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It absolutely kills some folks that the ACA seems to be working

Posted on: February 3, 2014


This is going to be a quick post as I guess I’m still rather in shock at the Super Bowl game.  Actually that’s not completely true.  I have something I want to share with you dear Widdershins, but I don’t have a lot to say about it, so here goes.

Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers (R-Wash.) was chosen to give the Republican reply to the President’s State of the Union speech and she decided to talk about how the awful Affordable Care Act just wasn’t cutting it and getting the job done.

Rodgers talked about getting a letter from “Bette in Spokane” who complained about the fact that her former health insurance policy was dropped.  She had hoped the President’s “health-care law” would save her some money but instead her premium for another plan was going to go up by $700 per month.  Rodgers conclusion about Bette’s situation was “This law is not working.”.

So in the hopes of getting a little more information than what the Congresswoman wanted to provide, a reporter tracked down “Bette from Spokane” and got some more information from her.  It turns out the woman is Bette Greiner and she and her husband have a small business. Washington State  Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler was also questioning things by the description of the situation that was given.  Kreidler said he could not understand how Greiner and her husband could not find something as good or better than what they had before without that much of an increase in costs.

Well a little bit of snooping and digging by reporters from The Spokesman Review did provide some clarification to the matter.

Bette and Don fell into the situation where their old policy did not meet the requirements needed for a health policy under the A.C.A. and was being dropped.  The Greiner’s had what could be called a catastrophic plan.  They had a $10,000 deductible, but hey!, they got 4 free visits a year to their doctor.  Now what they were offered in place of the discontinued plan was another plan by their same company, Asuris Northwest, which was indeed pricier at $1,200 per month.  And supposedly Asuris had a cheaper policy that was available to Bette and Don.  As David Wasson of the Spokesman Review said:

The carrier also offered a less expensive, $1,052-per-month option in lieu of their soon-to-be-discontinued catastrophic coverage plan. And, Grenier acknowledged the couple probably could have shaved another $100 a month off the replacement policy costs by purchasing them from the state’s online portal, the Health Plan Finder website, but they chose to avoid the government health exchanges.

And here comes the kicker, directly from Bette:

“I wouldn’t go on that Obama website at all,” said Grenier, 58, who lives in the Chattaroy area and owns a roofing company with her husband. “We liked our old plan. It worked for us, but they can’t offer it anymore.”

So instead, they have decided to go without health insurance.  And for that I call this on Bette and Don: bullshit-meter

Now Bette must know some people who have gone onto the website and who made purchases because she said:

“I know some people seem to be getting good deals, but we’re not,” Grenier said. “I have a friend – she and I fight about this stuff all the time – and she got a great deal: $129 a month.”

And Wash. state insurance commissioner added his thoughts:

Kreidler acknowledged his office, too, has been getting a lot of complaints from people who had health care plans that did not meet the minimum requirements of the new law. They received notices late last year from their companies saying those policies were being canceled and suggesting a new plan. Most paid the same or less, but some paid more.

“Most of those paid more because it was better coverage,” he said.

Now further, Washington State has their own exchange so Bette nor Don would have had to dealt the ups and downs of the Federal website.  And I’m really willing to bet they could have found a “navigator” to help them through the process of selecting a new plan.  And you see, therein is the problem:  some of these folks are so determined to not give this a chance they will cut their noses off to spite their faces.  The only ones Don and Bette are hurting by not trying to get a plan through the exchange are…Don and Bette. But I’m sure Don and Bette will rest better knowing they made a point.


We didn’t hear anything from our singing Widdershins last night so I’m going to put up the youtube of Renee Fleming singing the SSB at the Super Bowl game.  Share your thoughts with us if you care to.

This is an open thread.


14 Responses to "It absolutely kills some folks that the ACA seems to be working"

That woman is a moron. And I love that nobody vetted her story before one of 26 responses Republicans provided.

I’ve been looking at the NY site as well because I have to sign up. I managed to find a decent plan $458 a month. I don’t qualify for any subsidies. I was looking for no deductible plan. This is also with dental and vision.

