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Remain Calm, Etc: Horsin’ Around

Posted on: January 30, 2014

Many blessings for the forthcoming Year of the Horse, which begins at 0320 am, or 2330 pm for Annie.  We are finishing up the Year of the Snake, which was forecast  as follows:

Gong hei fat choi! Can you keep a secret? Do you love a good story or bit of
intrigue, or perhaps a good mystery? If you do, then welcome to the Year of
the Black Snake: the year when secrets will be whispered and mysteries will be
Historically ‘Black Snake’ years are ones of financial milestones, when countries
change leaders, when shadowy figures put play to their plans and when civil
disobedience moves people to greatness and into the annals of history.


When the Black Snake comes calling there is an epic story in the making, and this year will be when the stories we tell our grandchildren will take place. History has been written large
when we have seen the ‘Snake in the Field’ as lord of the year.

Well, to be honest, we did see a few of those things occur.  What say the Chinese predictions for 2014?  Read on, Widdershins:

The Wood Horse year is a time of fast victories, unexpected adventure, and surprising romance. It is an excellent year for travel, and the more far away and off the beaten path the better. Energy is high and production is rewarded. Decisive action, not procrastination, brings victory. But you have to act fast in a Horse year. If you are not 100% secure about a decision, then don’t do it. Events move so quickly in a Horse year that you don’t want to gallop off in the wrong direction.


On a global scale, expect some world economies to become stronger while others experience economic chaos and collapse. Under Horse’s strong influence there is no middle ground. (The time for middle-ground diplomacy and planning was last year in Water Snake 2013.) Anticipate extremes in stock markets, fluctuation of prices, and general chaos in all things financial. There will be wars, battles, and skirmishes all over the world.


Middle class economies are developing with emerging markets in many places including Egypt, Turkey, Brazil, and India. But there will also be protests for fair development, even wars. Peace can be restored in Wood Sheep year 2015 but Wood Horse 2014 will be a wild ride as the world changes, and changes fast.

My poor little Earth Rat will have a rocky year, especially in career, relationships, health, and investments.  The first and last are moot – I am retired on a fixed pension.  Relationships?  Well, the BFF and I have been together nearly 20 years, so we’ll have to see.  Health may be a concern, since it is suboptimal.  Several sites tell me to stay away from hospitals and funerals, so it may be a good thing that I am retired, or I really would have cash flow problems.

Check out your signs here -and your fortunes here –  you’d almost have to do better than I did.  Otherwise, this is an open thread.

7 Responses to "Remain Calm, Etc: Horsin’ Around"

Check out your signs here -and your fortunes here

I’m afraid to look. 😯

Harry Reid says “no thank-you” to Fast Track.

Well speaking of New Years stuff, it appears Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s won’t be too good. The Feds are gonna ask for the death penalty.

That would mess up any year.

chat@4: Yeah, bummer.

That;s not very festive. Let’s try for a better image of CNY

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