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Lazy Sunday Television: Best Super Bowl Ads

Posted on: February 2, 2014

Good Super Bowl Sunday, Widdershins.  Also, a Happy Groundhog Day. Punxsutawney Phil, General Beauregard Lee, and Staten Island Chuck will be up early today to prognosticate the end of winter.

Later today,  at 6:30 EST, the Broncos and the Seahawks will line up for the XLVIIIth Super Bowl.   It should be a dandy, as it feature’s the League’s Best Offense against the League’s Best Defense.  Hopefully the weather will have warmed up enough to make it reasonably comfortable for people who paid out megabucks to watch the event.  Also. this may be the first positive thing that’s occurred in Jersey for several weeks now.

While I realize that not everyone is a sports fan, there’s always the commercials.  I have friends who don;t care for the game at all who watch solely for the commercials.  They are hideously expensive, and tend to be just wonderful/  Some, however, live long after their initial airing, and those memorable commercials are today’s topic.  Pick your faves and post them, and then watch tonight’s game for some personal new favorites.

While this is an open thread, I just have to add, Go Broncos!  Give me a great game before The Dark Times come.

(1) Mean Joe (1979)

(2) Money Out the Wazoo (2000)

(3) Herding Cats (2000)

(4) The Force (2012)

(5) Brotherhood  (2013)


17 Responses to "Lazy Sunday Television: Best Super Bowl Ads"

RIP, Phillip Seymour Hoffman.

chat@1: I saw that just a bit ago. I had no idea he had drug abuse issues. 😦

Well it’s number 4 for Drew and Brittany Brees. They don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet.

I still like this commercial.

OMG. Bill O’Reilley interviews Obama on pre-game show. WTH???

@7: Thank God I missed that.

C’mon Peyton! Do yo thang!! Go Broncos!!!

Renee Fleming did a great job with the SSB!

My gawd…these people are going to be insufferable when this debacle is over. 🙄

I am switching over to the Harry Potter Movie. I just cannot watch any more.

Guess I could switch to the Walking Dead, but it would remind me too much of the Broncos tonight.

Denver just scored! Like it’s gonna help a lot. 😦

Went for and got the two points.

Seattle scored again. Time for me to call it quits too.

Well, I’m sad for Peyton, but glad for Seattle! My late step dad would have been delirious with glee today if he was still alive. Poor man. Anyway, I watched off and on and was shocked. What the heck happened to the Broncos? Did not expect that. I thought the commercials mostly sucked this time around…also the halftime show which I couldn’t watch. I did like the Budweiser commercial with the adorable puppy and clydesdales, and also, strangely enough, the Dylan/Chrysler one. I don’t like Dylan or Chrysler but the commercial had style, I thought.

Loved the old commercials you guys posted. Condolences to you both.

annie@15: Well considering how the Saints played against Seattle (both losses) and the way they handled the Broncos tonight, in retrospect I can say that the Saints played pretty well against them.

I do feel bad for Peyton because I don’t know how many years he has left to play, both because of his neck and his age. (Isn’t it amazing we talk about age for guys in their 30s?)

Fredster, good points about both the Saints/Seattle game and also how weird it is that we say athletes are old in their thirties. Hubbie & I have noticed that oddity many times. And we all do it, for all sports.

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