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Impeach Monica Benghazi…

Posted on: January 31, 2014

Good afternoon Widdershin friends.  I hope this is a “widderful” Friday for you.

Always trying to be helpful, I thought today would be as good a day as any to give the conservative word-whore Frank Luntz a little help in his messaging conundrum.  Like finding the perfect pair of shoes, Luntz is trying on lots of potential slogans, but like the cloven-hoofed miscreant he is, he’s having a difficult time finding just the right fit.

During the past week we have seen the opening shots of the upcoming 2014 and 2016 messaging wars, ergo a mash-up of what seems to be the early taglines — “Impeach Monica Benghazi”.  You have to admit it does have a certain ring to it for the mouth-breathing crowd.

Alphabetically, his name is perfect -- Barr, Bob...

Alphabetically, his name is perfect — Barr, Bob…

As would be expected you have someone like Bob Barr, a former Congress Critter — turned libertarian presidential candidate — currently do-si-doing as a retread congressional candidate saying, “I took my bill to impeach Bill Clinton from November 1997, dusted it off, added a little language, and darned, if it doesn’t sound pretty good with Barack Obama’s name in there.”

For the politics for profit crowd, invoking the ghosts of impeachment past does a couple of things.  It is red meat for the Tea Party crowd in 2014 and lays a certain tarnishing predicate for Hillary in 2016.

Then you have Senator and labradoodlely follicled Rand Paul last Sunday, where in answering a question on Meet the David Gregory about the “War on Women,” he did a full-morph with a backflip into a rant about Monica Lewinsky and Bill Clinton.  In the world of Rand Paul, where libertarianism is little more than passive-aggressiveness on steroids (passive if it suits, aggressiveness if it diverges from personal preferences, and steroids for a little more rage), he sees Bill Clinton’s human failure as a tarot card for Hillary.

Both equally accurate news sources...

Both equally accurate news sources…

And then you have Benghazi.  Anytime you have the loss of life, it is a regrettable thing and Benghazi was a regrettable loss of four lives.  What is even more regrettable is the saddling up of Benghazi by the conservative right and media crowd thereby cheapening the sacrifices it represents.

There have been three comprehensive studies about Benghazi, the most extensive and far-reaching was led by the respected notables Admiral Mike Mullen and Ambassador Thomas Pickering.  All of the studies were detailed and above reproach, but none satisfy the narrative advanced by the Tea Party, Fox News, and Hillary-haters.

Facts surrounding Benghazi such as the late Ambassador Chris Stevens rejecting additional security and military presence not once, but twice, finds no purchase among the conspiratorially minded.  The fact the two retired Navy Seals were contract employees of the CIA, hired and in Benghazi voluntarily is ignored by those wishing it wasn’t true.

And then there is the most egregious lie of all — that armed assistance was withheld by the White House and the Pentagon.  Time and again this lie has been refuted by the independent reviews and as Robert Gates said, “Paints a cartoonish view of military capabilities.”  In the zeal of the haters to conjure a conspiracy, these myth-makers fail to realize they are impugning the military with each retelling of their baseless tales.

Barring any unforeseen circumstances, Frank Luntz has his work cut out for him.  From the vantage point of most readers of this site, 2016 is going to be about competence.  We said competency was the issue in 2008, but no one would clear their ears of Cheetos and listen.  Effective leadership and governance is not just about painting a vision, it is about delivering on those visions.  It isn’t about charisma and celebrity, it is about the reality Hillary 2016of delivering after the speech has been given.

So try as he may, Frank Luntz’s puppets might as well take their “Impeach Monica Benghazi” bumper stickers and unceremoniously stick them over their vacuous pie holes since there are few people in the history of the country who have been more prepared for the Presidency than Hillary.  And as we have seen time and again, no one on this side of the universe is more inoculated against outrageous accusations.

This is an open thread.


24 Responses to "Impeach Monica Benghazi…"

Excellent, succinct motto, there, Prolix. IMB, indeed!

@1, Chat do we have buttons or t-shirts made?

I think buttons. They’re a bit more tasteful, don;t you think?

@3, yes, I like buttons, but not the big garish ones, something simple where people have to come up to you and ask, what does that mean? That way we can then lay into everything unholy about Prince Reince and his crew.

Do you know if Fredster has his internet back?

No, I don;t. It’s apparently been more out than on for the past few days.

Fredster, when you get here know that we have missed you.

