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Activist Wednesday: Post-SOTU Poll

Posted on: January 29, 2014

State of the Union

Super-short post today, Widdershins. Did you watch the State of the Union? If so, what did you think?

Elaborate in comments. This is an open thread.


10 Responses to "Activist Wednesday: Post-SOTU Poll"

He had a few good thoughts. Some of them he should have said years ago.

Didn’t watch it. Had more interesting things to do!

The thing I’m hearing about the most today (besides that Staten Island representative threatening to throw a local reporter off a balcony for asking questions he didn’t like), was the executive orders thing. Which Bush used a lot, didn’t he? Or am I wrong on that?

Bush used them extensively. Someone said this am that Obama has used them less than any Prez since Grover Cleveland.

@2 and @3 — As Chat said Obama has used executive orders less than any President in modern times. And with casting my vote, I am happy to report that we were at 100% “recycled napkins.”

Climbing to 30,000 feet, I find it amazing it has taken Obama 5 years to realize his “awesomeness” can’t woo everyone and there are some people who are never going to like him — namely the Republican Tea Party caucus. In a typically hygienic mind, that happens shortly after potty training and for those truly advance, during potty training.

I just get exorcised about this and I’m sure y’all tire of my rants, but that speech and everything contained therein could have and should have been given 5 years ago. Granted, Obama is gifted oratorically, but by the rhetorical gods, he has never had the balls to spend one minute trying to educate — not one.

It is lesson one in leadership that a leader must educate to bring those being led along. In the case of the country right now, there is not one opposing policy facing the country where there is a scintilla of data suggesting a Republican position merits consideration. Obama has dilly-dallied for five years and wasted a supremely valuable opportunity. Not just an opportunity for Progressives, but an opportunity to rid the country of the Reaganomics crap.

Obama’s legacy — missed opportunity. Whether it be on economics, healthcare, voting rights, or politically by missing the 2010 midterms and state legislative elections, it is one missed opportunity after another.

Rant over.

@5, agreed, Jon Stewart always says it better.

Off subject, but did anyone else always have the feeling that there was something not right with Rep. Michael Grimm? He’s always struck me as wound a little bit too tight — I guess that observation is a bit unenlightened given his threat to throw a reporter off the balcony of the rotunda. In looking back at his career, he also threatened to “disappear” someone.

Oh yes, Grimm clearly has anger issues. Like, not a joke, real anger issues. There is a long history of such behavior. This is probably not the introduction he wanted to have to the rest of the nation. All anybody is talking about, besides the threats and the initial refusal to apologize, is the corruption investigation he didn’t want to talk about in the first place.

Hopefully we have just 2 more years for this and then President Hillary Cl

Fredster is still having internet spasms.

Too little, too late.

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