality-type” celebrity.

Jon Stewart had a woman on his show who has written a book about Rob Ford and I believe his family. I think she’s a writer with a Toronto newspaper. Anyway, she said that the Fords think that they are the Canadian version of the Kennedys, i.e. a political dynasty family. Well…maybe not so much, but they certain have the same chemical dependency issues. 😆

You are such a sweetie!

Shhhh! Don’t tell anyone about that. 😉

Your secret is safe.

Maybe Mary Matlin has brainwashed Carville to the point that he’ll fit in at Fox like Bob Bechel.

What a horrible thought, Sue. I enjoy the Ragin’ Cajun to no end.

Carville and Matalin were on Bill Maher’s show a week or two ago and he’s still a Leftie. She, sadly, has had so much face work done she’s grotesque. I don’t understand why she’d do that to herself.

And more right-wing hilarity!

DYB@24: On the face work, man I hope that stuff loosens up soon or something. It did look pretty bad. Also, she was about half looped when she was on Bill Maher’s show. Maher said mentioned her having had a fall or something like that and she was definitely on a pain killer or muscle relaxer or something similar.

@DYB: Oh dear Lord. I did think Laura Ingraham had enough sense to know that Puerto Rico is a Commonwealth of the U.S.

@25: Reminiscing about the debate after Perry’s back surgery when he was definitely hammered from his pain killer/ Remember when he cuddled the bottle of maple syrup?

You go, lady! Alex Sink is running in Pinellas County for the House, and is responding to her opponent’s Obamacare ads:

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