DYB@1 You may find an HMO type plan where there’s no deductible.

The plans here in AL were very limited. They only had 2 companies that were participating; Blue Cross of AL and Humana. The Humana plans were atrocious and none of the docs I had used participated in it. Neither one had an HMO option.

A friend of mine chose the Bronze plan from BCBS and it’s very limited. He gets 3 doctor visits a year @$40 for in network docs. He does get prescriptions with a max of a $20 copay so that’s not bad. Most generics won’t be $20 under an ins. plan. He also gets his immunizations and the other things covered under what I call “wellness benefits”, like certain lab procedures and things of that nature. Now if he has to go to a hospital or go to the doc more than his 3 times plus his annual “check-up” visit, the costs of those visits go toward his deductible of $6300. That would have been okay with him when he signed up, but after he had already done so, he found out that he is diabetic and had he known that at the time he said he would have chosen a silver or maybe gold plan.

@D: No comments on Renee?

I didn’t watch Renee’s singing. I used to be a big fan and I still occasionally like her, but too often her vocalism live at the Met has been very disappointing. When left to her own devices her mannerisms, self-indulgence and jazzying up of music is barely listenable. So I didn’t bother watching her at the Super Bowl!

@DYB: Okay thanks for the comments. She didn’t sing it completely “straight” but she did much better than some I’ve seen who mangled it horribly.

I watched it and enjoyed it. That song is so impossible, I’ve heard very few people that I thought did it well.

Maximilian Schell died. I knew he was a great actor but didn’t know he was also a concert pianist. And what a hunk when he was young.

annie@6: Oh I didn’t know that either about Schell. I too knew him only as an actor.

Yes, Fredster, I watched Renee. The anthem is not my favorite, not because it’s reputedly “difficult” to sing (for a trained singer, it’s not) but just because it’s not a very good song. Renee did not over-embellish. She added only two notes on top, and sang everything else exactly as it was written, a rarity in any venue.

As a soprano, i was impressed by her use of her lower range. Her vocal placement was exact. She stayed out of chest voice and produced a clear sound with no excess vibrato. That’s a real test of a singer’s technique…not what you do with your easy range, but what you do with your most challenging range. I thought she was perfect, but I still think we should switch to “America the Beautiful”.

@Mary Luke: Thanks for your opinion. As a non-vocal person I thought she did well also. I would think it’s very difficult to sing in a large outdoor arena. I know it’s difficult at times to play in an instrumental ensemble (read band) in one of those. You can get caught up with the echo or reverb in the stadium and it can throw you off. Add in the fact she had that chorus behind her and it could have gotten ugly.

sang everything else exactly as it was written, a rarity in any venue.

Yes! I really have never cared for anyone’s ad libitum on the song. Here’s some notes…go sing ’em. LOL!!

The problem with the Republicans is, they don’t have any alternative ideas. So instead of offering another solution for improving health care in this country, they dressed up some woman no one has heard of and gave her a lie to tell. What else could they do? They are nothing but a failing brand at this point, certainly not an actual political party.

My husband and I were cheering after Renee’s National Anthem! Extremely well sung. (I agree with DYB – in an operatic context she hasn’t been as good lately.) I loved how New York hosted the Super Bowl in very grand style – the show, the stadium, the fireworks, the music – everything was terrific. Unfortunately, we had yet ANOTHER snowstorm today and all the poor travelers got stuck!

You are tres fortunate that the game was played between snowstorms.

chat is right about that the timing worked out well with the game.

The Repubs have nothing to offer in regard to healthcare; you’re right MB. Their one idea that they love to tout is to “let the insurance companies compete across state lines”. Huh?? What the hell does that accomplish? Not a damned thing really.

all the poor travelers got stuck!

And I saw on the news that the Seattle fans were terrible to the Bronco fans.

Mary Luke, agree with you about SSB. I think America the Beautiful is much better song.

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