Prolix@5: Internet here has been spotty which I’m going to attribute to the snowpocalypse or more appropriately the icepocalypse we had here. I think there was just too much traffic trying to use the available bandwidth. I would be chugging along and then just not be able to get pages to load. When I would try to run a traceroute I would get to one of the hubs in Atlanta (big surprise!) and the connection would just crap out and not go any further. It would be 100% packet loss there. It has been improving the last two days so I’m hoping everyone is off their smartphones and things have resolved.

Poor Frank Luntz has not been a happy camper lately according to this Atlantic piece by Molly Ball.

In recent months, he tells me, he has often contemplated quitting everything; he has spent long weeks alone, unable to sort out his thoughts. Frank Luntz, the master political manipulator, a man who has always evinced a cheery certainty about who’s right and who’s winning and how it all works, is a mess.

It is a worthwhile read.

Frank Luntz is depressed? Awwww! So sad! Maybe he should look into the “It Gets Better” campaign.

I was actually surprised to hear Monica’s name mentioned. At least this early in the game. I had to do a double-take when I saw it on the “news.”

In a somewhat related story, I loooove how the RNC is putting MSNBC on probation. I mean, what in the actual heck? In a world where Fox News exists??? But give RNC credit for playing victim in a way the DNC could only dream!

In an unrelated story, it looks like for Chris Christie to throw his old high school buddy (I barely know the guy!) under the bus was not the best idea. The old “friend” is coming out swinging against his non-friend.

The RNC has a well-developed sense of entitlement that insists that anything negative means that they are as much a victim as the poor suffering1%
Ah, Christie! This could be wildly entertaining.

DYB@10: When Rand Paul made those comments about Bill and Lewinski, it struck some of us in La as ironic because “Diaper Dave” Vitter announced he’s gonna run for guv. That immediately brought up comments about his “serious sin” from a few years ago when his name was found in the DC Madam’s address book. A couple of pundits said obviously he feels he’s put that behind him and one made a statement about how everyone loves a “reformed sinner”. Someone else came up with a statement as to why haven’t the Repubs and *those* Christians forgiven Bill for Monica-gate?

From Chat’s politico linke:

said Jamie Traeger-Muney, a psychologist whose Wealth Legacy Group focuses on counseling the affluent. “There is a worry among our clients that they are being judged and people are making assumptions about who they are based on their wealth.”

Gotta be a great gig to “counsel the affluent”. 😆

Counseling the affluent….because what a great burden it is to be affluent. Holy crap on a stick!

That Christie story is just going to get better and better. Pass the popcorn!

Nothing like comforting the comfortable who are afflicting the afflicted.

That Christie story is just going to get better and better. Pass the popcorn!

Popcorn ready:

@8, Glad you are back Fredster — I won’t even pretend to understand the magical stuff you were talking about technology-wise, but in any event, glad everything straightened out.

@10, Prince Reince is a regular Nell Fenwick — always looking for rope and railroad track. What a bunch of whiny victims and it looks like their Fudley Do-right is caught on the GW Bridge, and In Hoboken, and in whatever town he fired the prosecutor, and about a dozen other little “pick the word and add ‘gate’ to it.” Couldn’t happen to a more deserving soul — if you go back in time, this kind of stuff is what got him kicked to the curb way back when before Dubya resurrected him by appointing him US Attorney. Dubya could pick’em.

@11, Chat, the Tom Perkins letter to the editor in the WSJ was a thing of utter stupidity only surpassed by Perkins then going on Bloomberg teevee and apologizing and then unapologizing. I think I’m going to do a post about it.

Saw it on HuffPo and had to check it out myself — Drudge has turned on Christie. Get a fork — he’s done.

It just occurred to me, Prince Reince might be doing the bidding of the Brothers Koch by boycotting MSNBC since Chuck and Dave are about to pass a couple of gold bricks they regularly teethe upon because Rachel Maddow has been hitting them pretty hard about all their shadow organizations and the interconnectedness of their evil empire.

Prolix@18: Oh noes! If Drudge has turned on Christie, then it’s over.

Prolix@17: Oh please do write a post about the Perkins thing. I did not read the letter, but read about it. SMH, anyone who can refer to Kristalnacht and compare it is clearly out of his mind.

Also, for those unaware of it, Perkins letter could be considered a version of Godwin’s law:

It states: “As an online discussion grows longer, the probability of a comparison involving Nazis or Hitler approaches 1.”

@23 It absolutely is.

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