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A Monday entertainment (caption this pic)

Posted on: January 20, 2014

I still don’t feel all that well Widdershins so I’m going to do something I did one other time.  I provide the funny photos and you provide the captions.

Picture # 1


Picture # 2


Picture # 3


Picture # 4

funny joe biden

Picture # 5


Okay Widdershins, you are a creative bunch so put those minds to work!


16 Responses to "A Monday entertainment (caption this pic)"

(1) ” Mmmnnnchompyummynumnumnum…..cutbacks……(burrrrp).”
(2) “Love the new ‘do, hon.”
(3) “It’s easy, Barack. Just hold the little button down and push. Sheesh, and they give you the nuclear codes???”
I’ll have to think a little more about the other two.

1. I was an States Attorney its like being a cop so the Doughnut is okay.
2. Two Class act Women and and the men that accompanied them.
3. Look I’m Mary Poppins Michelle…
4. The things I do for my Country! Please don’t hurt me.
5. I am a barracuda, a pit bull with lipstick, I am Strong Smart, and who the hell am I kidding?

fuzzy@2: Excellent!!!

Looks like round two for the Northeast.

Right now here in Bama it’s a balmy 33° with a wind chill of 23. Oof!!

It;s supposed to dip to 43 tonight here.

Oh, Janus, oh my.

We’ve got about 5- 6 inches here and it’s going down to 6 degrees!

@1 “nuclear codes” ROFL!

mb@8: Oh yeah, you guys are gonna get hammered and this is just round one.

Look who’s going to be singing the SSB at the Super Bowl. Maybe this time it will be sung correctly!

Ooh, Fleming. Very nice. The SSB is a really hard gig. I get slammed every time I say this, but what the heck: honestly, I don’t think it is a good choice for the national anthem. Its weird, musically (notes and lyrics), and about some battle no one remembers anything about. I like America The Beautiful better.

annie@12: I was going to reply to you then the cable and internet both died. It just came up a few minutes ago. I played two games of mah jong, read the weekly newspaper here and was about to say “fug it” when the tv popped back on. Amazing how hooked we are on our connectivity.

Yep, the SSB is a pain to sing. That being said, I get sooo tired of hearing various “interpretations” of it. It will be good to have a singer who can handle the range. If we were to use America the Beautiful, the Brits would accuse us of stealing God Save the Queen. LOL!

On the 1st one, I’ve seen memes going around:

“It was all a big misunderstanding. I’m on a diet and I told them to close the fridge!”

Fredster, the song that has the same music as God Save the Queen/King is My Country Tis of Thee. America the Beautiful is its own song.

annie@15: OMG, what was I thinking! My bad.

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